Friday, March 4, 2016

Yo Yo Weather!!

We have had some crazy weather this past week! Sunny and spring like, thunderstorms, and even cold with snowflakes. Crazy!! I had to take the boys to the dentist this week for their cleaning. No cavities for either, but we were referred to an orthodontist about Jackson and braces. He will definitely need them soon, but Dr. Tipton thinks he can wait another year. To celebrate not having any cavities, we ditched the last 2 hours of school and headed to the movies. My kids love Alvin and the Chipmunks, so we saw their latest movie. We had our own private showing as we were the only ones in the theater!
 What do you do when you have the theater to yourself? You have a dance party!
 All that dancing wore him out! This kid can fall asleep anywhere in any position! I think he got that from his Noni :)
 Jackson with his puppies. He sure does love them!
 Jack and Henry came over to play and Jack had a sleepoever. I walked outside to find the boys building their own firepit.
 I assisted with the lighting of the fire, but they did everything else. If they were in boy scouts, I am sure they would have earned some kid of badge!
 Proud boys!

The next morning we awoke to a dance party!
 To enjoy the beautiful spring like weather, we decided to play with some chalk. I drew some shapes in different colors and then yelled one of them. Beckett would then run and jump to land on it.
 Super fast!
 We then made our own obstacle course with a road, house, school, and grocery store. Beckett was entertained for an hour!
 Parking at home!
Beckett was Jackson's hero. Jackson loves Beanie Boos! He has several and he sleeps with them every night. He somehow misplaced Zippy the turtle. He was devastated! We thought the dogs may have chewed him up. Several days later, Beckett found him under the couch! I took this pic and sent it to Jackson's teacher. She kindly showed it to him and made his day! Love that his teacher found the time for something that seems meaningless but meant so much to Jackson!
 This crazy climbing kid!
 Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!
 I thought it was so funny that both schools made the same thing!

 It got cold and rainy again, so the boys decided they wanted to paint their bird houses to protect the birds.
 Jackson showing off his art skills.
 Every Friday, the entire lower school meets in Gatti Hall for assembly. Each class has a Friday in the year when they perform. This Friday was Jackson;s class and they did a Dr. Seuss play in celebration of his birthday.
 Jackson had 2 speaking parts and did great! I am always so impressed with how confident these kids are to be able to speak in front of the whole shcool. They didn't seem nervous at all!
 My sweet cat :)
 In the play, the King cat was super proud of his tail and wanted it to be carried everywhere he went. Beckett decided to hold up Jackson's tail for him. :)
 Jackson and Mary. Mary came up to me and said that her little sister Gracie is going to marry Beckett like she is going to marry Jackson. They crack me up with all this marriage talk!
 Jackson's first grade class

Silly face! Such a great goup of kiddos!
Basketball has come to an end and baseball has started! Our first game was rained out but we have makeup games this weekend. Jackson also starts soccer this week, if the weather cooperates. He is also starting semiprivate golf lessons at the club with some buddies on Fridays. Super fun! I am so excited that my sister and Coraline will be here in a couple of weeks for Easter. I just can't believe Easter is right around the corner and then its spring break!! This year is flying!!