Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kiawah August 2013

 Last weekend we headed to Kiawah for a wonderful, but short beach weekend. But, before we left, we had to celebrate our sweet Mary's 5th birthday! I cannot believe she is already 5 and a Kindergartner!!! I made Mary a big pink cake that was definitely not my best work, but she seemed to love it anyways :)
 I love this picture because James is behind Mary also blowing out the candles! Happy Birthday Mary! We love you so much!!
 Kiawah! I always take a picture of Jackson on the boardwalk to the beach and now I get to take one of both my little boys! Couldn't be sweeter!!
 My little surfer dude! This trip Jackson really got comfortable with the water. He boogie boarded like a champ. He would take the board out to the waves and catch them all by himself.
 Beckett also really loved getting in the water but he also loved to play in the sand.
 Love the happy expression on his face! We always have such an amazing time when we visit Noni and Granddaddy!!
 My little boogie boarder!!
 Beckett loved splashing and running through the water :)
 Monkey See, Monkey Do. Beckett had to catch his own wave!
 Since Jackson was doing so well with the boogie board, we decided to test his balancing skills with a surf board. We started with small waves on the boogie board and Jackson balanced like a champion!
 Sweet brothers! Love these two to pieces!!
 The forecast for the weekend was rain every day, but we were lucky in that it only rained 1 night. That didn't stop us from heading to Freshfields for a concert in the park!
 Surfs up! Greg would swim and catch the wave and Jackson would pop up like he was born to do it!
So impressed with my little surfer! The entire time all he was doing was screaming "Granddaddy!" He wanted to make sure his granddaddy was paying attention to him. We had the most amazing time with Noni and Granddaddy and were sad to have to leave. Thanks for making the weekend so special! Luckily, we get to do it again next weekend! We are squeezing one last beach trip in for Labor Day. Can't wait!!
Some quick updates: As far as Jackson and his new school, he LOVES it! He is thriving and I am so impressed with how much he is learning!! He is learning Spanish, how to use the computer, letter sounds, and writing. Funny story. We missed last Friday because we were at the beach, and apparently a letter went home that day letting us know that sound sac was starting. Apparently, each week they are learning the sound of 2 letters and the kids bring something in that starts with the letter to put in the sack. Well the first day was Tuesday. Tuesday before we left for school, Jackson said "Mommy, I need to bring something to put in the black bag" Since I didn't have the note, I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought maybe he was making something up. Sure enough, that afternoon I learned he was supposed to bring an item in or the sac. I couldn't believe he was actually paying attention and remembered that!!
As far as Beckett, he continues to talk more and more each day. His favorite word is definitely NO! I have a feeling somebody is going to be a little easier to potty train than his brother....as soon as he poops, he comes and gets me and says "Poo Poo" and lays on the floor. Jackson never did that! He loves his brother so much and tries to imitate everything he does. He is just as big of a climber as his brother is! The other day I got a text from Paola that Beckett picked up a stool, carried it to the front door, unlocked the door, and proceeded to try to go outside! Crazy!! He starts school this week and I hope it is an easy transition! He had his meet and greet and started saying "No" as soon as we got out of the car :( I know Jackson also wasn't a fan in the beginning but quickly warmed up and soon was running to get to school. Hoping the same for Beckett!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of Pre-K!

 New house and new school! Jackson has moved away from the church preschool and on to his private preschool, Walker! He was so excited to go to his "big" school and meet his new friends and teachers! Before the first day, Walker hosted a WOW day where you could go and meet your teachers and see your classroom etc. For part of it, we had to walk to the lower school to pick up a packet. On our way there you had to walk through the football/baseball field. Jackson's eyes got huge and asked if he could play football and baseball there! It was so strange to think that he very well may play there when he is in middle and high school! We have had to try to adjust our routine a bit because Jackson has to be up at 7 am for school this year. He normally doesn't get up until about 8 so we have started putting him to bed a little earlier at night to get him used to it. He is still a sleepy head in the AM, but the first day of school, he popped out of bed and said "School time!" He looked at Beckett and said, "Beckett, you are going to miss me today." So sweet! Then, on our way to school, he asked me if he would have to wear nametags. I said, maybe. And he asked why. I told him it was so he could learn all the names of his friends. He then said to me, "I can't read mommy." Excellent point Jackson!
Beckett sure does miss his buddy during the day! This is Jackson's first year going every day. He is still only half day, which I am glad, because I still get my afternoons with my big man!!
 I don't think he even looked back :(
 He found his name and hung his bag up like he had been doing it every day for the last year!
His sweet class. 6 girls and 6 boys. Looking forward to getting to know them this year!
 This is Jackson on WOW day when he got to pick up his bag. He was so excited for his bag and his uniform shirt. When he opened the shirt, which is just maroon with the yellow Walker symbol, he said "This is not a cutie shirt mommy" He was very disappointed!!
 Jackson and his sweet teacher Mrs. Reddick. We know Mrs. Reddick from church and were so thrilled when we found out she had him! It is going to be a fantastic year!!
 Mornings with this little boy sure are fun! Beckett is really trying to become more independent. He wants to do everything his big brother is doing...including sitting in a big boy chair.
 On Jackson's first day of school, Beckett and I headed to the cupcake shop to pick up a sweet surprise for him. Shhhhhh...Beckett got to enjoy a minicupcake before lunch ;)
 After the first day, we picked up Jackson's buddy Nathaniel for a post first day playdate! Here they are enjoying their cupcakes!
 We had plan on swimming but it seems here in Marietta all it does is rain, so we headed downstairs for a movie and popcorn. They loved it!
 My sweet Beckett! There are still days when I think he could easily take a morning nap. This was one of those days.... I walked into the laundry room to get something, and it got very quiet. I walked out to find Beckett snoozing mid lunch. As you can see, he still has the cheeseit in his hand. Unfortunately, I couldn't let him sleep because we had to pick up Jackson. This is Beckett's last week at home as he starts school next Tuesday! He is only going Tuesday and Thursday's. I hope he likes it!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer is Windng Down :(

