Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

 Happy Father's Day to the best daddy two boys could every ask for! Unfortunately, daddy had to work the morning of Father's day, so Jackson and I started celebrating by making daddy's favorite dessert...chocolate delight! Jackson is definitely my little helper in the kitchen and really loves to cook! Once daddy got home, it was time to open up his present!
 Jackson had to help! First, he had to open the card.
 What is it?
 Since Greg has become a daddy, we have bought him something golf related each year. First year...putter, second lessons, third year...custom golf clubs and this year is no different! This year we bought him the golf garmin! It is a watch that can tell you all sorts of things like how far you are to the green etc. We are running out of ideas to help daddy improve his game ;)
 That afternoon, we headed to the golf club for Jackson's first golf lesson! He was so excited!! Here they are getting ready with a little warm up.
 Stretching out!
 Warming up those legs with a little hopping.
 Beckett just soaked it all in! It won't be long until he will be right there next to his brother!
They had the kids break up into different stations and Jackson's first station with the irons.  Lining it up for his first swing...

Nailed it!

Next station was driving. After they would swing the driver, the coach would tell them to look at the bottom of their shoe for gum to get them to end in the proper position. It was really cute!

Attempt at a photo with his boys. By this time, Beckett had enough and was ready to eat! Oh well!! Next year!! Happy Father's Day daddy! You are an amazing husband and daddy and we all love you so much!

We have had such a busy and fun summer all ready! Jackson has gone through art camp, vacation bible school, plays golf on Sunday's and now just started tennis camp! He is having so much fun and in between all of that, we have been doing a lot of  swimming! As far as Beckett, he has finally found his words! He says, Mamma, shoes, thank you, peek a boo, Uh Oh, cheese. Our family is also gearing up for a big change...we bought our new house and will be moving this Sunday! We are so excited!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day in Kiawah!


 What a wonderful way to kick off the summer beach trips! We spent this Memorial Day in Kiawah with the cousins! We had an amazing time and the kids could not have been better. They played so well together, napped when they were supposed to, and even went to bed on time. They had so much fun playing at the beach, pool, dancing at Freshfields, and just spending time with eachother and their Grandparents. It really could not have been a more perfect trip! Noni and Granddaddy even braved all 5 children one night so us adults could go out for dinner. So much fun!! This first picture is Jackson giving James a ride on the bike. I couldn't believe he could actually push the pedals down!
 Beach! Here is Jackson trying out some surfing!
 I was so excited to take Beckett back to the beach as he was so little last year. He loved it! He played in the water and the sand. I think the part he enjoyed most was the freedom to roam!
 Heading for the water!
 All my boys :)
 Beckett loved letting the waves crash into him.
 Here comes a wave!
 Silly Jackson. Jackson was so cold so he kept trying to go to the shallower ends to warm up.
 Snack break!
 Each night Freshfields will have a little concert for the kids. There is a toy store there that is also a big hit. Jackson and James loved playing with the pretend grocery store.
 Beckett hanging out and enjoying the music :)
 Since the kids were being so good, I decided to buy them each a light up toy. The boys got a gun and Mary got a wand. They ran all over the place playing with them!
 Trying to get a picture of 5 kids....not easy!
 Attempt at a family shot. Luckily, for Madeline's birthday and mother's day, we bought her a professional photo shoot of the family on the beach. Thank goodness the pictures turned out great! Such wonderful memories!!
 Taking a ride on Noni's bike
 I of course had to get my shot of Jackson on the boardwalk :)
Boogie board time!
 Here comes Action Jackson!
 The beach was also a great place to practice some soccer skills. Jackson looks so much older in this picture to me!
 No beach trip would be complete without a sandcastle!
 Craft time at the pool! The kids had a great time making these sunshades.
 Popcorn and a movie. Noni and Granddaddy were brave enough to watch all the kids so that Brad, Kiera, Greg, and I could enjoy an adult dinner. The kids were so excited to eat popcorn and watch a movie.

Jackson was kind enough to share his ice cream cone at chick fil a with his brother. We had such an amazing trip filled with wonderful memories. Thanks Noni and Granddaddy for a wonderful trip!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day at FUMC Preschool

As usual, I am a little bit behind on the posting, but we have had a very busy couple of weeks. Jackson finished his last day at FUMC preschool, we had our first trip to Kiawah, we SOLD our house, and BOUGHT a new house! It has all been a bit of whirlwind!! I can't believe it but Jackson has finished his last day at FUMC preschool! It has been an amazing 2 years and Jackson has really loved it! Next year he starts pre-K at Walker and we are very excited!! 
 Last day of school! You gotta love this kid's fake smile :)

Jackson and his buddy Aidan. They started out in preschool together and have been buddies ever since. It is definitely sad to think they won't be in class together, but we live so close that I know they will still getting plenty of time together!
 Last day of school ice cream party!

Jackson had such a sweet class and has made lots of great friends!
 Jackson and his other buddy Charlie :)
 Beckett even had fun at the party! He met a little buddy and they played in the kitchen the entire time!
 Saying goodbye to Mrs GraceAnn. So sad to leave her! Jackson loved her so much!!
 Mr. Personality! This boy loves to make you smile! He had the best time just opening and closing the screened porch.
 Summer time! The weather has warmed up which means splash table and water fights!
 Jackson and his other buddy Sam. Sam is almost 1 1/2 years older than Jackson, but they really play great together. They always have the best time and there is never any arguing.
We also got to attend Mary's end of the year ballet recital. Jackson was so excited to see Mary dance. When I told her that we were going to watch her he said "How will she know what to do?" He then picked out some flowers to give her when she was done and he couldn't wait to give them to her!
 Mary twirling! She did such a great job!! We were so proud of her! She was so brave to perform in front of all those people!
 Giving Mary her flowers. Love her sweet expression on her face :)
 Sweet cousins!

I attempted to get one of both boys with Mary, but that wasn't going to happen!
 Some other pics I haven't posted yet...Jackson finished his first season of tee ball and loved it! His team actually made it through the first round of the playoffs! When Jackson first started, he was outfield and third from the last batting. By the end of the season, he was playing shortstop and lead hitter!! So proud of our little man!!
 His sweet team!! Next season starts in the fall!
 Jackson is so excited to go to Kiawah and every morning would ask me if today was the day to go to the beach. He loved putting on his batman swimming gear!

We also got our list for the summer reading program at Walker and started by getting our library card and 5 books. Jackson loved picking out his books and is so excited to read every night!! We have already had a great start to our summer and can't wait for all the many beach trips planned and of course moving into our new home!