Sunday, July 8, 2018

January 2018 - February 2018

We are doing the cliff notes of January to mid-February.  Jackson completed another great chess season!
Mommy and Daddy attended a 70s themed 40th birthday party. Check out that stache!!
Jackson and his friends were unable to escape an escape room but they had fun trying!!
Beckett played basketball for the first time and was quite a baller!!
Jackson campaigned for student council.
Unfortunately our Emoji theme didn't clinch the win, but I was so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying!!
Future boxer?.....No way!! Jacksons baseball practice is held in a gym that has a boxing rink
I stepped out of my comfort zone and danced with Kristin for charity at Marietta's dancing with the stars....and.....we won!!! It was so amazing to see my kids jumping up and down cheering for me instead of the other way around. We had an after party at our house to celebrate the win, but Jackson crashed as soon as the show was over...he got the dreaded flu.
This kid could not have been prouder!
My sisters even flew in to cheer me on!
Such an awesome experience and I couldn't have done it with a better friend. BJ was our choreographer and we worked so hard. I have never danced so it was particularly challenging for me, but hard work pays off!
A small portion of our fans.
Girl power!!
Such a blast!!
Beckett had his preschool art show. The theme was different states. You firt had to pick up your suitcase and map...
Then grab your keychain to head the road!
Some sort of clay masterpiece....
Sunflowers in Kansas
I think that is salmon in Montana.
Maryland light house

Florida Flamingos. I just can't get enough of that face!!!

Connecticut Lollipops
So sweet...

Rhode Island Trapeze Artist
Yarn snake from Arizona
So proud of all his hardwork!
Writing out our Valentines. Beckett wrote every single one of them! It wasn't easy, but he did it. 
Mother Son dance at the church1 I have actually organized this for the last 3 years, but this was the first year we have been able to go.
We had dinner at Kim's house beforehand. The boys all looked so handsome!! 
There's a very popular candy bar!!! 
Look how excited they are to dance!! 
Cutting a rug! 
This year's Valentines boxes. Jackson opted for a football. 
Beckett had to have the Titanic. Neither was easy to make but with hot glue gun in hand, I can be deadly creative!! 
Hawks game with the Sox 
Jackson's Valentines surprise 
Beckett's Valentines surpriuse 
Jackson got Fortnite 
Beckett got kinetic sand 
The last exciting new from February was the start of the basketball court!!!