Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

 Oh, December how I love you, but why do you have to be so busy? This really is my favorite time of the year, but I feel like each year it gets busier and busier. This year in the midst of all the Christmas parties and kids events and I also get to celebrate 2 birthdays! I cannot believe my little baby is 1 tomorrow and my big boy will be 4 the following week! We have already done so much this month and it is only the 10th! Our festivities began with the lighting of the square Christmas tree. This is the first year we have made it to this event and it honestly might be last for awhile. It was super crowded and a little bit of a downer. Maybe if the kids ever sing in the little concert beforehand, we will attempt the chaos again! I think next year we may go for the Kennestone hospital tree lighting because it seems to be a little more exciting with live reindeer etc.
Here we are getting a family pic after the tree was lit!
 Jackson admiring all the ornaments.
My sweet boy actually posing nicely for a picture! It seems these days I get nothing but silly faces and squinty eyes!
 Prior to the tree lighting, we had pizza with the McMurry's and then headed over. Here are the boys being silly.
After the tree lighting, we were off to home depot to pick out our 3 Christmas trees! Jackson was very excited to pick them out and couldn't wait to decorate them!
 Helping Daddy find a nice one!
 Beckett joining in the festivities!
 My boys loading up the trees!
 While they were loading up the trees, Jackson and I decided to head inside to look at the decorations. Jackson found this light up hat and some candy canes. Very festive!
 Sweet Beckett! I cannot believe he will be 1 tomorrow. It came into this world surprising us with his early arrival and continues to surprise and amaze us each day. Despite his almost 2 month early arrival, he is doing beautifully. He is really starting to walk with walkers, says "mama" to me, and is on all regular food. Developmentally we are right on track, but I think we still have a little catching up to do in size. He is just the sweetest boy and we all love him so much!
Jackson really got into decorating the tree this year. He was so excited to look at every ornament. He would unwrap the ornament, squeal, and then show it to us. He would then find a perfect spot on the tree. And when I say spot, I mean spot. He tended to cluster them in one area :)
 Picking his favorite spot.
 Like I said about the silly faces. I really wanted to get a picture of him in front of the tree, but this was the best we could get.
 Beckett checking out the tree for the first time. He has actually been great and hasn't really tried to pull on it much. I think he is also going to be my rule follower because if I tell him "No", he will cry but stops doing it. We shall see!
 No, No Beckett!
Jackson got a snow globe and Beckett absolutely loves it! He really likes music and whenever he hears a song playing, he will stop and start rocking back and forth like he is dancing. It is too funny!
 We had Greg's office Christmas party this week and the boys were invited! Here are they are posing together. It's hard to see but Jackson is wearing his first tie! He was very excited to wear a tie like his daddy!
My adorable big boy squinty eyes and all :)

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Sarah said... favorite pictures of Jackson are the silly face, squinty eyed ones!! I can't believe Beckett is 1 already! Remind Jackson that he's not supposed to grow up so fast for me, would you?