Thursday, July 30, 2009

31 weeks!

It was another fun filled week at the Nesmith house filled with birthday parties, pool parties in the city, our first gymboree class, and our 6 month photo shoot! Jackson's friend Kennedy turned 1 so we had a birthday party for her at Brad and Kiera's house. It was so much fun. Like everywhere we go, Jackson was surrounded by ladies. Here he is with sweet Addison. She is just a couple of weeks younger than Jackson and as sweet as can be.

I could never get a picture of all the babies looking up at the same time, so I had to do individual shots. Now you can see Addison's sweet face. She has the best smile!

I could never get Mary to sit still long enough to get a good shot of her, so this one will have to do. She was very busy showing all the babies her toys and her new house!

The adorable birthday girl, Kennedy. She is also a busy little lady and very curious about stairs right now!

Sweet Erin Claire. She is the oldest of the group and just as sweet as can be.

Jackson with daddy at the party. Look how handsome daddy is.

This is at Sonali's pool party in the city. Jackson enjoyed the city much more this time. Thanks Ryan and Mandy for all your hardwork blowing it up! Who is that stud behind him? (That is daddy)

Jackson's newest game. Daddy puts him on his head and says "Where is Jackson?" He loves it!

This is Jackson at his first gymboree class. He had so much fun we have joined for the next 6 months!

My little man growing up so fast!

Getting ready to crawl.

Trying really hard!

Bye Bye! I will post when Jackson's photos are up. The website is the same as last time and will be

Thursday, July 23, 2009

30 weeks!

Well, it was a much quieter week this weeks as far as guests go, but we had an exciting week of pack n play training. I started out with the pack n play in his bedroom, which worked like a charm. He easily fell asleep without any problems. After a couple of days of this, I moved it into the bathroom. HOLY COW! If there was any doubt that Jackson knows his room, it was certainly dismissed yesterday. Jackson was very upset, but finally did fall asleep in it. This AM was day 2 and he went right to sleep without a peep! It is amazing how quickly he is able to adapt if you are persistent. I feel much better that our vacation should go smoothly. Jackson continues to love to stand and is really trying to become mobile. He can go from a sitting position to his knees now. Once he gets on his knees, he will rock for a little bit, but then falls to his belly. I don't think it will be long before I have a mobile little boy on my hands. His favorite thing to do now is use mommy, daddy, and even Emma as jungle gyms. He loves to pull himself up by grabbing onto our clothes. He gets more fun each day! Here are some pics from the week.

This is how we eat lunch and dinner now because otherwise his clothes are ruined!

Jackson on his first wagon ride with his cousin Mary. He loved it so much that daddy went out and bought him his very own! Now, instead of our evening family walk in the stroller, it is now in the wagon.

Mary trying to give Jackson a ride!

Jackson's newest toy....the basketball hoop. He loves it! When he pulls down on the rim, it makes a cheering noise that he loves.

The view is so much better from up here.

It didn't take long for Jackson to figure out how to turn the basketball hoop upside down and pull off the bottom.

Wherever Jackson is sitting, Emma is sure to be close by.

2 best friends.

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Jackson sleeping. I paid for it though as the flash woke him up. The blanket that he is sleeping on is from Aunt Glo. He loves it! He brings it up to his face and falls right to sleep. Thanks Aunt Glo!

You woke me up mommy, so now it is time to play!

My sweet baby boy.
This is the imprint of Jackson's hand and foot from Aunt Glo. We will treasure it always!
Look at my hand and foot! Bye Bye! We will see you next week. (Notice that Emma is right by his side in the corner of the picture)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

29 weeks!

Well, it has been another busy week at the Nesmith household! We said goodbye to one set of guests, the Winterrowds, and hello to Noni and Granddaddy! Aunt Kiera and Uncle Brad are moving into their new home this week so Noni and Granddaddy came to help pack and move. They bought an older home and have done some amazing renovations. The house looks great! It has also been a very busy week for Jackson. He started swimming lessions, which he loved. This is a picture of him after his first lesson. Everyone kept asking me if he is always this happy :). We have also started using the mesh feeding bag. Jackson loves it and gets very excited when he sees it. His favorite so far is watermelon. We hafe also introduced puffs. Jackson continues to learn new tricks. His favorite trick is so big and peek a boo. He now takes everything and puts it over his head like a big boy! Jackson continues to love to stand and is now able to go from sitting to his stomach. He can't get back up yet. He also has decided to start flipping in the middle of the night, which has not been so much fun for mommy and daddy. He flips over and then gets stuck in a corner, and I have to go in and move him back to the center. Luckily, he has now started to enjoy sleeping on his stomach and he can easily flip himself back over the other way. Thank goodness for the video monitor! We have also booked our vacation to the keys for the second week in August. Since Jackson did not do well in the pack n play last trip, we have started pack n play boot camp yesterday. It was actually a success and Jackson took his afternoon nap in it. Currently the pack n play is in his room and the next step is moving it into the bathroom. Wish us luck! Here are some pics from the week.

Jackson trying to drive mommy's car.

Jackson loves to stand in his crib. We have to put him in that position, but once he gets up there, he can stand on his own.

So this is what my room look.

Bye Bye Aunt Glo and Cortney! I miss you!!

Jackson using the mesh feeder.

Mmmmm watermelon.

Noni letting Jackson stand up. If you put your hands out, he will grab them and pull himself to the standing position.
Jackson had so much fun as Noni scooted him around in the box. Notice the massive amount of drool. Finally, you can see Jackson's too bottom teeth coming in!
Do it again Noni!
So Big!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weeks 27 and 28!

Well, I am a week behind because we have had a very busy two weeks! Aunt Gloria, Cortney and Scooter have been staying with us, and we have had the best time! Jackson is going to be so sad when they leave. I think Jackson is going to have a personality just like his daddy's. He is so funny! He makes the funniest faces and loves to make us laugh. His favorite face right now is to scrunch up his nose and make huff and puff noises. He is also really starting to pull up. All I have to do is stick my hands out, and he will grab them and pull himself up. He loves to stand so much that if you try to sit him down, he will make his legs stiff as boards so he doesn't have to. He continues to be very vocal and there are lots of mammas!!! Yah!!! He is also starting to reach out for me, which I love. We start swim lessons this week, so wish us luck. Finally, we have started using sign language with him so we will see how it goes! Since we are a week behind, there are lots of pictures. Enjoy! The first picture is Jackson trying not to eat his peas. As you can see, it is all over him.


This was Jackson's first experience in a cart without the floppy seat. If you look closely, you can see him holding on to the back. He was a little nervous.

Jackson and Cortney. I think Jackson may have a little crush.

I love to stand!! The view from here is so much better.


Thanks for the ride Emma!

I love my Aunt Glo! She always makes me laugh.

Bounce me higher Aunt Glo!

Jackson and Mary. Two peas in a pod.

My new favorite toy...a balloon!

Happy 4th of July! Jackson loved looking at the sparklers and watching the fireworks that Cortney bought. Thanks Cortney!

Look at me! I am a big boy.
Mommy and Daddy at Craft Bar. Aunt Gloria took us out for a fancy dinner. It was delicious! Thanks Aunt Glo.
All of us at Craft Bar. Notice the large painting of the cow in the background. His name was Porter.