Wednesday, November 8, 2017

October 2017

 October has come and gone! It was a busy, fun month. I was able to visit Becket during one of his music classes. I am always so impressed with what Mrs. Peebles can get these kids to do.
 They rotate around and play different instruments according to the pattern that she is holding up. Beckett was super excited that I was able to come.
This one is my big helper. He loves to help me cook in the kitchen. Here he is peeling the carrots.
 We finished up another successful Lacrosse season. Jackson did awesome and was the 2nd leading scorer on the team.
 He decided he wanted to try out for the travel Crossfire Lacrosse team. Unfortunately, the try outs were on the same day as his soccer tournament. I contacted the team to see if he could do a makeup tryout. Well, his reputation has preceded him. They offered him a spot on the team without having to try out!
 Jackson's travel baseball team has a goal of every few months doing a service project. The first project was clean up the park day. They cleaned the dug outs, painted, put up new signs, etc. Such a great day!
Beckett finished up his tball season. Baseball is definitely not his favorite sport, but he said he wanted to play again in the spring!
 Jackson also likes to help out in the kitchen. He made brownies all by himself!
 Jackson's favorite game right now is Madden 2017. He even got Noni to play with him!
I just love everything Halloween! We hosted Jackson's baseball team for a pumpkin carving party and I took that theme and ran with it! I made eyeball cupcakes.
 Pumpkin rice krispie treats.
 And spider cupcakes.
 Walker had its annual Homecoming Holla! At one point during the evening, I couldn't find Beckett. I finally found him and he had waited all by himself in this super long line to get on this.
 I couldn't believe his patience!
 Beckett and his buddy Liam.
 Beckett waited in line for a balloon. I think this was the first boat he has ever made!
 Friday night lights! The boys love going to the Walker football games!
 A Halloween party isn't complete without some witch's brew. The kids were fascinated by the dry ice!
 Pumpkin carving time!
 Beckett working on getting all the guts out.
 Jackson trying to work on his masterpiece.
 My sleeping machine! This one could sleep to 10 every morning if he could!
 This was the cutest thing I ever saw. Jackson had a double header baseball game and I looked over and these 3 decided to go to the other field and have their own game.
 Beckett put on the entire umpire gear. It was so funny!
 We went to a fall party at the Patel's house and it ended with fireworks!
 Jackson had basketball try outs. He did great! Season starts tonight!! Here Mason is entertaining Jackson while he waited to do the try out.
 I went with some girlfriends to see the Color Purple at the Fox. As we were heading there, I realized that I was 1 ticket short, so I had to quickly buy another ticket. I didn't want to sit alone so I bought Brandy one too. The only seats left were in the front row!
 Daddy took Jackson and Beckett to the MCC for their Halloween party. We have never done it before. Greg said it was very chaotic but the kids seemed to have fun! Here is Jackson with Mary Claire.
 Super Math star! Jackson got a 4 on his math test!!
 Beckett wanted to try the new Zombie Frappuccino. He was not a fan!
 Jackson had Murphy's birthday party at the bowling alley. Greg had to work so I had to take Beckett with. He hopped right in. Here he is signing his name on the bowling pin. So proud of how far he has come!
 Truck or Treat at the church. I was in charge on making all the costume contest prizes this year.
 Disguise a turkey. Beckett, of course, wanted to turn it into a boat....
 Trunk or treat! My big dinosaur and Mr. Grim.
 Another balloon favorite...the fishing rod.
 Trying out a little pumpkin bowling.
 Pumpkin carving round 2!
 Beckett drew his design all by himself.
 Mr. Independent wanted to light it himself
 Jackson went with the headless horseman...
Ready to trick or treat!
 We thought the dinosaur would be a little too cumbersome for trick or treating, so Beckett was a special forces officer.
 Scary Mr. Grim.
 Happy Halloween!
 Before trick or treating, we went to the Kelly's house. The boys played football...of course.
 Trick or treat!
 Parents got to ride in style...
Halloween is the best!
The best part of the night....checking out the loot and trading!
 Jackson had his 3rd grade assembly. He was a sports announcer. He came up with the need for a mustache by himself. Hilarious!
 They all did a great job!
 Way to go Mrs. Goggin's 3rd grade class!
 I got to have lunch with Beckett. These 2 are 2 peas in a pod.
 These 2 insisted on a selfie....
 Jackson had a soccer tournament this past weekend. It doesn't matter where Beckett goes, he always makes a friend. He came up to me and asked for some money so he could buy his friend an snow cone. He went to the Kona Ice Truck, ordered, put the flavoring on it, and gave it to his friend all by himself. He is certainly my independent one!
 Jackson is learning to play the recorder. He loves it and practices every chance he gets! Yay for the recorder........
 The boys made it to semifinals for the soccer tournament. They lost but super proud of them! They had the best record in their division, so they were moved up to play in the travel team tournament. For them to get the semifinals was amazing! Multiple coaches from the other teams came up to Jackson to tell him how he good he did. His coach also named him the MVP. Pretty cool for playing as the only 3rd grader!
 This was Jackson's first time back to playing soccer in over a year. He was certainly the best player on his team and definitely one of the top players in the entire league. It is going to make for some tough choices for this one in the future. He can't play on 3 travel teams so eventually he is going to have to narrow down his sports....
Beckett knows all of his letters and all the sounds they make, so he was finally able to get his toy hunting gun. Super proud of all of his hardwork!!!