Thursday, March 26, 2009

14 weeks!

Jackson is now 14 weeks old and we had a wonderful week! We had a great weekend with a visit from his Great Peebo, Great Granddaddy, Noni, Granddaddy, and Aunt Gloria! It was so nice of them to make the trip all the way from Tennessee to meet Jackson. Jackson is doing so many new things this week. He is really learning how to use his hands and will now look at something and grab it. He is also really starting to enjoy books and loves to look at the pictures. He also has started drooling quite a bit so we are wondering if maybe he has started teething. We bought lots of teething toys for him! He also was able to go into 2 new toys this week....exersaucer and bouncy chair. He is still a little too small and doesn't quite understand how to bounce, but we are working on it! Here are some pics from the week. We also have some great video of the weekend visit that I am going to try to learn how to post.

I had to take this picture because it is probably the last time Jackson will ever go in his swing. He used to love to sit in it, but now wants nothing to do with it!

Jackson and Mary playing together. Jackson is always mezmerized by Mary. If he is crying, you just have to show him Mary, and he will just stare at her. It is so cute!

Noni and Jackson playing.

Jackson sitting back, relaxing and reading a book.

The great grandkids with Great Peebo and Great Granddaddy.

Noni and Jackson

Peebo talking to Jackson. She made him laugh all weekend!

Peebo and Great Granddaddy with Jackson.

Jackson is his newest toy with exersaucer! He isn't quite sure how to bounce yet, but we are working on it!

Jackson knew his Noni was coming for a visit so he wanted to look his best and wore his button up shirt.
Since we are no longer using the swaddler, we have moved on to the footie pajamas. These look like a baseball uniform and say "Daddy's team".
This is Jackson in his bouncy that hangs from the doorway. He is more interested in staring at the colorful seat than bouncing!

Where is Jackson? Still a little too small for the bouncy!

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