Wednesday, July 12, 2017

June 2017

 I am so far behind on blogging that I am going to try to touch the highlights of the entire month of June in 1 post! June has been packed full of lots of fun! We started by visiting the World of Coke for the first time. I have lived in Atlanta for 12 years and have never gone. I didn't know what to expect, but the kids and I actually really enjoyed it. The history behind Coke is actually quite fascinating.
The Coca Cola Bear!
 The vault where the secret recipe is held. It's amazing to read about the lengths they went through to make sure nobody stole the secret formula.
 Soda Shop!
 I think the kids enjoyed tasting all the different sodas coke makes from around the world.
 My kids apparently have a Latin flare. Beckett's favorite was from Honduras.
 Jackson's from Venezuela.
 These two. Still buddies after all this time!
 We couldn't leave without some souvenirs! Beckett chose a stuffy.
 Jackson chose a baseball and watch.
 We have spent time with friends. This is Beckett with Gracie. Possible love connection?
 Beckett and Colston. Beckett is actually so sweet with him. He tells me he wants a little brother to help take care of.
White water fun!!
 Exhausted from a summer day full of fun!
 Beckett has his first playdate with his buddy Clayton. He doesn't look too excited does he?
 We went to the movies to see Cars 3.
 Those large icies may have been an error in judgement.
 We went to LEGOLAND. Beckett didn't even remember that he had been there before. He is really into Legos, so this was right up his alley.
 Riding the rides!
This could not have been more perfect for Beckett. Combining his love for legos, boats, and water into 1 magical experience. He could have stayed and played there all day!
 Moving his boat downstream.
 Jackson even enjoyed building the boat.
 Beckett's creation.
 Jackson's creation.
 Mom! Look at me and take my picture!
 Jackson had robotics camp and made me this robot.
 My sweet snuggle bunny.
 We have gone to a couple of Braves games. The new stadium is amazing!
 There is rock climbing, zip-line, and other fun stuff for the kids.
 Jackson's favorite...the batting cages.
 Beckett's favorite...the ice cream.
Selfie with my buddy!
 Another favorite of Beckett's.....bobbleheads!
 Such a fun night and the Braves won!
 We also went to a game with Noni and Granddaddy for Oregon Park day. The Battery that surrounds the stadium has tons of restaurants and shopping. It is really nice. This is the Mizuno store.
Here are the broadcasters. They actually waved to Beckett.
 Fun times with Noni and Granddaddy!
 Kitty Momma is thriving. He has learned how to turn the water on to get a drink. Unfortunately, he doesn't always remember to turn it off!
 Another Braves game with Jackson's 643 team. Here they are trying to catch some foul balls.
 Got one!
 Fun team! We unfortunately heard that Jackson did not make the 643 team next year. He was sad because he did make a lot of nice friends on the team. The good news is he is still going to play travel baseball but for the Southwest Sox. He will get to play with his buddies Bennett and Aiden again, which will be fun! He said he was going to work really hard this year and show them they made a mistake!
 1 fly ball.....awesome! 2 fly balls.....Crazy!!
 Beckett and his buddy. That boy sure LOVES his Granddaddy!
 We got to the Braves game early so we could snag a Dansby Swanson bobble head for this bobble head fan!!
 Happy Father's Day Granddaddy!
 Happy Father's Day to the best daddy in the world! We got daddy a new golf bag this year. These boys sure do love their daddy and are lucky to have one that is so involved with all their sports!!
 Father vs Son....who will win the plank off? I'm pretty sure Jackson has better form.....
 Crazy hair!
 My catching stud!
World's largest snow cone treats!!
 Too cool for school!
 Bowling time! Beckett is actually not that bad and bowled a 76.
 Beckett relaxing with his buddy Ava. He will have so much fun getting to see her more often and play with her with their brothers play baseball.
 End of the year gift.
 I threw the end of the year party for 643 at the bowling alley. The kids had so much fun!!
 We sure will miss these guys next year!!
 Jackson had his last tournament and because of an amazing double play by Jackson, they got 2nd place!!
 Getting his ring.
Super proud!!
 Happy boys!
 He played so well. We are so proud of all his efforts this past year!!
 This one has had to go and sit around a lot of games this year. He was such a trooper!!
Coach Josh and Coach Graham. Way to go Jackson! I love watching you play and can't wait to see all the amazing things you will do this year as a Southwest Sox!!! I couldn't be more proud of you!!