Friday, January 29, 2010

Life with a Toddler!

Life with a toddler is so much fun! There is never a dull moment. Jackson continues to keep us on our toes getting into everything! At least now he also enjoys putting things back. I have to be careful though, because he likes to put things in the wrong place. The other day I was putting some of his dishes away to find my keys safely stowed away. We have also learned a couple of things about Jackson this week...he loves to be outside no matter how cold and he is as photogenic as his daddy. Jackson understands now that when I say cheese I am going to take his picture. This first picture is before I said cheese and.......

CHEESE! Notice the squinty eyes and half fake smile. Ahhh, just like his daddy.

Jackson playing in the yard. He could spend all day outside.

Jackson and Mary at Southern Prep. They had so much fun jumping and playing with eachother. Notice how nicely Mary smiled when I said cheese and then there is Jackson.

We had the pleasure of  spending the whole day with Mary, so we decided to see how the double stroller worked out with a trip to the square. They loved it!

Jackson playing in the square. He still loves to hand me everything he finds, so he is trying to hand me a piece of garbage. At least he isn't putting it in his mouth!

2 of Jackson's favorite things...his cozy coupe and eating carrots. Thanks Aunt Kiera and Uncle Brad!

Jackson and daddy rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch.

Bye Bye! Off to another adventure. See you next week!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My camera is back!

I am finally a whole woman camera is back! I tried to condense Jackson's birthday and Christmas as much as I could, but there were so many pictures that I wanted to share. As far as Jackson updates, he had his first professional haircut and did great. It looks like the curls are here to stay! We are down to one bottle a night and his next top 2 teeth have come in giving us a grand total of 6! His vocabularly has increased to saying no. Also, the weather has been great the last few days so we have been able to spend a lot more time outside at parks. Jackson loves it and has so much fun now that he can walk. Well here are some pics from Jackson's birthday and Christmas. The first one is Jackson in the big foam pit. He loves to jump into it!

Jackson during the parachute game. He was supposed to be in the middle while we were singing the birthday song, but he wasn't that into it.

Jackson and daddy on the trampoline. He loves to jump up and down!

After he ate his delicious cupcake.

We were so blessed to have Noni, Granddaddy, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Mike make the trip to Atlanta to celebrate Jackson's special day with him!

I'd like to say that Jackson was very excited about all his presents, but truthfully he was excited about holding the water bottle!

Christmas in Indiana! Jackson with his best bud Nathan.

Jackson hanging out with his cousins.

We went to a candy factory to attempt another photo with Santa and inside there was a giant chocolate waterfall. This picture was daddy pointing it out to Jackson. He was mezmerized!

Jackson and Nathan hanging out in the bean bag chairs that Santa brought.

Christmas Eve at Great Grandma Czech's house!

Great Grandma Czech.

Jackson saying bye bye to Aunt Sarah. He was very sad to leave! We miss you!!!

Christmas in Memphis! Aunt Glo has the best toys!!

Jackson and daddy going playing outside Aunt Glo's house. The weather was a little warmer than Indiana!

Silly Noni! This was a game that Wil and Joseph got for Christmas. Apparently you pick up rings with your elephant nose. We never played the game but they sure had fun putting the masks on!

What a family shot!

You guys are crazy. I am out of here!

The Memphis crew! We had such a wonderful but short stay. We miss and love you all!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Well, I seem to have the worst luck with cameras. My camera that is only 3 months old is broken! I took it back to Best Buy and it won't be ready until the 13th. Therefore I don't have any pictures to post yet from Jackson's birthday party or our wonderful Christmas. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend Christmas with my family in Indiana and then went to Memphis to spend Christmas with Greg's side of the family. It was wonderful and we have many pictures to show. Jackson did great with all the travel and slept through the night in the pack n play. Jackson visited Santa for the second time with his cousins Katie and Nathan, and it went just as well as the first time. He hated it and screamed the entire time. This trip also led to a big step in the eating department for Jackson. For those of you who don't know, Jackson would not eat anything with texture. He would put it in his mouth and then spit it out. Well, after eating Peebo's sweet potatoes and Aunt Glo's spinach balls, Jackson has finally figured out how to chew and swallow! No more baby food!!!! We have also transitioned completely over to whole milk and we are done to only 2 bottles a day. Jackson is walking like a champ and even doing a little running. He is communicating his wants a lot more and is now up to three words....mama, dada, and baby. He got so much fun toys for Christmas and since we were running out of space, we converted our office into a playroom witha  chalkboard/magnetic board and everything. I will post pictures once I get my camera!!! Well, here are a couple of pictures that I hadn't posted because of Jackson's birthday. The first one is Jackson waiting to see Santa at the Marietta square. He was so happy to be toddling around. Little did he know who was waiting for him inside the little house!!

Jackson sitting on the presents in front of the Christmas tree on the square.

Jackson and Mary taking a ride in the cadillac!!

Hopefully my next post will be soon!! I hate not having my camera!!!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.