Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet Coraline!

We just got back from a wonderful week long visit meeting the newest member of our family....sweet Coraline! Believe it or not, due to Greg's work schedule, I flew with 2 children by myself! Luckily, both children were angels and the trip could not have been smoother! Jackson listened like an angel and Beckett slept without a peep. We made both legs of the trip without the thrree P's....pouting, puking or pooping!! Cousins Katie and Nathan were on spring break so Jackson was able to spend the entire week playing with his cousins. He loved every minute of it!! Coraline couldn't be cuter or sweeter! I think she beats Jackson in the best hair contest! Like all new moms, Sarah was a little unsure in the beginning, but by the end of the visit, Coraline was an angel baby and even slept through the night!! Luckily, the weather was unseasonably warm during our visit, so we had lots of fun playing at the park and even made it to the beach. This was the longest time Sarah and I have been able to spend with eachother since I left for medical school! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and it was hard to say goodbye. I miss them already and can't wait until our next visit together!!

Sweet cousins! Nathan 6, Beckett 3 months, Jackson 3, Coraline 1 month, Katelyn 10.

Matching bunny shirts! You can tell Jackson was less than thrilled to pose for this picture!!

Great Grandma C with Beckett! Great Grandma C is now 86 and has 8 great grandchildren! What a blessing!!

We were so excited that not only did we get to meet Coraline, but also met my cousin Jason's first daughter Ella. She has the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen!

Jackson and his Great Grandma C!

Sweet Aunt Patty! She is truly the most thoughtful Aunt ever! She is always thinking about the boys and sending them cards etc. She is also so excited to be a Grandma to sweet Ella!! Ella sure is lucky to have such a wonderful Grandma!!

Sweet Coraline snoozing on her mommy.

Happy 6th Birthday Nathan! We were so happy to get to help Nathan celebrate his 6th dirt bike themed birthday!!

Sweet sisters :)

My sweet little man.

His cousins really wore him out!

Katie, can you come home with us and keep wearing Jackson out?

Cousins playing at the park :)

My 2 boys!

b and c!!

Beach time! Jackson had so much fun playing in the sand at the beach. It was a little windy, but they had the best time!

Playing at the beach.

Jackson really loved playing in the sand!

Sweet Beckett snoozing at the beach. He didn't like the wind at first, but once I got him all cuddled, he fell fast asleep!

Aunt Elizabeth misses all of them all ready!!

Love her so much!!

Aunt Sarah with Mr. B.

We miss you Aunt Sarah! We had the best time and can't wait until you guys come and visit us in Atlanta!!


Kiera said...

Coraline is adorable!!! What a memorable trip, so happy you all had that time together!

Sarah said...

Love the pictures! And I love you! I'm not going to stop thanking you for everything you've done for me in the last few days, months, years! I challenge the world to find a better sister, a better friend than you!!! XO XO XO