Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Break!

 What a fun spring break with cousins! We headed down to Kiawah on Wednesday and stayed through Sunday. We played at the beach, had ice cream, rode scooters, and Kiera and I had a relaxing afternoon at the spa. It couldn't have been better! The weather was perfect with no rain and of course, Noni and Granddady, made the trip super special for all the kids. We are always sad when we have to leave but are excited to be heading back for Memorial Day! The first day, the kids could not wait to get the beach! I was worried that it wasn't going to be warm enough to get in the water, but the kids ran right in! Jackson couldn't wait to try to surf again!
 Like riding a bike!
 Cousins! They always have so much fun together and get so excited when they get to see eachother!!
 This one still wasn't too sure about the water, but loved playing in the sand!
 Jackson has played with this truck since he was 9 months old. Still a big hit with both boys!
 Super excited to see a real helicopter!
 Silly cousins!
 I was chasing after Beckett down the beach and he stopped and said "Take my picture!" :)
 That evening we headed to Freshfields for pizza and to meet some friends. The kids had a blast playing football, duck duck goose and eating ice cream. The only problems was the noseeums. If you look in the picture, all the kids are scratching their heads. Their hair was filled with them! Thank goodness they don't nest!!
 Beckett is super serious about his throws. He is so funny with his wind up!

Beckett was mezmerized by Granddaddy's jumping skills!
Super cool dude!
Love these kids! They had so much fun playing together!!
We are so proud that Beckett has finally learned how to peddle!!
Beckett loved helping Granddaddy clean up all the leaves!
Our last day, we headed back to the beach. It wasn't very sunny, but the kids had a blast! Beckett found a big hole that someone else had dug :)
My little surfer. He looks so grown up to me in this picture :(
One last wave before heading back home.
Noni and Beckett throwing the ball. I can't say enough about how blessed we are to have such wonderful Grandparents for our children. They really are the best!! We are super excited that their house has finally started to be built in our backyard! We can't wait to have them so close!!
Great way to end a great vacation! Can't wait until Memorial Day!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter!!

 Happy Easter everyone! What a fun filled weekend celebrating resurrection of Jesus! We weren't able to celebrate the holiday with family this year, but we did get to spend it with some great friends. We started it off with a little Easter painting.
 Beckett was super proud of his masterpiece!
 Next was an egg-dying pizza party!
 Beckett loved decorating the eggs!
 Jackson and his buddy Jack. Initially all the boys were really into decorating their eggs until 1 cracked.  Then it became an egg smashing party! Boys!!
 Last year Jackson had a special egg he decorated and named Mr. Happy. He never wanted me to throw Mr. Happy away. Well, Mr. Happy made my refrigerator smell not so happy so I had to sneak him into the trash. This year we have another special egg. He doesn't have a name, so hopefully we won't get quite attached!
 Next up it was the Easter egg hunt and brunch at the country club! Last year it was cold and rainy. This year it wasn't raining, but still a little chilly in the am. I decided to forego the cute Easter outfits and just dress warm. Still look pretty cute!
 Easter bunny!
 Time to get some eggs! Unfortunately, the groups are separated by age so I couldn't get any pictures of Jackson actually during the hunt. Beckett was a pro and quickly filled his basket to the brim!
 So excited! They couldn't wait to open up the eggs and see what was inside. This year was different in that they were filled with toys instead of candy. Beckett was a little disappointed at first, but quickly got excited with all the trinkets. I am actually not sure which is much candy or a house-filled with cheap trinkets!
 I made it to Jackson just in time to snap a picture of his filled basket.
 Silly boys! I am not sure why they decided it was time to show off their muscles!
 After brunch, it was the egg spoon contest. Jackson did great and didn't drop the egg once. It was boys vs girls, so the competition was intense!
 Boys win!
 Trying to get a bunch of boys to pose in front of the mountain....
 And again in front of some tulips...
After brunch, it was time for my most favorite part of spring. Heading to Pikes to get our garden going! Jackson couldn't wait to help me plant. He was my little helper with all the seeds.  

 We did the same as last year...cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, watermelon, bell peppers, basil, and parsley. The cucumbers and green beans did so great last year that we planted more plants. We are going to put up a fence this year to try to keep the deer away from our tomatoes. Fingers crossed!
 Sunday morning church service! Our church has 4 Easter Sunday services and just like last year, we were up early enough to go to the 8 am. It really works out great because it is not as crowded and the kids wake up just in time to go to church so there is no arguing about looking for Easter baskets.
 My handsome boys!
 Could they be any cuter?
 I don't get to get a lot of pictures with my boys, so I was happy that they semicooperated for this one :)
 My 3 handsome boys :)
 Next, it was time to head downstairs to see if the Easter bunny came!
 Jackson found the eggs easily, but had trouble finding his basket this year.
 Beckett found his!
 Finally Jackson found his. Jackson really wanted an xbox for Easter. We decided to play a little trick on him. When Beckett found his basket, he had a wrapped present under it. When Jackson found his, he quickly noticed he did not have a present.
 We teased him for a little while, and you can see in this picture that he is not too thrilled....
 We ended up hiding the xbox in a cooler. I told him to open it up and he was so excited!! This was not a planned gift and we were actually going to get him the Lego deathstar, which he also really wanted. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I sent Greg to Toys R Us to see if they had it. They didn't, so this is what he came home with. We have since found out, that Daddy decided to go with the 8 year old gaming system.....this is why I don't send him out to buy things!! We are going to attempt to return it to get the newest version, since it is about the same price. We will see! At least he tried!!
 Beckett could not have been happier with his hot wheel set!
Happy Easter everyone! We hope everyone had a great holiday!!