Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trip to the Beach!

We are so blessed to have grandparents who live on the beach! We spent a wonderful 4 days in Kiawah with Noni and Granddaddy. Our good friends Betsy, Andrew, and their 2 daughters Annie and Sarah made the trip even better. Jackson was an angel on the car trips and slept better than he does at home! There must be something about that salt air...he slept 12 hours at night and took 4-5 hour naps!! There are a lot of pictures so let's get to it! Nice alligator!!

Shades on and ready to hit the beach!

Waiting for the waves.

No, Jackson is not ready for a parade in Germany...that is an outfit that his daddy wore! He looked so cute!! The size was supposedly 4T....shorts must have been much shorter back in those days ;)

Jackson turned 18 months while in Kiawah, so we decided to celebrate with a cupcake!!

Playing in the baby pool. He loved it!

Jackson and Sarah hanging out!

Concert at Freshfields! The kids had so much fun dancing!!

Awwww...first dance

Anyone up for a little game of frisbee?

After a wonderful dinner at the marina.

Just hanging out in Granddaddy's favorite chair.

The family that watches the World Cup together stays together!

Jackson's only speed....full speed ahead!

Hold on here comes a big wave!!

Jackson loved to play with his shovel and truck in the sand.

Future surfer?

He definately has the beach bum look!

3 generation of Nesmith boys on Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day daddy! I love you so much!! You are the best daddy in the whole wide world!!!

It was great visiting with you GiGi!

Thanks Noni and Granddaddy for an amazing trip! We miss you and can't wait to come again soon!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fun!

There is nothing like a home grown tomato.....I wouldn't know, but Jackson sure does! Everytime we go to the garden and pick some tomatoes, he gobbles them up.  Jackson is pretty good at sharing, but he will not share his precious tomatoes! We have had a wonderful start to the summer.  Jackson is now officially 18 months! I just can't believe it!  He is more a little boy and less like a baby every day. He has such a sweet nature and more fun each day! He has added a few more words...Elmo, cracker, chair, juice, and truck.We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and spent it in Kiawah. I feel so blessed to have Greg as my husband. He is the most amazing man, husband, and father I could ever imagine. Jackson is one lucky boy to have a daddy who loves him so much!! We love you Greg!

Trying to drink from a glass like a big boy! It is a little messy but we are trying.

Who loves black beans?

Just a little reading on the road.

One of Jackson's favorite games....teasing Emma with her bone. He does eventually give it to her with a little coaxing.

Cheese Aunt Glo!

Let me have that asparagus!

Yes...believe it or not, Jackson loves asparagus!!

This is a sprinkler ball that we bought for Jackson. I think Emma enjoyed it more than he did!
Jackson wanted to end this weeks blog by saying that he is so happy that Grammy is doing well from her surgery and that Granddaddy is doing well after his procedure. Jackson loves you both so much!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Water, Water, and more Water!

Jackson loves the water! When it isn't raining here, we have filled our days cooling off from the Georgia sun with different water activities. Jackson has enjoyed his time swimming in his pool, swimming in his friend's pools, to even his first trip to the water park this weekend. Jackson loved the water park so much that we bought a season pass! There is only one problem with Jackson and the water.....he never wants to get out! We find ourselves having to force him out to warm up  as often his lips have turned completely blue! We start swimming lessons this week, which he should really enjoy. The first picture is Jackson in his pool. The hose water was very cold!! I have learned now to fill it up in the morning so it can warm up a bit.

Going down the slide into the frigid water!

We made a trip to the botanical gardens and this is how Jackson started out in the children's area.

Next step was removal of the shirt.

Finally I said forget it and took off all his clothes.

He loved it!!

This is Jackson in his new life jacket.  Since he loves the water, he also has no fear of the water.  With this life jacket on, I feel a little more comfortable with him around the pool.