Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Happy Place!

We were so fortunate this year to be able to fit in several beach trips to Noni and Grandaddy's. It really is our happy place and we always have the best time. We decided to take advantage of labor day and make one final beach trip before the cooler weather arrives. We were initially nervous because it was forecasted to rain everyday, but the weather changed and we had only blue skies! It was perfect!

My two handsome blondies :)
Love his blonde curls :)
I wasn't sure how this little monkey was going to do. Every beach trip this year he has had to be coaxed into the water.

Not this trip! He loved the water and the waves!

Beckett decided he wanted to try surfing. He started with riding the waves in with his truck.
Jackson has become quite the little surfer. We started on the little waves with the long board and by the end of the trip, he was riding the big waves on the short board :)

Monkey See Monkey Do. Beckett had to give it a shot!

Attempting to stand up.

Jackson switched to a short board and wanted to go out deeper where the bigger waves were.

Riding like a natural!

Family pic! Couldn't get the boys to smile.

Sweet brothers :)

Jackson got bolder and bolder. Here he is catching a pretty big wave!

There he goes!

So much fun!!
There are those sweet smiles!

When we got back we were ready to celebrate James' 4th birthday with a superhero party!

Kiera had a really cute "superhero scavenger hunt" that ended with them having to shoot the bad guys with their bow and arrows that they found in a treasure chest. Jackson nailed it!

Leonardo, Pink Power Ranger and the Hulk :)

Happy 4th birthday James! We love you!!

I love cake :) Beckett is doing really great with the potty training. He has only had 1 accident at school and that was the first day. I hope he keeps it up!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jackson's Special Weekend

I apologize for the prolonged period between blogging, but life with a Kindergartner in 2 sports has been quite busy, but a blast!! I am really behind and we have had lots of fun since my last post, but I really wanted to post about Jackson's special weekend. I really wanted to make the weekend before Jackson started Kindergarten special for him. He really didn't think going to Kindergarten was a big deal, but it was for me! I asked Jackson wanted he wanted to do for his last Friday before school and he requested that we take Beckett to the park, go to the movies, and make cookies. We accoplished them all! We also surprised him Saturday morning with his first trip to Six Flags! I really didn't know if he was old enough to go there yet, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was so much for even Beckett to do. Jackson went with his best buddy Aidan and had a blast!

Jackson was being such a sweet big brother :)

We were lucky that this am was a nice cool morning, so we could really enjoy our time at the park!

Next on the list....the movies.

And finally, the sugar cookies. 3 requests that I could easily fill!!

Six flags here we come!

Character time! Beckett was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up.

4 Tazmanian Devils!

This is a picture of Jackson on the first big roller coaster. He went on it but it was a little too much for him. Neither one of the kids wanted to go on another roller coaster, which was good for Beckett, because they all could hang out together in Bugs Bunny Land.

No hands on the swings! I think they did this 10 times!!

Time to drive the truck!

Best buds!

Believe it or not, Beckett can ride all of these rids without an adults. Here he is on his first airplane ride. I was nervous he would get scared and want to get out, but he wasn't even phased in the least bit. I think he actually looks bored in this pic!

This 2 enjoyed it much more!!

Thank goodness for these cooling stations! It was quite hot! We spent the rest of the time at the water park, which was great and hit the water rides! The water park had a huge jungle gym with water slides, wave pools and some bigger adult slides. The kids had an absolute blast and we will definitely be coming back!!

Gondola ride! We were having so much fun, we decided to get a babysitter for Beckett and spend the entire day there! Greg had a golf game set up, so he left with Beckett and the rest of us finished out the day!

Jackson is doing great in Kindergarten. He is learning so much and I am constantly amazed at his curiousity. He is really into maps lately. Noni and Granddaddy set him up with Google maps and he loves to get on there and then reference his map. He has already planned our next vacation. He wants us to go to the Grand Canyon for 2 days and then to Colorado to ski for 2 days. Love this kid! Since I didn't get to take Jackson to his first day of school, I surprised him and picked him up from school and we headed out for some ice cream. I am so proud of him! I was also a little worried about having him do 2 sports, but he has handled it perfectly. So long for now! I am going to try to do some catch up, so the next post should be in a couple of days :)