Friday, September 20, 2013

Kiawah with Friends!

 For Labor Day Weekend, we decided to head to Kiawah for one last beach trip before the summer ends. Noni and Granddaddy actually had a family reunion, so we decided to invite our dear friends the Konops to experience the magic of Kiawah! We headed down on Thursday night so we had the first day with just our family. We had the best weekend! We spent the days at the beach and had the most beautiful weather! Here are my boys heading down the boardwalk to the beach!
 Love these boys so much!
 At first glance at the beach, they both started running!
 Jackson ran right in! I just love how much he loves the water!
 Beckett headed right for the water as well. This boy still loves to push anything!
 Beckett's favorite part was digging a hole and sitting in it with all of his toys.
 My little surfer! We bought him  a short board and he was so excited to try it out. I am so impressed with my little boy!
 This picture makes me a little sad....he looks so grown up. Time is going by way too fast!!
 After a day at the beach, we headed to Freshfield's for dinner, music, and ice cream! First stop was the toy store, and Jackson picked out some foam swords. These 2 love to play fight!
 Ice cream time!
Time to climb a tree!
Of course, Beckett had to do it as well :)
 Mr. Popularity! Jackson found a girlfriend....she is much older than him :)
Love these two to pieces! Jackson had to give the frog his sword to hold.
 Night night time! Beckett is our sweet little snuggler.
 The konops made it! Here is the crew all packed up for the first day to the beach. We all rode our bikes and everyone did great!
 I can't say enough how much fun we had. The kids all get along so well and the parents were able to sit and relax a little bit while the kids played.
 Best buddies :)
 More ice cream! I just love Beckett's expression on his face!!
 The toy store had dinosaur eggs and turtle eggs that you placed in water. After a couple of days, the animals hatch and continue to grow. The kids loved them and every morning would run to see the progress! Noni's kitchen was a science experiment!
 Sweet Payton riding the waves like a pro!
 Way to go Aidan!
 Catching some waves!
 Posing in front of their sandcastle masterpiece!
Sand dollar! What an amazing weekend. Thank you Noni and Granddaddy for letting us borrow your home and show the Konops a little piece of paradise. We had the best time!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

All About Beckett!!

 I figured since Jackson has had a lot of blog posts dedicated to just him, I would write this one just about my sweet Beckett! I really can't believe he is 1 1/2! Where has the time gone? He is still such a sweet boy, a great eater, and an awesome sleeper!! He is talking more and more each day. The other day we were in my bedroom and Emma started barking. All of sudden Beckett said "Hush, Hush". He must hear me say that to Emma a lot! This boy loves shoes! First thing when he wakes up in the morning he wants to put on his shoes! Beckett has started prek at our church on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I was really nervous about sending him, but so far he has done great! The first day, Greg had to take him and apparently they had to tear Beckett from Greg's arms :( One of my friends, however, was able to check in on him and said he did great! Not a single tear the entire morning! Way to go Beckett!!
 Here is Beckett checking out his classroom at his meet and great. It took him about 20 minutes before he would leave my side and explore, but after that, I had to drag him out of there!
 Playing with the big stuffed bear! Beckett's vocabulary continues to expand but his two favorite words are No and Mine :)
 My silly boy and his crazy hair!!
 Beckett also loves his puppy! Poor Emma just sits there while Beckett climbs all over him. Speaking of climbing....Beckett is a climber just like his brother! He tries to climb everything!
 My little kitchen helper. Beckett is definitely my helper and wants to do everything I am doing. Here he was helping me make some cupcakes for a charity event. I think he mostly liked to eat the frosting! Beckett loves to throw things in the garbage can and when he is done looking at something, he will put it back. If he is drinking from a cup, he doesn't just throw it down when he is done, he puts it back on the table. He loves to help me mop the floors and the vacuum cleaner is a big hit!! Such a little helper!!
 First day of preK! He has the same sweet sideways grin that his brother had at this age!
The second day of pre-K...he just walked right in like he had been going there for months! He did cry for a second as I left, but quit before I even got down the hall!