Monday, August 30, 2010

Walt Disney World!!!

I finally got my camera back!!! It has been such a long time since my last post and we have so many pictures to post. We went on our first family vacation with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, Katie, and  Nathan to Disney World. We had the best time and I can't wait until our next trip together! It was so fun to see Jackson's expressions on the rides and during the shows. I know he won't remember it, but mommy and daddy will!! This first picture is Jackson running around at Downtown Disney. He loved to play with his cousins...particularly Nathan and would follow him around and try to do whatever he was doing. It was so cute!

We stayed at the Saratoga Springs resort, which is a Disney resort so we were able to take a boat to Downtown Disney. Unfortunately, that was the only place the boat went and the rest of the parks were by bus. This is Jackson's first boat ride!
The resort had a little tv playing Disney cartoons with little kid sized chairs lined up.I thought it was so funny how they both had their legs crossed!
Going for a ride!
This was our first Disney character breakfast. Jackson loved the strawberries!!
Tigger! Jackson recognized him from his book Noni gave him. He kept  offerring him his drink.
Jackson cried and cried to go see Pooh. He kepts saying "bear"! I finally decided to let him down to go see him and as soon as Pooh turned around, Jackson bolted.
Unfortunately, the days were pretty busy at the parks so Jackson often took his very brief naps either in the stroller or on mommy. It was really hot so we would feed Jackson and then let him sleep inside an air conditioned restaurant while the rest of us ate.
Probably Jackson's favorite thing about Disney...pineapple popsicles!
Spinning in the Mad Hatter's tea cups! Aunt Sarah did not enjoy this ride at all!!
First 3D movie! Surprisingly Jackson sat there quietly and watched the entire 10 minute show with the glasses on!!
Waiting to get our table at Downtown Disney. Unfortunately most dinners didn't start until 8 pm and  ended at 10 pm. Despite going to bed so late, Jackson still got up at 6:30 am. So you can imagine by the end of the week we had one tired toddler!
Next character breakfast! Jackson meeting one of the Little Einsteins.
Handy Manny! I thought Jackson would love to see him since he has seen the show, but he wanted nothing to do with him.
Family pic at Hollywood Studios! I have this same pic of my sisters and dad when he took us to Disney World, so it is nice to now have one of our family there as well.

Waiting to go see the muppet show!
Honey I shrunk the kids park! Jackson had so much fun running around this park. He is sliding out of camera film container.
This was a huge net climbing jungle gym. I couldn't believe he was able to do the entire thing!
Another favorite...the fan.
Waiting in line for Toy Story. This was actually the only line we had to wait a significant amount of time....70 minutes! Luckily there was lots to see and the majority was air conditioned!
Is this line ever going to end?
Leggo land at Downtown Disney. Amazingly everything you see is made from leggos! Jackson loved all the dogs.
I think Jackson's favorite place was Animal Kingdom. Here are the kids waiting in line for the safari. It was so much fun and Jackson saw so many animals up close including elephants and giraffes. We even had a rhino walk right in front of our jeep!
By far Jackson's favorite character...Donald Duck. He ran right up to him, grabbed his beak, and said "Quack Quack!" We bought him a stuffed Donald Duck that he now sleeps with.

Dino Land! This was another toddler park that Jackson enjoyed. There was tons of stuff for him to do  what he loves....climbing!
Beep Beep!
End of the day at Animal Kingdom. We actually closed that park down so Nathan decided to catch a ride! Well that is it from our wonderful vaction. We had the best time and we can't wait until the next trip!! We love you Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, Katie, and Nathan!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's all Good!

It's all good! That has been the theme in the Nesmith household this past week. As most of you know, we had a bit of a health scare with our sweet boy. Jackson has had some lymph nodes in his groin over the last six months that his pediatrician had been observing. Well, at his 18 month check up, he decided that they were too big and needed to be biopsied. Jackson went to Children's Healthcare at Emory and had an excisional biopsy of 5 lymph nodes in his leg. With the help of Braveheart Lion Carebear from his Aunt Sarah, Elmo cupcakes from Aunt Kiera, Monkey from Cortney, Doggie from Glo and Joe and a delicious dinner made by Anna, Jackson went through the surgery like a trooper! He never cried once....I can't say the same thing for mommy. Then after 3 grueling days of waiting, we got the best news....all was negative. It was all good! It was a very difficult couple of weeks and we feel so blessed that Jackson is healthy.  We also feel so blessed to have so many family and friends praying for us. On a lighter note...Jackson quickly recovered and must have gained some super strength from his anesthesia because he can no longer be contained in his crib. It was quite a shock when I saw our bedroom door open and looked down to find Jackson in our room! Not only can the crib not contain him, but he has mastered the skill of opening everything! Screw caps and zippers alike. This is best demonstrated by the above picture. Somehow Jackson was able to take the plastic covering off, unscrew the cap, and take the inside aluminium cap off a brand new container of green food coloring!! I must apologize for the lack of pictures but my camera is broken again!!! I have so many pictures to post of our wonderful vacation with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, Katie, and  Nathan. We had the best time and I will tell you all about it when I can get my pictures of my camera. Here are just a few pics that I hadn't posted yet. Enjoy!

Jackson helping Great Granddaddy paint the playroom.

Blueberry picking! We had the best time going blueberry picking with some friends. Since the farm doesn't use any pesticides, Jackson was able to eat the blueberries right off the bush!

1 for the bucket....5 for me!
I just want to thank everyone again for all your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We couldn't have gotten through it without you! Tune in for pics from Disney!!