Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 Part 1!

 Merry Christmas to all from the Nesmith family! I had to split this post into two because there were so many magical moments captured this year! Jackson really got into Christmas this year and we all dove head first into the magic of the season! It started with decorating our house. We went a little overboard this year with the lights and had are very own Grizzwald moment when they didn't initially light up, but in the end it looked beautiful! When we were at Home Depot,  Jackson found these candy lollipops and had to have them! They didn't quite go with the rest of the house, so they found the perfect home in front of the basement door to decorate Noni and Granddaddy's room!
 Jackson and Beckett in front of the beautiful lights :) Initially we thoguht they weren't too bad but then the magic happened....they not only light up white, but also blue and red and purple and then they start flickering. Spectacular!
Jackson also wanted to put up some Christmas lights in his bedroom.
 The next stop was a Christmas cookie decorating party! Jackson really did a great job decorating....and eating!
 We were so excited to have Noni with us on our annual trip to Snow Mountain! Looking at Beckett now, it is crazy to think that that is where we were when my water broke! He is a snow mountain baby!
 Going down the big slide! Jackson absolutely loved it! No fear at all!!
 Beckett getting ready to go down the hill for the first time with his brother.
 Jackson was a perfect big brother and held on tight!
 Making a snowman!
 The finshed product. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a snowman with a hot dog hat :)
 My little snow angel
 Afterwards.....the best part....karate chopping the snowman. Boys!
We ended the night with the 4D polar express movie. Jackson was completely mezmerized! Beckett even watched it! We had so much fun and will continue to make this an annual trip! Noni was even brave enough to go down the slide with Jackson. She was a little scared but Jackson reassured her that it would be okay!!
 Next tradition...gingerbread house! Jackson did such a great job putting all the candy on!
 Sweet Beckett! Just hanging out and soaking up all of the festivities.
 Jackson and Daddy playing with the family present. Santa brought us a car driving arcade game. I have to admit that I was not completely on board with it but once we got it in place, it has been a lot of fun.
 On Christmas Eve, we went to the Children's service. We got there early so that Jackson and Beckett could be part of the live nativity scene. Here are my 2 angels!
 My sweet angel heading into the church.
 Priceless! My angel reading the hymns!
Jackson walked down the aisle like a champ and stood there while everyone took pictures. So proud of my big boy! This is where I am going to end this post and the next post will start with Christmas Eve and end with the magic of Christmas day! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We missed our families that we weren't able to see but felt so blessed to spend this wonderful time with Brad, Kiera, Mary, James, Ben, Noni, and Granddaddy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Birthday Boys!

We have taken some time out of the Christmas celebrations to celebrate the birth of 2 special little boys! We started off with my sweet Beckett. Beckett turned 1 on December 11 and to celebrate, we had Brad, Kiera, Mary, James and Ben over for pizza and cake. This was Beckett's first taste of cake, and it didn't take him long to figure out that it is delicious! I cannot believe that it has been a years since my sweet boy was born.  He gave us quite a surprise when he decided to enter into this world 7 weeks early, and he continues to surprise and amaze us daily.  As far as milestones, he isn't walking yet but is getting really good at walking by pushing just about anything! He is eating all regular foods and loves whole milk. He is saying mama, dada, and even heard a bye bye. His favorite things right now are anything that his brother has and anything involving any type of ball. He is still has a very easy going demeanor and loves to cuddle and get kisses!
Here he is after Jackson gave him his first taste of cake!
Just like every 1 year old...the box is much more entertaining than the toy!
We got Beckett his chair to match his brother's. It is very cute to see them sitting on them together!
All the cousins in their matching shirts made by Aunt Kiera. They were all so cute!
Next we had a combined birthday party for the boys at Champion kids. This was actually the first time Beckett has been there, and he had a lot of fun with the baby toys.
Jackson mastering the balance beam.
Beckett loves to slap his hands on top of things!
Jackson on the zip line!
Getting some pizza in his birthday chair!
Birthday boys awaiting their cake! This year's theme was Buzz Lightyear and Woody.
Beckett enjoying his second round of cake. He has this thing all figured out!
The next morning my big boy turned 4! We started the morning with 4 powdered sugar donuts lit by candles. Such a special little treat! Everytime we are in the grocery store, Jackson asks me to buy them!!
I decorated his door the night before and here he is with his huge Buzz Lightyear balloon! Jackson is getting to be such a big boy! He is a very good helper with his brother and loves to help him eat! He is always trying to make us laugh and full of energy! He loves school and has lots of friends. He is smart, kind, and of course, he has the best hair! Right now he is into building things and anything superhero. He loves to play good guys and bad guys and run around the house. He is always ready to try new things and usually the life of the party. Happy Birthday Jackson!We love you to the moon and back!
I like this picture because Beckett seems to be having just as much fun as Jackson opening up the presents! We ended the day with our 3rd cake at Jackson's favorite restaurant...Panera. This family is all caked out and can't wait for the next celebration....Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

 Oh, December how I love you, but why do you have to be so busy? This really is my favorite time of the year, but I feel like each year it gets busier and busier. This year in the midst of all the Christmas parties and kids events and I also get to celebrate 2 birthdays! I cannot believe my little baby is 1 tomorrow and my big boy will be 4 the following week! We have already done so much this month and it is only the 10th! Our festivities began with the lighting of the square Christmas tree. This is the first year we have made it to this event and it honestly might be last for awhile. It was super crowded and a little bit of a downer. Maybe if the kids ever sing in the little concert beforehand, we will attempt the chaos again! I think next year we may go for the Kennestone hospital tree lighting because it seems to be a little more exciting with live reindeer etc.
Here we are getting a family pic after the tree was lit!
 Jackson admiring all the ornaments.
My sweet boy actually posing nicely for a picture! It seems these days I get nothing but silly faces and squinty eyes!
 Prior to the tree lighting, we had pizza with the McMurry's and then headed over. Here are the boys being silly.
After the tree lighting, we were off to home depot to pick out our 3 Christmas trees! Jackson was very excited to pick them out and couldn't wait to decorate them!
 Helping Daddy find a nice one!
 Beckett joining in the festivities!
 My boys loading up the trees!
 While they were loading up the trees, Jackson and I decided to head inside to look at the decorations. Jackson found this light up hat and some candy canes. Very festive!
 Sweet Beckett! I cannot believe he will be 1 tomorrow. It came into this world surprising us with his early arrival and continues to surprise and amaze us each day. Despite his almost 2 month early arrival, he is doing beautifully. He is really starting to walk with walkers, says "mama" to me, and is on all regular food. Developmentally we are right on track, but I think we still have a little catching up to do in size. He is just the sweetest boy and we all love him so much!
Jackson really got into decorating the tree this year. He was so excited to look at every ornament. He would unwrap the ornament, squeal, and then show it to us. He would then find a perfect spot on the tree. And when I say spot, I mean spot. He tended to cluster them in one area :)
 Picking his favorite spot.
 Like I said about the silly faces. I really wanted to get a picture of him in front of the tree, but this was the best we could get.
 Beckett checking out the tree for the first time. He has actually been great and hasn't really tried to pull on it much. I think he is also going to be my rule follower because if I tell him "No", he will cry but stops doing it. We shall see!
 No, No Beckett!
Jackson got a snow globe and Beckett absolutely loves it! He really likes music and whenever he hears a song playing, he will stop and start rocking back and forth like he is dancing. It is too funny!
 We had Greg's office Christmas party this week and the boys were invited! Here are they are posing together. It's hard to see but Jackson is wearing his first tie! He was very excited to wear a tie like his daddy!
My adorable big boy squinty eyes and all :)