Sunday, December 2, 2018

May 2018

This Mother's Day was spent on the lacrosse field cheering Jackson on to a championship! So much fun to watch him play his heart out!
The boys gave all the mom's roses which was super sweet.
WE celebrated Noni's birthday!
Jackson finished up another year of chess.
End of the year showcase!
Jackson did so well!!
Beckett finished up preshool and has graduated to Kindergarten!
He is ready for next year thanks to some amazing teachers and tutors who have worked so patiently with Beckett. He has jumped leaps and bounds this year!!
Pool is open!!
This one has to spend a lot of time on the baseball field. He was tuckered this particular day!
Baseball buds!
We usually head to Kiawah for Memorial Day, but sine we had a baseball tournament, we decided to spend a night at Great Wolfe Lodge. They had a candy store.
Some special friends also came to town to see Hamilton. It was amazing! Our kids love the soundtrack so we plan to take them to see it either in Chicago or when it comes back to Atlanta.

March/April 2018

Going to try to get March and April into one post as I continue to try to catch up. This is my handsome Beckett at his first wedding reception.
We put in a basketball court.
Beckett and Ben had a sleep over together.
Hmmm...fruity pebbles.
Beckett finished up his tball season. He actually did quite well and became a pretty good hitter. He, however, doesn't like it and does not want to play anymore. He is going to try to lacrosse and see if he likes it better.
These siblings entertain themselves at a lot of baseball tournaments!
We were on the cover of Cobb Life Magazine.

I had several patients bring in the magazine for me to autograph, but the funniest one was, I was sitting at Jackson's baseball game and 2 little boys from the opposing team came over with the magazine and asked for my autograph. It was so funny! They thought they got something really special!!
Beckett performed in his spring showcase.
They quickly realized that Beckett and Clayton next to eachother was probably a bad idea..
Cutest little flower...
We hosted Jackson's baseball team for an Easter egg party.

The hunt was a little different. They had red and blue eggs and then each boy had 12 baseball eggs they had to find with their number on it. It was done in the dark with flashlights.
Some eggs were good eggs filled with candy......
Some eggs were bad eggs filled with exercises
Team 1 minute plank
Annual Easter egg hunt at the club!
Could he be any cuter?
Growing up to be such a handsome boy...
Spring flowers!
Annual photo in front of the cross after Easter Sunday Church.
Family shot.
The Easter bunny came!
Jackson's loot
Look at all the eggs I found!
This boy lost his first tooth!!
We spent spring break in Kiawah.
I get a picture of the boys on the boardwalk ever year. My how they are growing!
Soccer on the beach.
Still loves to run around and jump in the waves.
Practicing our letters...he actually wrote the entire alphabet.
No matter where we go, this one always makes a friend.
Night heron festival.
Take my picture mommy!
We have found our new favorite spot to eat. Vickery's on the water.
Time for a little family put put!
So much fun!
Go carts.
Bumper cars.

Preschool tea party.
So stinkin cute
Sipping some tea....
We made it through the party this year without dumping over any tables! Yay!!
 All dressed up and looking adorable.
We hosted the 60th anniversary gala at our house. It was a lot of work but was a huge success.
Sox won a championship!

Time for some golf!
This one got his first set of clubs and is ready to play!