Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to Indiana!!!

After almost 2 long years, we finally made it back Indiana to see my sisters!! For the last 18 months, Sarah has been building a new house and living in a small apartment, which is why we haven't been able to visit so long. We were so excited to get there and see everybody! I flew Rachel in as well so we could all be together again!! This was the first flight that Beckett had his own seat and had to sit like a big boy. He did great until the very end when he was trying to watch the plane land and couldn't see out the window. I decided to switch seats and let him sit in my lap, when the flight attendant came over to me and told me he had to sit in his own chair. He was not happy, but luckily we were almost done with the flight! True to all the trips that we plan together, this trip was not without its hiccups. Sarah was flying in from Kansas City from a business trip and we all 3 were scheduled to land about the same time. It was cheaper for Rachel to fly into Midway, so we arranged a car service to drive her the 13 miles from O'hare to Midway. We actually landed 30 minutes early when I receive a text from Sarah that her flight had been delayed and she now would not land until 9 pm (10 pm our time). We decided we would rent a car and once Rachel got to the airport, we would drive to Sarah's house. No big deal! We took a bus to the rental car place and low and behold....they are out of cars! They only available car was going to cost $400 for the weekend. At the same time, I get a text from Rachel that they are stuck in terrible traffic but should be there "soon". 1 1/2 hours later....Rachel is still not there. By that time, Sarah was due to land in an hour, so we decided to take the bus back to the airport and get something to eat. Rachel finally arrives at Midway and as we go to try to find a restaurant in Midway, we quickly find out that all the restaurants are located on the other side of security!! Now we are starving and exhausted! Sarah finally lands and we drive the 1 1/2 hours to her house arriving around midnight (1 am our time). Needless to say my children were exhausted, but we made it and still had a wonderful weekend!

Sweet cousins!

I thought it was so funny how they both would sit and look up at the tv!

Saturday, we had a family picnic to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. We were also surprised to find out that my Uncle Steve had also flown in from Arizona for the celebration! It was so nice to have everyone together!! Aunt Patty always insists on family photos when we get together, so we all put on our best poses. Me and my sisters. It was so nice to spend the weekend with them!

Great Grandma, Jackson, and Nathan. Jackson and Nathan were 2 peas in a pod! They played 4 sqaure, road bikes, played tball and ran around like boys do!

Grandma and all of her great grandchildren except for 2. Julian, 9 months, Jackson 5, Nathan 8, Coraline 2, Beckett 2, Ella 2, Katy 12 and Piper 1 1/2.  

Family shot!

Cousin Jenn and Piper :)

Uncle David, Grandma, and Uncle Steve. Grandma was so happy to have almost everyone there to celebrate her big day!

Kim, Jason, Julian, and Ella

Everybody LOVES Aunt Patty!!

Happy Birthday Grandma! We all love you so much!!

There was not a lot of napping with all the excitement, so I decided to take Beckett for a stroll to see if he would fall asleep that way. He was out like a light!
We had very late nights so by the time bath time was over, these kids were tuckered! Here they are winding down to go to sleep.

On the way to the airport to go back home, I looked back and this is what I saw.

I am not sure which one started it, but they sure did think it was funny! We had such a wonderful visit and my sister's house was absolutely beatiful. It was definitely too short and I wish I had taken more pictures, but it is hard without a working camera! They both are flying to Atlanta in September to see our new home, and I can't wait!!

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