Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gobble Gobble!

 November has come and gone and the holiday bliss has begun! Beckett has been working so hard so far this year and has done so great. Everyday I get a report about how proud they are of Beckett. He is turning into quite the leader so he got to finally get the toy gun he has been begging for. Way to go to buddy! Keep up the good work!
We celebrated Daddy's birthday with a party at our house. He wanted to string lights over the pool before the big night. 5 hours later and with the help of Uncle Brad...they did it!
 We have had several birthday parties. Beckett loves this ninja course at Adventure Air, so he is going to have his very own party this year here!
 Beckett and Ava dueling it out!
 Football has come to end and this one LOVED it! He can't wait until next season!!
 Cousin band...they are ready to take their show on the road!
 Beckett is still buddies with the kids in his class from last year and it is so sweet that they include him in their birthday parties. Here is Beckett with his buddy Liam.

 We went to Top Golf for the first time and had so much fun! For never swinging a golf club in his life, Beckett did pretty good!
 My golf lessons have clearly paid off....
 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Noni and Granddaddy came and we started it off with the gobble jog. Jackson and I ran the 10K. It was a hard race but Jackson stuck with it and finished in an hour. I was SO proud of him!
 Beckett did the 1K with his buddy Liam. Unfortunately as the race started, he tripped and fell. Poor thing!
 He didn't give up and still finished the race!
 Walker sends out a Thanksgiving card to the school and chose Beckett's artwork for the front. Beckett now says he is famous!
 Christmas lists are done! This year Beckett wants an air craft carrier, science kit, giant playball, lego boat, and a zipline.
 Jackson wants NHL 18, Forza, WWF for the Xbox, a football/baseball trainer, and a snow cone machine.
 We picked out the family Christmas tree!
 Kids pick.
 We put up all of our Christmas decorations and this year the kids got to go on the roof to hang the wreath. Jackson was terrified!
 Ice skating at the St. Regis! It was just us and the Poston's We had our own private skate party!
 Jackson wants to get really good at skating because he thinks he wants to try to play hockey. Not sure how we would ever fit that in!
 Beckett is a natural!
 Getting the hang of it!
 My handsome boys....
 Sweet friends.
 Afterwards we had some hot chocolate.
Thumbs up from this kid...
 Hot chocolate and a cozy fire....does it get any better?
 My little creative buddy. Found some large cardboard boxes and wanted to turn them into a boat..
 Decorating the family tree! My favorite tree to decorate. I love how excited the kids get looking at all their old ornaments.
 Carefully picking the perfect spot..

 Beckett cracks me up with his thumbs up all the time...
 Beckett decided he wanted to turn his boat into a house...
 Beckett and his buddy Clayton. Too cute. The holiday festivities have started. We have 2 birthdays to celebrate and then its Christmas. Best time of the year!!