Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19 weeks!

Jackson is now 19 weeks and more fun each day. We are still working on eating the rice cereal, but he still does not seem to enjoy it very much. This week we are going to try oatmeal to see if he likes that better. Jackson has a couple of new tricks. He has discovered his tongue and loves to stick it out and try to chew on it. He has also learned how to blow bubbles which makes for a drooly mess. He continues to be very curious about the world around him and now realizes when he loses a toy and gets very upset until it is safely back in his hands again. We are also in the everything goes in his mouth stage, which you will see from the pictures that follow.

Since Jackson always has his hands in his mouth, daddy had to hold them down so we could get a picture of him smiling.

Sunday we went to the Taste of Marietta. This is a picture of Jackson waiting for his daddy to get home so we could go. He was very excited. He didn't try any of the food, but he loved to look around at all the people. It was very warm that day and he got so worn out he fell asleep while daddy was holding him in the baby bjorn!

Come on daddy I want to go!

Jackson and daddy rocking on the front porch in our new rocking chairs.

Since we got rocking chairs, Jackson also had to get his very own rocking chair.

Granddaddy you were right! This is way more comfortable than any other chair. I can't wait for you to come visit again so we can rock together!

Jackson's latest trick of sticking his tongue out.

I love to stick my tongue out!

Jackson is getting so strong he was able to hold the soccer ball all by himself. Of course he was picking it up to try to put it in his mouth.

Daddy's the mouth.

Remote the mouth. the mouth.

Friday, April 24, 2009

18 weeks

It was another wonderful week in the Nesmith household. Jackson had his 4 month checkup and received an A+. He is growing like a weed and doing great! We did not do so well with the vaccines this time. Jackson had some vomiting, fever, and sore bruised legs, but he recovered like a trooper! We reintroduced rice cereal this week, and he is now actually eating some of it. It don't think he really likes it, so we are going to try oatmeal this week. He is now sitting in his high chair like a big boy! I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast!! Here are some fun pics from the week.

Jackson was very excited when I finally gave in and let him have the bowl and spoon. I have found that the only way to get him not to grab the spoon I am using is to give him another one to play with.

I can feed myself mom!

Dumping the bowl over is much more fun than eating.

I think I am all done mom!

Let me get that last bit off my hands.

If you follow Mary Grace's blog then last week you saw how Kiera went out with girlfriends and Brad dressed Mary in a beautiful dress and matching bow. Well, I had gone out with her and Greg dressed Jackson. Not quite the same but he gave it his best shot! Notice the massive amount of drool on his shirt :)

My 2 favorite guys!

Jackson is much more curious about Emma and always smiles when she comes by. Here he is giving her a kiss.

Jackson loves to grab Emma.

It is storytime with Daddy! I don't think Daddy is enjoying the book very much, but Jackson loves it!

We already read that page Daddy!

See you next week! I am going outside to play.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Months!!

Sorry it took me so long to post, but we had some very bad storms in Marietta when we were gone on our trip to Chicago for Easter. A tree hit our house and dented our roof and we lost our internet for awhile, but now we are back and have so much to share! We had our first plane trip with Jackson. He did great! He didn't sleep very much, but was happy to just sit and play with mommy and daddy. We went home for Easter and Jackson got to meet more of my side of the family. We stayed with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike and had a wonderful visit and first Easter. Jackson continues to be a joy and is always smiling and laughing. He now has discovered his voice and loves to shriek as loud as he can! We are going to have to try to teach him the difference between his inside voice and outside voice! Jackson is also able to sit up for small periods of time by himself! We always stay right be him though because he still tends to topple! We have our 4 month check up this week so we will keep you posted on his progress. Here are some pictures from the trip. The first one is Jackson deciding he was a big boy and wanted to sit in first class by himself.

This is Jackson on the airport shuttle. Hold on!

Welcome to Chicago!

This is Jackson in the tubby that is Aunt Sarah bought him to use for the week. It was shaped like a whale and Jackson loved it!

Mommy, Grandma and Jackson after we arrived.

4 Generations! That is Great Grandma, Grandma, Mommy and Jackson.

Jackson loved to sit and play with his Grandma Cindy.

Great Grandma with the 3 Grandkids. Nathan is 3 and Katie is 7. Nathan loved Jackson and constantly wanted to play with him. He was trying to hold his hand and make him smile. It worked, but poor Nathan then wasn't looking at the camera!

Jackson loved to lay on Great Grandma's green shag carpet. It was very soft!

Aunt Patty was trying to teach Jackson how to play the piano. He loved to hear the sounds, but sometimes it got a little too loud for him.

Jackson with his Aunt Sarah.

Jackson sitting up all by himself!

Nathan really wanted Jackson to play trucks with him. He bought him this bus and was always putting it in his hand. It was so cute! He kept saying "Jackson's bus".

During our visit my best friend from high school, Jennifer, was able to come over for dinner. Jackson has heard so much about her and was very excited to meet her!

Happy 1st Easter! Since Jackson can't eat candy yet, the Easter Bunny brought him money to put in a savings account. Thank you Easter Bunny!

Jackson found an egg during the Easter egg hunt.

This is the Easter outfit that Grandma Cindy bought Jackson. She kept her promise and did not buy him anything with bunny ears since daddy does not like dressing him up as an animal but......

He never said anything about bunny feet or....

a cotton tail! Jackson I will let you know that your daddy had nothing to do with this outfit and protested. You can blame your mommy and Grandma Cindy.

Here is Jackson meeting his Grandma Helen for the first time. We had a wonderful breakfast together, and Jackson was so excited to meet her.

Time to go back to Atlanta! Jackson was very sad to leave everyone, but was excited to get back to the warm weather!

Jackson was so exhausted from the exciting trip that he fell asleep while playing with his toy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

16 weeks!

Jackson is now almost 4 months old! We had another wonderful week with some more firsts! Jackson attended his second adult party and was the perfect guest. It was Uncle Brad's 30th birthday and Aunt Kiera threw him a surprise party at Soho. Jackson slept for part of it, but then decided to join the festivities. He was a perfect angel. Also, we had our first babysitting experience! Aunt Kiera and Uncle Brad watched Jackson so Greg and I could go out to dinner and he did perfectly. We picked him up at 10:30 and drove him home without a peep. He then went straight to bed and didn't wake up until 7 AM! I was so proud of him. Jackson continues to become very curious about the world around him and loves to look around. He loves to be in the Baby Bjorn and observe the world around him. This week is our big plane ride to Indiana so Jackson can meet the rest of the family. We are so excited, and hopefully it will be a success! Wish us luck! Here are some pics from the week.

Brad's surprise party at Soho.

Jackson visited daddy at work and decided he would like to see a few patients.

Dr. Nesmith is in!

Mary just loves to grab onto Jackson. It is so cute!

Emma and Jackson saying good morning to eachother.

This is the outfit that Jackson's Peebo bought him. The hat was a little too small, but fit perfectly backwards!

I love my outfit from my Peebo!

Just hanging out.

Let me see if I can get both hands in my mouth.
Jackson's latest trick...trying to climb out of the bumbo!
Jackson and daddy on the new picket fence as it is being built. I will post more pictures when it is completed!
See you next week! Wish me luck on the plane!!