Thursday, March 26, 2009

14 weeks!

Jackson is now 14 weeks old and we had a wonderful week! We had a great weekend with a visit from his Great Peebo, Great Granddaddy, Noni, Granddaddy, and Aunt Gloria! It was so nice of them to make the trip all the way from Tennessee to meet Jackson. Jackson is doing so many new things this week. He is really learning how to use his hands and will now look at something and grab it. He is also really starting to enjoy books and loves to look at the pictures. He also has started drooling quite a bit so we are wondering if maybe he has started teething. We bought lots of teething toys for him! He also was able to go into 2 new toys this week....exersaucer and bouncy chair. He is still a little too small and doesn't quite understand how to bounce, but we are working on it! Here are some pics from the week. We also have some great video of the weekend visit that I am going to try to learn how to post.

I had to take this picture because it is probably the last time Jackson will ever go in his swing. He used to love to sit in it, but now wants nothing to do with it!

Jackson and Mary playing together. Jackson is always mezmerized by Mary. If he is crying, you just have to show him Mary, and he will just stare at her. It is so cute!

Noni and Jackson playing.

Jackson sitting back, relaxing and reading a book.

The great grandkids with Great Peebo and Great Granddaddy.

Noni and Jackson

Peebo talking to Jackson. She made him laugh all weekend!

Peebo and Great Granddaddy with Jackson.

Jackson is his newest toy with exersaucer! He isn't quite sure how to bounce yet, but we are working on it!

Jackson knew his Noni was coming for a visit so he wanted to look his best and wore his button up shirt.
Since we are no longer using the swaddler, we have moved on to the footie pajamas. These look like a baseball uniform and say "Daddy's team".
This is Jackson in his bouncy that hangs from the doorway. He is more interested in staring at the colorful seat than bouncing!

Where is Jackson? Still a little too small for the bouncy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 months!

Jackson is officially 3 months old and I can't believe it! We had a very busy week with our first road trip to Jacksonville, Florida! Jackson was such a trooper and on his best behavior. He was an angel in the car, sleeping most of the way, and then still slept through the night. He slept in the bottom of a pack n play without any complaints! Jackson is becoming more curious now trying to touch and grab at things. He is always pulling on my hair, shirts, and glasses. His new favorite thing is for me to tickle my hair over his face. He just giggles! He is getting to be such a big boy and now that the reflux seems to be under control we are doing more tummy time. This picture is him doing his push ups!

Jackson has officially figured out how to suck his thumb!

I love this picture because he is looking at me like what are you doing mom?

This is a picture of Jackson at the beginning of the 7 hour road trip.

This is Jackson 20 minutes later...

This is a picture of Jackson at his first trip to the beach. It wasn't a very nice day as you can tell by the coats and hats, but he did get to see some big waves!

This is Jackson congratulating his daddy on finishing his 9 mile race! He was so excited to see him that he even skipped his morning nap.

No more laying down to play in the jungle gym...we have graduated to sitting in the bumbo. Sometimes I will even stand him up and he will grab and bang the stuff.

This is Jackson wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. I told him that if he didn't wear green he could get a pinch! I think this pose is funny because he looks like a little politician.

This is Jackson with his cousin Mary. Jackson has just now started to look and recognize Mary. He was just staring at her and smiling! He also kept trying to touch her. It was so cute!!!

Mary saying I love my little cousin Jackson!

Sitting in the bumbo like a big boy! No more slouching to one side.

We have graduated from the swaddler to the sleep sac! This is him in the morning. It is always the best time because he is all smiles and giggles!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12 weeks!

I can't believe Jackson is almost three months old! He is so sweet and brings so much joy to our lives. We had a busy week with many firsts. We had our first trip to the zoo with Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad, and cousin Mary. Jackson had so much fun. I don't think he saw any of the animals, but he loves to be outside. Also, since Jackson is so good at controlling his head, we were able to put him straight up in the stroller like a big boy. He continues to amaze daily with his talking. He already has so much to say! He even talked on the phone with his Noni and Granddaddy! He is also getting very strong and loves to stand up. This weekend is our first roadtrip. We are heading to Jacksonville so daddy can run a 9 mile race! Jackson doesn't really enjoy sitting in his carseat, so we will see how it goes! Check back next week for an update! Here are some pics from the week.

This is Jackson figuring out how to grab thigs and put them in his mouth. He is constantly grabbing things including my hair!

Playing with his rings.

It was such a beautful sunny weekend in Atlanta that we met Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad, and Mary at the park. As we were leaving, mommy realized that she didn't have a summer hat that fit him yet, so he had to borrow his daddy's.

Fun afternoon at the park! Jackson was not so happy during this picture because it was close to nap time.

Snoozing after a long afternoon at the park.

This is Jackson on his first walk sitting up like a big boy!

He is growing up so fast!!!!

Jackson's new summer hat so daddy doesn't have to share anymore!

Poor Jackson is losing his dark hair and the hair that is coming in is platinum blonde. This picture cracks me up! His hair is all spiked up and he looks like he is giving the magnum blue steel pose from the movie zoolander.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

11 weeks!

Jackson is now 11 weeks old and changes weekly. He is now talking so much with lots of agoos and razzes. I keep trying to get him to say mama, but we aren't quite there yet. He does jumble different sounds together almost like a sentence! It is so funny to see him concentrate as he trys to make the sounds come out. He is also very busy and loves to stand up all the time. He is no longer content sitting in his swing. We had a playdate this week with lots of Jackson's friends. Here are some pics from the week!

Jackson's friend Kennedy seeing Elmo for the first time! She loved him so much that her daddy went out that night and bought her one for her very own.

Mary and Kennedy playing together.

Addison is 2 months old and such a sweetheart. She loves to take cat naps on her mommy.

This is Jackson's friend Jordan. He is 9 months old and crawling like a big boy. He is very cute and loves to point at things.

We went out to Mellow Mushroom Friday night with a bunch of frineds. We sat outside under the heater and Jackson loved it! He slept in the cozy warmth the entire time. As you will see in the next pictures, he was surrounded by young ladies. I keep asking him which one he likes best, but he won't tell me!

Jackson's friend Addison at Mellow Mushroom. She is 8 weeks old.

Jackson's friend Erin at Mellow Mushroom. She is 13 months old and eats food like a big girl! Jackson was very jealous.

Jackson's friend Kennedy at Mellow Mushroom. She is almost 7 months old.

Aunt Kiera, Uncle Brad and Jackson's favorite cousin Mary at Mellow Mushroom.

This is Jackson's latest trick. He is such a busy body that he wants to be standing all the time, so he can see what is going on. He used to love to sit in his swing, but that phase has ended!

Here are some pictures of Jackson during his first snowstorm. He actually go to wear the snowsuit that his Noni bought him! He did not like it when the snowflakes would fall on his face, so he is definately a southern boy!

Jackson loves to sit in his Phil and Ted's bouncy. He makes himself bounce, talks, and then giggles.