Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy 40th Daddy and 91st Big Granddaddy!!

 Happy 40th Birthday Daddy! It is hard to believe that Greg has turned 40! He doesn't act a day over 21 :). I decided to try to plan a few surprises for Greg's 40th. A month before his birthday, I started planning a surprise birthday party. It is not easy keeping a secret from this man, so I had to get creative. With the help from our friends the Postons, we told Greg we were heading to Traton Homes for a charity event. I invited over 100 of his friends for food, drinks and dancing. I was so excited that his favorite local cover band, Brother Whitlock, was going to be able to perform. As we got closer to the date, he started to get suspicious, so we had to try to throw him off. Chris was awesome! The plan was we were going to go get a drink at the Postons before heading to the charity event for a quick appearance. We were then going to go downtown for dinner. Chris had a driver pick us up so it looked like we were really going downtown. He sent Greg silent auction items to bid on and he had nametags made up. After all of that, we threw him off enough to really surprise him. It was awesome!!
 I think it is a true testament to the kind of person my husband is in that he had so many friends wanting to celebrate his big day with him. His friends from high school, Ben and Andrew, flew in from Florida and his medical school/residency friend, Mike, flew in from North Carolina. Such a special night!
 The next pics are just some of the people that were there to make his day so special :)
 My besties :)

 Our trainer and friends BJ and Billy came :)

Such a fun night!!

I had the place decorated with pictures of Greg growing up. Thanks Noni

All Greg really wanted for his birthday was a Jeep. I tried to play it off that I couldn't buy him a jeep, so I gave him a jeep themed party. :)

As we were all gathering around the cake to sing the birthday song, Noni, Granddaddy, Jackson and Beckett arrived with Daddy's 2nd surprise.

The boys were so excited to surprise their daddy! They absolutely love the jeep!

I think he liked it :)
Time to sing the birthday song and blow out all those candles! So glad the boys were there to celebrate with us!!

 The next day I set up a golf game for Greg and his friends. It was a little drizzly but they made it through the game! They then came home to play soccer with the boys! Whenever Greg, Andrew, and Ben get together, it is 1 competition after another. It is so crazy to see my kids now getting into the mix!
These guys have been friends forever! So glad they were able to make the trip for his big day!!
Two cuties! The festivities didn't end there! We then had all the cousins over to our house to celebrate another special man's 91st birthday!

Great Granddaddy and Peebo with all the great grandkids! The theme of the party was "91 and still not done!" Keep doing your puzzles granddaddy! It's working!!
The whole crew! So thankful we were all able to get together to celebrate such a special man. We love you Great Granddaddy!
Getting a little help from his great grandchildren! There were 91 candles on that cake!

Aunt Kiera and Courtney helped the kids make this sweet family tree with their handprints. So cute! Happy birthday Great Granddaddy! We were so happy to be able to celebrate with you! You are one of a kind and we love you!! Can't wait until our next visit!! XOXO

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

 What a great Halloween!! The weather was perfect and it fell on a Saturday. I wish every Halloween was on a Saturday. It was so much more relaxed. The kids were able to run around and play with their friends with no worries of school the next day. So fun! We started out with carving our pumpkins. This year we went the traditional route and let the kids make their own faces and carve them out.
 Getting ready to scoop out all the guts!
 Jackson drawing his masterpiece.
 Beckett's turn!

 This was the first year that Jackson was actually able to carve his own pumpkin :)

 The finished product!
 Beckett's :)

 Next it was time for trunk or treat at the church! Beckett got some super cool vampire fangs.
 This year was a little different. Jackson spent most of the time running around playing some sort of tag game with his friends and Beckett hung out with me with the animals. He loves the animals!
 Now that's a hairy cow!
I was lucky enough to be able to go to both kids Halloween parties this year which is not usual for this working mom. At Jackson's, we carved pumpkins and guessed how many seeds it would have. We then had to count all of them. There were over 400 seeds!!
 This was the first party that I have ever been able to attend for this cutie! Funny story. These teachers are the same teachers that Jackson had at this age. They asked me how Jackson was doing. Said they remembered he was so smart and serious and asked me if I thought he was going to be a doctor. They then started talking about Beckett.They said he is so nice and the life of the party. They then told me they thought he was going to be great frat boy! I didn't know quite how to respond but then my girlfriend told me that at least it means he is going to college! ;)
 Sweet kiddos getting ready for the Halloween treats!

Praying before they eat. So sweet! I am always so impressed how well behaved these 3 year olds are!!
 They end each day saying the pledge of allegiance. Could they be any cuter?

This year was a little different for Halloween. We usually go to a big Halloween parade in our neighborhood, but this year we had a birthday party at the club. It was so cute! The kids dressed up, there was a costume contest, dance floor with dancing, and puppet show. And of course....lots of fun treats!
 Jackson and his "future wife"...Mary :)
 The time had finally arrived to trick or treat! The kids could not wait!!
 One last pic before we head out!
 Right as we were leaving, some trick or treaters came by. The kids were so cute giving them candy.
 Beckett ran over to give the little tiger some candy too.
 I have very few pics of the kids because they just ran way too fast! Beckett had a hard time keeping up, but he tried :)
 Candy!!!! I think Beckett would have been satisfied getting 1 piece of candy and heading home.
 Some of the crew before they took off again!
We always have to go to the "scary" house in the neighborhood. Jackson didn't want to go at first but got super brave and conquered his fear!

Beckett was not scared at all. He just kept staring at the wolf man. Surprisingly, the kids had enough trick or treating after only about 45 minutes. We all then headed to the Eubanks so the kids could burn off some candy energy! It was so nice!! The kids ran around outside while the adults ate and hung out. Best Halloween ever!!!