Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring is here and Beckett 4 months!!

 Spring is definately here and that means one of my all time favorite things....planting our garden! Last year Jackson absolutely loved going down to the garden every morning to see how much our plants had grown and to pick any fruit that was ripe. By his enthusiasm during planting the garden, I think he is going to enjoy it just as much! This year we added another box so that we could have an entire box dedicated to just tomatoes. In our original box, we have green beans, cucumbers, green peppers, watermelon, cantelope, rosemary, basil, and parsley. I am most excited about the green beans this year and hope we get a lot! This is our original box, thanks to Uncle Joe!!
 Here is Jackson with the new box. Joe, you will be happy to know that Greg followed your specifications!!
 My sweet Beckett. I cannot believe we have been blessed with this little boy for the last 4 months. He continues to be the sweetest, most content little boy. He has now been sleeping through the night 7:00 to 7:00 for the past 1 1/2 months. He is really starting to use his hands and is trying to put everything in his mouth! At his 4 month visit, he came in at 24 inches long! In 4 short months, he has grown almost 8 inches!! We are still on the regular newborn chart, but just barely around the 5th percentile for weight, but we moved up to the 15th percentile in length and the 25th in head circumference!! Slowly but surely we are making progress! Developmentally, he has caught up completely, so we were given the okay to try some oatmeal. We tried it once and he seemed to enjoy it, so we will keep going! We have made it through the first 2 set of bad vaccines and Beckett breezed right through them. He continues to be our little iron man miracle baby!!
 It was so cute to see Jackson helping daddy till the ground for he garden. You can see he used his foot to push the shovel into the dirt.
My strong boy then lifted the dirt up.
Finally, dropped it! He is such a big helper and continues to want to do everything by himself!! He is also 99% potty trained. It was a tough road but we knew he could do it!!
 Zoo crew! We went to the zoo to enjoy this beautiful spring weather and the kids had an absolute blast running around looking at all the animals!
 It's not easy to try to get a photo of all the kids, but we tried!
 My sweet friend Angie with my little man.
 Bumbo time! Beckett definately wants to be sitting up observing all the action around him!
 Still trying to suck that thumb!!
My little miracle! We all love him so much and cannot describe what a blessing he has been to our family! Jackson loves to make him laugh and is always talking about all the things he and Beckett are going to do when he is older! I so love to see their friendship already forming! I have such an amazing bond with my sisters and hope that they will have a similar relationship!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Easter!

What an amazing Easter weekend! I don't think we could have packed anymore excitement into it if we tried!! It all started with brave Anna, who decided to have some friends over to decorate Easter eggs. They all had the best time and did a great job! Miraculously her kitchen table survived the event!!

Jackson loved to scoop the eggs up and place them into the carton.

It didn't take long for Jackson to figure out that they were eggs that could actually be eaten!! Yummy!

The finished product. They all did such a great job!!

Then Saturday morning we were off on our first Easter egg hunt of the day at the Country Club. It was such a wonderful event filled with the Easter bunny, an egg hunt, bouncy house, and a delicious Easter brunch. We will definately be making this an annual tradition!

Best buds waiting for Easter egg hunt!

And they are off! It is amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year Jackson casually picked up a few eggs and this year he was serious! He ran and picked up as many eggs as he could find!!

He found a nest full of eggs!

He just couldn't wait to open them up and sample the delicious treat inside!!

The Easter bunny made another appearance at brunch!

Family picture at the Country Club!!

Next stop, Easter egg hunt at the church. Jackson was so ready to get his hands on some more eggs!

After the Easter egg hunt, they had a cookout with Jackson's favorite....hotdogs! It was so cute to watch all the kids sit on the bench eating!!

Finally, we ended the night with our last egg hunt and dinner at our sweet friend Kristin's house. You'd think the kids would have been Easter egg hunted out.......but nope!! Eagerly awaiting to get their hands on more eggs!!

Some of the boys checking out the eggs.

All the kids then lined up to check out what they got!! I have to say, Jackson had the largest Easter basket by far. I ordered it online, and had no idea it was so big! He did pretty good but at one point he did tip over his basket and lose his eggs. Luckily all the kids were very sweet and helped him fill it back up!

The Easter bunny came to the Nesmith house!

Jackson was so excited to find his Easter basket!

The Easter bunny sure was good this year! Jackson was very excited about his new towel and can't wait to use it at Noni's beach.

All smiles on his first Easter!

After finding the baskets and another mini egg hunt, we headed to church!

The perfect Easter present!!

All the excitement wore Beckett out!

Who loves chocolate?......this guy!!

Finally, we ended the Easter weekend making and decorating Easter egg cake pops. Jackson was quite proud of his finished product!!
Happy Easter and many blessings to everyone!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet Coraline!

We just got back from a wonderful week long visit meeting the newest member of our family....sweet Coraline! Believe it or not, due to Greg's work schedule, I flew with 2 children by myself! Luckily, both children were angels and the trip could not have been smoother! Jackson listened like an angel and Beckett slept without a peep. We made both legs of the trip without the thrree P's....pouting, puking or pooping!! Cousins Katie and Nathan were on spring break so Jackson was able to spend the entire week playing with his cousins. He loved every minute of it!! Coraline couldn't be cuter or sweeter! I think she beats Jackson in the best hair contest! Like all new moms, Sarah was a little unsure in the beginning, but by the end of the visit, Coraline was an angel baby and even slept through the night!! Luckily, the weather was unseasonably warm during our visit, so we had lots of fun playing at the park and even made it to the beach. This was the longest time Sarah and I have been able to spend with eachother since I left for medical school! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and it was hard to say goodbye. I miss them already and can't wait until our next visit together!!

Sweet cousins! Nathan 6, Beckett 3 months, Jackson 3, Coraline 1 month, Katelyn 10.

Matching bunny shirts! You can tell Jackson was less than thrilled to pose for this picture!!

Great Grandma C with Beckett! Great Grandma C is now 86 and has 8 great grandchildren! What a blessing!!

We were so excited that not only did we get to meet Coraline, but also met my cousin Jason's first daughter Ella. She has the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen!

Jackson and his Great Grandma C!

Sweet Aunt Patty! She is truly the most thoughtful Aunt ever! She is always thinking about the boys and sending them cards etc. She is also so excited to be a Grandma to sweet Ella!! Ella sure is lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma!!

Sweet Coraline snoozing on her mommy.

Happy 6th Birthday Nathan! We were so happy to get to help Nathan celebrate his 6th dirt bike themed birthday!!

Sweet sisters :)

My sweet little man.

His cousins really wore him out!

Katie, can you come home with us and keep wearing Jackson out?

Cousins playing at the park :)

My 2 boys!

b and c!!

Beach time! Jackson had so much fun playing in the sand at the beach. It was a little windy, but they had the best time!

Playing at the beach.

Jackson really loved playing in the sand!

Sweet Beckett snoozing at the beach. He didn't like the wind at first, but once I got him all cuddled, he fell fast asleep!

Aunt Elizabeth misses all of them all ready!!

Love her so much!!

Aunt Sarah with Mr. B.

We miss you Aunt Sarah! We had the best time and can't wait until you guys come and visit us in Atlanta!!