Friday, March 24, 2017

Grandparent's Day

 Every other year, Walker celebrates Grandparents Day. I am often sad thinking about the fact that my children will only know 1 set of Grandparents, but then I feel incredibly blessed that they the pair they have our rock stars! They love their grandchildren fiercely and their grandchildren love them right back! Parents aren't involved in the celebration, so I just have the photos that Noni sent. It started with Beckett's on Thursday and Jackson's on Friday. They do a craft together and put on a special performance. Beckett sure does love his Granddaddy!
 Beckett putting on his show!
 Craft time!

 Hmmmm...which one did which?

Jackson's show. Jackson was a little nervous, because he was 1 of 4 2nd graders picked to go up front for the show. He did great! Noni recorded the whole event and it made both of us cry!
 Such a lucky kid!!
 Spring mean golf again! Jackson is taking lessons on Sunday afternoons with some buddies. Such a cute golfer!!
Getting instruction...
 This one is playing tball and soccer and doing great in both sports! He is cranking off the pitch almost every time!
 The sweetest time with Beckett is bedtime. He always tells me how much he loves me and LOVES to cuddle! I thought this was so cute with the little heart stamp.  He melts my heart!! Bedtime is also Beckett's thinking time. He says some of the funniest things before bed! The other night, he was holding his Lego ship that he built and he said, "Mommy, how do peoples know that if peoples have germs and touch my lego, the germs get on my lego when you can't see them?" I said, "Well, you can see them under a microscope because it can see things way smaller than our eyes can." He said, "Mommy, my boat is way too big to put under a microscope!" I said, "That's right buddy. They take a swab of the boat, put the swab on a slide, and then look at the slide." He said, "Mommy, you are a genius....and very nice'" :) After that, he said, "Mommy, we are reading a book about a dinosaur that became "stinct" when someone clapped their hands. But, that is fiction. But, the dinosaurs are really stinct." I should record our bedtime conversations so that I can listen to them when he's older!!
 Jackson had to do a flat Stanley project. This is what he wrote he would do if he was flat. He sent Flat Stanley to visit his Grandparents in Kiawah!
 Our friends, the Wonders, were celebrating their 10 year wedding Anniversay. They just had a  new baby girl, and weren't really comfortable leaving her yet. I offered to help and we babysat all 4 girls while they had an adult dinner in the square. I'll tell you what! Girls are way easier than boys!!! They are so quiet!! Here they are watching Moana.
 Just like riding a bike! A girl looks good on him!!
I just couldn't believe how calm and quite 6 kids could be!
 Jackson had his first baseball tournament of the season! It was in Cumming, Georgia and he had to be there at 7:30 am that Saturday, so Jackson and Daddy headed down Friday night and stayed the night in a hotel. Jackson was so excited for this special 1 on 1 time! He played great! He went 3/5 with 1 Single with an RBI and 2 walks with RBIs. I have to tell this story though. Jackson was on first base and got into his secondary position to steal 2nd. He didn't realize that the catcher through the ball and he was picked out at first. He was so upset and started to cry in the dugout. Jackson is just like his mommy and super hard on himself. I knew this could ruin the rest of the tournament for him, so I walked over to the dugout to give him a little encouragement. When I got there, I didn't have to say a word. Several of his teammates had rallied around him and were hugging him and telling him it was okay. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Jackson perked right back and played great the rest of the game! I was so touched at the kindness of the children because I know not every team would have reacted the same way.
 It was a long, cold day. The had a game at 8:30 and played again at 10:30. We started off slow and lost our first 2 games. The boys looked a little rusty at first, but started to warm up. We were all in the stands trying to stay warm!
 Warming up!
 Jackson pitched in the 2nd game and did great! He struck several people out and no runs were scored on him! After the second game, we learned that we were going to have to play again at 8 pm. There was rain in the forecast, so they moved some of the Sunday games to Saturday. Well, Beckett had a tball game at Oregon Park. We all got in the car and drove to Oregon Park to cheer on Beckett!
 All ready for his game!
 Beckett did great! Made several stops and throws to first and hit the ball like a champ! Here he is waiting on second. So cute!
 After Beckett's game we headed home for a couple hours and waited to hear if we played again at 6 or 8. We played at 8, so at 6pm, we got back in the car to drive back to Cumming again. It was cold and it started to rain! Despite the adverse weather, the boys played great and won! We were ready to continue the winning streak the next day. We didn't get home until 11 pm that night and Jackson was exhausted! Well, the rain didn't stop and they ended up canceling the games for Sunday. It was a little bit of a bummer because there was no winner or loser. It was just cancelled! Oh well! We have another tournament next weekend, so we will see how that one goes!
 Noni worked really hard on taking Flat Stanley on some great adventures in South Carolina! Here is Jackson's poster presentation.
 Jackson had his art show, but we didn't get to go because Jackson was sick. I volunteered in Jackson's class this week and his teacher was nice enough to let him show me all his art. This is "Friends' inspired by Shel Silversteine.
 Art made from a book.
 Portrait with all his friends names around it.
 The homework machine.
 This crazy kid! He has had a spacer in for 2 months now and we found out that he will have his braces placed on April 12th!
 It was so nice outside, we decided to do a little art outside.
 Beckett is gearing up for the Easter bunny, so we painted an egg.
 We bought some new sidewalk chalk and had fun coloring in the eggs. Beckett has been working really hard on learning his letters and numbers. I wrote the alphabet on the driveway and we played a game where I picked up an item and he had to put it on the letter that it started with. He did really great and knows A-G! So proud of his hardwork!!
This one loves playing 1 on 1. He challenged granddaddy to a game......Jackson won.
Thank you Noni and Granddaddy for spending the week with us! We loved having you and can't wait to come to Kiawah for spring break!