 Last weekend was our last official weekend of summer, and I have to admit, I am a little sad. Gone are the lazy mornings replaced by the hustle of getting dressed, fed, and out the door for school by 7:45. Even though I may be sad, Jackson is super excited about starting at his new "BIG" school. He had his first day today and loved it! More on that next week, but for now some last summer pics!! 2 weekends ago, we got to watch all of Jackson's cousins. They had the best time! Jackson, Mary and James swam while the little ones napped. Here is Mary with her "princess" jump.
 And Jackson.....
 They loved playing on the turtle. We are so lucky to have cousins so close by!!
 James was not so sure about the diving board :)
 All aboard! After Beckett and Ben woke up from their afternoon nap, all 6 of us headed for the water. As you can see, there are no pictures once they woke up. No free hands when you have 5 under 5 in the water!!
 The other day we were playing outside in the backyard after church and Jackson found a little friend...
 Beckett loved the turtle! He doesn't quite understand the concept of gentle yet though! Notice the band aid on his forehead? Beckett fell and bumped his head. Even though there wasn't a mark, Jackson felt it was necessary that he have a band aid.
Jackson giving Beckett a ride on the roller coaster.
Here we go!
 That was awesome!
 These two crazy kids have become best buds this summer. First thing Jackson said when he woke up for school this am was "Beckett, you are going to miss me"
This picture cracks me up because I have a picture of myself doing the same thing and Jackson doing the same thing.  They get it honest!
 Last summer night celebration with some ice cream! I asked for a small cup of vanilla for Beckett and this is what I got.
He loved it! Summer may be officially over, but we are still going to squeeze in 2 more beach trips before it gets cold. So sad to see the summer end but so excited for Jackson's first year at Walker and Beckett's first year at FUMC. Should be a great year!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up Part 2

 Hang on folks! This is a long one!! I am just going to get right to it. 4th of July was a little sad this year because it was pouring down rain. Rain meant no parade and no city fireworks. We certainly weren't going to let a little rain spoil our holiday fun, so we invited some friends over to our new house to swim in the rain and light some sparklers. Didn't you just move in 3 days ago? Absolutely! But true to our style, we didn't let a few boxes keep us from having people over to hang out!
 First pic at our new home! Love it!!
 As the kids swam in the rain, Beckett enjoyed the view and ate his popsicle. Funny story....I was taking pictures of all the kids swimming and everytime my flash would go off, a parent would yell "Lightning! Everyone out of the pool!" There was no lightning and everyone was safe!! :)
 No 4th of July is complete without a flag cake!
 Probably not the safest way to light a sparkler, but Jeremy got it done!
 Beckett's first sparkler...
 Not scared one bit!
 I put Beckett to sleep and we took the rest of the kids out front to light up some sparklers!
 Jackson and Aidan posing like the Superheros they are.
 Take that!
 After 4th of July, we packed up and headed on a week's vacation to the beach. You'd think that since we have several beaches within 6 hours from us, we'd head to one of them. Noooo!!! We decided to drive 13 hours to the Outer Banks. It was very nice, but guess who is never going to the Outer Banks again?
 Beckett really loved playing with all the sand toys this trip. Good thing we had all those beach toys because the water at the Outer Banks was a cool 60 degrees!! No joke!!
 I'm not getting in the water. Are you getting in the water?
 We spent a lot of time building castles :)
 We went on this trip with our dear friends Angie and Andrew and 2 of their friends from New York. Because we had such a large group, each family would take turns making dinner. It was perfect! After dinner, the kids would get their baths and head to the porch for a popsicle!
 Checking out the water.....
 The other plus of this beach, is it was full of shells! The kids had a great time finding them.
 Beckett swinging his seashell bucket.
 Beckett decided he had had enough of this sand stuff and was going to brave the frigid temps and catch some waves!
 That was awesome!
 We came...We saw....We conquered that 60 degree water!
 Sweet Payton with my boys :)
 Silly boys! These 2 sure did have a blast spending an entire week with eachother!
 Family shot!
 After Beckett survived, Payton and Jackson thought they would check out the waves. Waiting for a big one!
 Since we spent a lot of time digging, we found quite a few ghost crabs..
 No beach vacation would be complete without a trip to the sugar shack!!
 Jackson picked out Beckett's treat...
 Check out our loot!
 Love this girl! So blessed to have this family in our lives!
 Deep thoughts from Beckett Nesmith.....
What an amazing vacation! I definitely would not make that drive again, but we had such a fun time! Can't wait for next year's trip!!