Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's Fall!!

 It is officially fall! This is my absolute favorite time of year. Cooler temps and then all the fun holidays!! We keep waiting for those cooler temps though with highs in the 90s still. 😭. We celebrated James' 6th birthday with a Nerf gun battle at champion kids. The kids had a blast!
 Jackson is really loving lacrosse. Jackson and his buddy Thomas walking off the field. They sweat a lot with all their gear on! Both their heads were drenched!
 We hosted Jackson's travel baseball team for a pool party so the kids could get to know each other a little better. It seems like a nice group of parents and kids.
 The kids did swim, but it turned into a woofle ball game.
 Cousins! These 2 are 2 peas in a pod. They were playing some sort of zombie shooting game.
 Mary and Jackson went the more educational route. 😌
 After swimming, we took the kids to hibachi. Hibachi is my kids favorite and all the kids relay enjoyed it. I have such a cute video of them getting rice thrown into their mouths, but I can't post it right now. I'll try again later.
 Crazy kids! After hibachi, we headed to the movies to see Kubo. It was good, but a little scary. I had all the kids in my lap!!
 This was too funny. Jackson had a playdate at Nathaniel's after school. Here they are discussing the ingredients in their snack.
 This past week was homecoming  week, which means dress up days. I didn't get a pic of all their outfits, but this was Hawaiian day.
 Beckett is really getting his tball groove.  He played 2nd base and got 2 outs.

First gumball for this cutie!

 Superhero day!
 Jackson is also loving football.  The last game he had 2 touchdowns! He would have had 3 but there was a flag on the play.

 He had 2 gear throws as quarterback. After his first touchdown, I said I should be recording this. Luckily, my friend Lesley did!
 Right after football, he had his first lacrosse game. He actually scored a goal, but it didn't count. They have a 2 completed pass rule before scoring and Jackson's goal was after only 1 pass. So proud of him!
 He looks so grown up with all his gear on!
Happy birthday to me! Greg set up a delicious dinner at Cooks and Soldiers downtown.
 He cracks me up! He loves all things motorized. Here he is with his new boat.
We have a new pet for the week! Meet fluffy the angora bunny. We are bunny sitting while the Konops are on their cruise.
Fluffy's new best  friend.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Back to school pool party and kiawah!!

 Both kids have had a great start to the school year.  They both love their teachers and Beckett has already made some sweet friends. We had our annual backstop school class of 2027 and this year the class of 2030 pool party! I love how we have started this tradition and the kids get so excited for it!  Here is The class of 2027! They are all getting so big and grown up!
 I'm not sure how many more years we wild have a jumpy, but they sure did stilt enjoy it this year!
 Beckett wanted to know if we could keep it up forever 😆
 Despite 93 degree temps, the hot tub was still a favorite!
 The next day we hosted the class oh 2030.  Beckett was so excited and I was so excited for him. He has never had any kind of party that was just about him and his friends, so I was excited to see how he interacted with kids his own age. He is certainly Mr. Popularity!
 Water balloon fight!
 They were so excited to throw the balloons.
 I don't think they really understood what to do in a water balloon fight and they ended up just throwing the balloons on the floor instead of each other.
 This was a huge hit with the preschoolers! They spent much more time on the water slide than the pool.
 Back to school means back to sports! We are jammed pack this fall with Jackson in travel baseball, lacrosse, football, and chess. Guess who also started tball? Beckett found a little friend during Jackson's baseball practice.
 We had parent night at both the kids schools abed this was Jackson's goals for the year. Our spelling is a little rusty after the summer break, so I'll translate. "Having a healthy lunch. Teaching Sweetie to poop in the grass. Be a strong runner in PE. Become better at tetherball at recess. Reading. Writing". I am happy to report that we can check one item off this list as he is currently the tetherball champion. 😆
 Look who got his first uniform!
 Number 5 just like his big brother!
 Beckett did great his first game. Stopped the 2 balls hit to him and ran to the right bases when he hit.
 Which base are you running to next?
 Baseball ready!
 Our carpool buddy. I'm pretty sure we have the only cat that likes to get in the car. We now know that kitty momma is actually kitty papa. We still call him kitty momma though. 😄
 Cousin fun in Brad and Kiera's new pool! We are so excited for them and now they are a little closer to us. It will be great when the kids are older because they wild ve able to ride their bikes there.
 I came out of my room around 11 pm one night and this is who I found fast asleep on the couch.
 Labor day at Kiawah! We said screw tropical storm Hermina and got the kids out around noon to head to the beach. I got Beckett out first and the cutest thing happened. Beckett's best little bud, London, ran over to Beckett as we were leaving and hugged him and said, "I'm going to miss you so much!"  Then all the other kids decide to join in on the hugging. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I am so glad we still went to the beach because the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Kiawah had a lot of limbs and trees blown down on Friday but the next 2 days wee perfect! High of 82 and low of 70. My kind of weather!!
 My picture of the kids on the boardwalk is changing. I stalk have 1 sprinting to the beach but now I have my big helper who wants to push the trailer.

Our sanctuary. I love these 2 more tan anything!
 This one still loves to play with his toys in the sand.  
 This one immediately heads out to catch a wave.
 Surfs up!
 No longer needs help from daddy
 Time to soak up some rays
 Our next little surfer catching a wave with daddy
 The next day someone was so excited to get to the beach that he decided to apply his own sunscreen.
 Brotherly love 😍
 My super strong helper!
 The rare photo of mommy with her boys.
 Family shot!
 Best grandparents in the world! We were lucky to have Noni with us for a few days before we left for the beach. Beckett loves his Nona but there is a special spot in his heart for Granddaddy. He was so disappointed when Granddaddy didn't come to our house with Nona, and was giddy when we were driving to the beach because he was going to get to see his granddaddy. 😍
 Catching a wave on a boogie board
 Look who started to surf on his own!
 Way to go Beckett!
 Perfect day to also fly a kite 
 This was too funny. Noni had this black car at her house that we thought was broken. Well, Beckett fixed it. He loved it so much that he paid Noni $1 to buy it. He said he couldn't just take it home because that would be stealing.
 We had Beckett's second tball game. Here he is with his buddy Ryan.
 Getting some tips from the third base coach. 😍
 Beckett got to play catcher and was so excited to put on the gear.

That's all for now! We have another busy weekend with football game, lacrosse and we are hosting Jackson's travel ball team for a pool party. Thanks again Noni and Granddaddy for a fabulous last beach trip. It couldn't have been more perfect!