Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reptiles, Legos, and Star Wars!

It was another busy weekend at the Nesmith house with birthday parties and a special trip to Lego land! Jackson's friend, Nathaniel, turned 5 and had a reptile party! Jackson had a lot of questions before we arried, such as, "Will the snakes bite me" and "Are the snakes nice?" It took him a while to warm up, but he finally got the courage to participate. The finale of the show was a huge albino anaconda. Here they are lining up to hold the massive snake!

So brave!!!

Who doesn't want a reptile on their head?

Beckett and Jackson both loved the turtles. They were very gentle :)

The reptile man decided to place the lizard on Beckett's head for a "photo opportunity" for me....

The lizard made its way down his arm....

And then his chest. Obviously he was thrilled to have the lizard crawl over him :)

Legoland had a special star wars weekend, so we surprised the boys with a trip. Jackson has been begging us to go back so I thought Star Wars + Legos = Super Mom! Jackson cannot wait for the new Lego movie to come out! He will let you know that it comes out February 7th.

Lego motorcycle!

Lego Light Sabers! These were actually made out of legos! Very cool!!

Riding the ride with daddy! Last time we were here, Jackson couldn't reach the pedals. A few months later and he could easily pedal.

All the characters were there to greet the kids. Jackson again wasn't so sure about the bad guys, but after I explained to him that they were not real bad guys, he decided to pose with them. I am lucky I am a quick shot because he was not sticking around very long! 

I am not sure who this guy is, but he was very intimidating!!

The good guys!!

Jackson had to also get a picture on the motorcycle.

Once Jackson was on, Beckett had to get back on and quickly let Jackson know that it was his! ;)

Chewbaca!! We had such a great time with all the Star Wars characters!!
Look who is driving!

Our house may never be the same.....

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!!

2014 started off with lots of winter fun! Greg and I went out with some friends New Year's Eve and stayed out much later than we had anticipated, but that didn't stop uf from hitting the snow on New Years Day! We bundled up in our snow gear and headed to Snow Mountain! This year, Jackson was tall enough to ride down the mountain in his own tube by himself. I was a little nervous for him, but he went straight down without hesitating! Beckett was also able to go sledding down the the little hills in the Snow Angel part of the park. He liked the sledding okay but really liked eating the snow!
Beckett getting ready to head down the hill! 

Here he goes!!

And time to eat more snow :)
Here is Jackson after his first trip down the mountain all by himself. I coudn't believe it! Not only did he have to go down the mountain by himself, but he also had to carry his tube back up to do it again!! He looks too grown up in this picture!!

Cool as a cucumber as we headed down the mountain in the family tube. He was even going down backwards!!

Beckett doing his favorite part...eating the snow!

We went with our great friends the Konops and after we sled, we decided to make a snow castle and have a little snowball fight!

Angie and Beckett :)

The older kids and parents then headed back up the mountain to get in some more sledding before our time was up, so Beckett and I played in the snow angel area. He loved posing as the penguins.

There was a little snow castle with tubes to crawl through. Beckett loved going through the tubes. It was really wet, so every time he stood up, he would slip, fall, and laugh. :)

The tubing crew!

Greg has had a lot of weekends off in a row, so we have made the most of them with lots of family activities! First on the list, skating at the St. Regis! Last year, Jackson was not too sure about skating. He fell once and then was done. This year he was ready!

He started off slow, but soon was zipping around the rink with no fear!

Here he comes! He fell a couple of times, but unlike last year, he would hop back up and do it again.

I initially thought that Beckett would just watch, but I should have known that watching would not fly with this little one. We laced him up and he hit the rink!

He liked to skate around but Mr. Independant really wanted to do it by himself. He couldn't understand why he could walk on the ground with the skates on but couldn't do it once he got on the ice. We ended up taking turns zipping him around, which was hard work!!

I have very few pictures of myself with the boys during all the things we do because I am the one taking the pictures. This year, I am really going to try to get my husband to take a little more photos!!

Daddy's turn!

After we finished skating, we had to try the St. Regis hot chocolate. This is hot chocolate with marshmallows, whip cream, sprinkles, and chocolate shavings. Delicious! Unfortunately, as Jackson was walking with his hot chocolate, he tripped and dumped the entire cup on my Ugg boots. All I can say is "Ugggghhhh!!!"

After we finished up with the hot chocolate, we headed downto warm up in front of the fire. A perfect family night!! 2014 has started off with a blast!

For some reason I couldn't add these pictures the way I wanted to, so they had to go at the end. This is the boys getting ready to head to Snow Mountain!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Magic Part 2

Christmas morning has finally arrived! Jackson could not have been more excited to see if Santa had really come! Thanks to mommy and Noni, we were able to capture all the magic on video. Since we moved, we couldnt' remember where we put the video camera charger. Well, Noni remembered seeing a bag in the garage that had some wires in it, and sure enough, it was in there! That was around midnight. We then realized that the video camera was full and we had to download the movies onto our computer before we could record any new movies. Unfortunately, we had never downloaded any movies......approximately 4:30 in the morning, all the movies were downloaded and we were ready to record. We were exhausted but well worth it to have those sweet voices and giggles on vidoe forever!!

Jackson's Santa pile. He asked for a telescope, a flying pterodactyl, a micromachine mold maker, angry birds star wars telepods, and a playmobile castle. Santa did not disapoint!

Beckett's Santa pile included his favorite...a Dyson vacuum cleaner!

He also got these tobbles which were super fun!

Jackson was so funny with his presents! Instead of tearing through them and then moving on to the next one, he would play with each new item for about 20 minutes. Here he is making his first hotwheel car!

Stocking time!

Beckett loves planes!

Santa did not forget Emma! Jackson is giving Emma her special Christmas bacon treat!!

This year at school, Jackson got to go shopping for each of us. He was SO excited to give us the Christmas presents that he picked out for us. I just loved that he was able to do this so he could see that as fun as it is to get presents, it is even more fun to give! Here he is giving Noni her present. He could hardly contain his excitement!

He gave Noni a beautful necklace. He also picked out a beautiful necklace for mommy that I will always treasure!

Granddaddy's turn!

A Georgia Buldog picture frame for his desk :)

He bought daddy a bag that is able to carry both the camera and the video camera.

And a puppy for Beckett. He did such a great job picking out the perfect gift for each of us!

Who doesn't love Despicable Me?

From Noni and Graddaddy...matching big wheels!

Jackson had to immediately take it for a spin. He rode it as fast as his daddy did when he was his age!

We also got Jackson a dinosaur excavation kit. He couldn't wait to start chipping away at that rock!

One of Beckett's favorite toys! A dancing Mickey!! It was so funny to see them dancing around with Mickey Mouse.

I also got both boy's roller skates as they are always putting my roller blades on. Jackson was ready to go but Beckett, my cautious one, was a little more hesitant.

That night Uncle Brad, Aunt Kiera, Mary, James, and Ben came over for Christmas dinner. I didn't get a lot of pictures from the opening frenzy but I did capture this gem....

We bought Uncle Brad and Aunt Kiera monogrammed robes :)
We had such a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed for all we have. I have to say I was a little sad when it was over, but I know next year will be even more fun!