Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Sorry for the late entry...we have been very busy the past few weeks. With the help of Glo, Noni, Granddaddy, Peebo, and Great Granddaddy we were able to put up crown molding/beadboard/paint and decorate the playroom and what will eventually be Jackson's big boy room. Both rooms look great and we couldn't have done it without our helpers! Greg and I also took our first trip without Jackson. We went to the Florida Keys with our friends Andrew and Betsy for 4 days. It was so hard to leave him and we missed him so much, but we knew he was in good hands! Thanks again to Noni, Glo, Peebo, and Great Granddaddy for taking such good care of our little boy!  We have also been making many decisions as we are finishing our basement. They are to begin work on Monday and we are so excited!! I also hosted a baby shower for Kiera to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the newest Nesmith boy...James Bradley. We can't wait to meet him!! Jackson has been doing great and continues to learn new words daily and is growing like a weed. Literally...tall and thin!! We had such a wonderful 4th of  July celebration which started with Jackson seeing his first parade. I really think it was the longest parade in the history of parades....after 1.5 hours we had to call it quits. This first picture is Jackson waving his flag waiting for the parade to start. It was so funny to see all the people taking his picture...he had his own gang of paparazzi!
He kept going to the middle of the street and sitting down in the same spot.  It was too  funny!

When is this parade going to start?

Can I lick the spatula yet?

We go almost every Sunday and eat lunch at our favorite spot in the square..New York Deli.  This is Jackson's favorite part of the meal...the pickle!


Going for a post church stroll.

Post chocolate chip cookie coma.

Just like his daddy...tries to find any excuse to wear his white shoes!