Sunday, September 26, 2010

Elmo Live!

Last weekend we took Jackson to see Elmo Live! He loved it!! Jackson is usually not one to sit still for very long, but Elmo was so captivating that he watched the entire show! We only had one problem....if Elmo was not on stage, Jackson kept repeating Elmo..Elmo..Elmo. Elmo is definately his favorite! Jackson is really talking now and seems as if he adds new words everyday. He is putting 3 words together. Some of my favorites are "I got it", "Here you go", "Dadda car bye bye". He says please and thank you which is so darn cute! His favorite is "Up please". He has started to actually "shoot" the basketball into the hoop and if he misses he says "Almost!". When he makes it, he gets very excited and runs with both hands up into the air. 
During intermission Jackson was able to run around since we had floor seats. You could take one of these Elmo balloons home with you for only $10.  Needless to say, a picture with the balloons is all Jackson got.

What is this fluffy delicious blue stuff?

Here daddy you try.

Pic in front of the stage.
Jackson loves lemonade! This is one of his favorite activities...juicing lemons. Jackson has figured out that he can move the chair to get to higher places.  The other morning Jackson had the chair pulled up to the counter, juicer out, and even put it together!

Juicing lemons is so much fun!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Baby James!

We are so excited to have a new baby boy in the family! Baby James is just as sweet as can be and Mary has been such a wonderful big sister! This is Mary meeting her baby brother for the first time. She wasn't interested in him first....too busy with her new Big Sister Dora doll, but she warmed up to him quickly.

The proud Uncle. It reminds me so much of him holding Jackson for the first time...a little nervous!
Jackson meeting his little cousin James. He loved to point to his different body parts and say them.
Welcome home Nesmith family of 4! Of  course Jackson couldn't miss this photo opportunity!
First golf lesson! I think these clubs may be a tiny bit too big.
I just love his smile :)
Blankets....check. Cheezits...check. Milk...check. Ready to hit the road!
This last picture was too funny. Before Jackson went down the slide, a little girl had gone down and her mom took a picture of her. The next time Jackson went down he sat there saying "cheese" until I snapped a photo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Family trip to the zoo and fun times with cousin Mary!

We had a wonderful week with the exciting arrival of Jackson's newest cousin...sweet baby James! He is so cute and a perfect addition to the family. Just like in the movies, Kiera went into labor in the middle of the night. We got a call from Brad that it was time around midnight so I hopped in the car to bring Mary over until James arrived. Mary did great! I was a little worried that she would be scared but as soon as we  pulled into our driveway she yelled "Jack's house!" I layed her down in the guest bedroom and she went right to sleep until the next morning. We had so much fun taking care of her! This first picture is of our family trip to the zoo. There is a playground at the zoo that we always pass on the way out and Jackson never gets to play, so this trip we started there. Jackson had so much fun on the teeter totter!
Merry go Round! Jackson picked the elephant all by himself. Everytime we would spin past daddy Jackson would point to him. Too cute!
Jackson loves choo choos so we went on our first choo choo ride at the zoo.

That goat is tiny compared to my Emma!
First morning at our house. Jackson was so excited that MaeMae (that's how he says Mary) was at his house!
Trip to Monkey Joes! They both had so much fun jumping around!
Snack time! All that jumping sure makes us hungry!!
Jackson climbing up the ladder to the big slide all by himself. He is such a little monkey!!
First art picture for Daddy's office!
Congrats again Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad and Big Sister Mary! We have lots of pictures to post next week of Mary and Jackson's first meeting with James and his arrival home. We are so happy that James made it to the world safely and both Mom and Baby are doing so well!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winding Down Summer!

Well summer is winding down, and I have to admit I am looking forward to the cooler weather. We ended the summer with 1 last trip to the beach to visit Noni and Granddaddy. When I think back to last summer, it is hard to believe that Jackson was just learning to crawl and we only had a glimpse of personality. This summer he is a little boy with tons of energy and full of personality. He is so funny and loves to make us laugh. He is still my little monkey climbing things I would never imagine he would be able to climb. He can pretty much understand most of what we say to him and will follow multiple step commands. He is leaning his colors and is able to say yellow, red, and blue. He is also changed his favorite number from two to three. He now counts two, three, three, three...and so on. His appetite has grown and he is eating new foods including Grandaddy's pork chops! As you can see from the above picture, he loves ice cream! We have since moved to enjoying milkshakes.
Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, we have been able to enjoy some outdoor activities in the mornings. We went to the zoo with Jackson's friend Jordan and they had the best time! There were very few people there so the boys were able to run free!!

Jackson and Jordan playing with the water bucket in the gorilla exhibit.
Trip to Kiawah! We have been teaching Jackson that he has to hold hands when we cross the street. Jackson loved to hold Granddaddy's hand!
I am ready for the skate park!
Jackson absolutely loves to play in cars. He could play in my car for hours if I let him.  This was an electric car that Jackson got to play in.

Our mode of transportation for the trip. We bought this bike trailer and it was a huge hit! Jackson loved it and it made carting our stuff to the beach a breeze!
I'm ready to go to the beach daddy!
Jackson loved to play in the ocean! There were a lot of waves this visit from the hurricane and Jackson wasn't scared a bit. He would run right out into the waves until one of them hit his face and he ran back!
The best part of the beach...playing in the sand!
Jackson and daddy posing for a pic with one of Kiawah's largest residents!
Jackson holding his new favorite....corn pops!
Corn hole anyone?
Soaking up the last of the summer rays.
Thanks Noni and Granddaddy for the best time! We can't wait until the next trip!!
Playing at the beach is hard work!