Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 weeks!

Jackson is now 10 weeks old! We had a wonderful week and Jackson attended his first grown up party! He was the perfect dinner guest and even though it was way passed his bedtime, he behaved very well.

Here is Jackson at the dinner party surrounded by women! I think he will get a kick out of this picture when he is older.

Jackson also met his Uncle Mike and Aunt Tiffany for the first time. Uncle Mike was such a natural!
I caught daddy and son taking a little snoozer.

I just love how he is holding his hand! It melted my heart!!
We went on a family walk to the Marietta sqaure and had lunch. Jackson was in the baby bjorn the entire way there and back and loved it! I can't tell who likes it more....Jackson or daddy :)

Here are some pictures of Jackson sitting in our bed smiling at his daddy. Greg is so good with Jackson and is always making him giggle.

Jackson is really getting much better control of his hands. He now can reach out and grasp things. He keeps grasping with his left hand more than his right, so we may have a lefty! That makes Greg very happy because a left handed pitcher or quarterback are very desirable! His Grandma Cindy and Aunt Rachel are both lefties, so we will see.
Notice the left hand.
This is Jackson sitting in his recliner watching some tv. He looked bored, so we gave him the remote to change the channel.

Since Aunt Kiera and Uncle Brad have a picture of Jackson in a pink towel, we thought we better get a picture of him in his blue fish towel!

Friday, February 20, 2009

2 months!

Happy Valentine's Day! I can't believe that Jackson is 2 months old! He is getting so big and so strong! He has really started to notice his hands and is starting to grab things. Here he is grabbing his Valentine's day card.

Here is Jackson hanging out with a few of his friends.

This is Jackson's newest friend from his Noni for Valentine's Day. My best friend growing up was a big bird that I would take everywhere. Maybe this will be Jackson's favorite.

We had a wonderful Valentine's weekend because Noni and Granddaddy came to visit. The last time they saw Jackson he was only 2 weeks old! Here is Jackson with his Grandaddy.

We went over to Uncle Brad's and Aunt Kiera's house for dinner so Jackson had to begin his nighttime routine at their house. The bath didn't go over so well, but I think it was because he had to use a pink towel! Afterwards he went in Mary's swing and loved it. He was mezmerized by the red parrot.

Here is Jackson with his Aunt Kiera. Notice again how he has his hands in his mouth.

Here is Jackson with his Uncle Brad.

Here is a picture of Jackson smiling on his Noni's lap. He sure does love his Noni!

Jackson and Noni.

Here is Jackson sitting up like a big boy in mommy and daddy's bed.

Here is Jackson sitting in his bumbo with his winkle toy. The next pictures are of him actually grabbing it with both hands and putting it in his mouth! He did it all by himself.

Friday, February 13, 2009

8 weeks!!!

I can't believe Jackson is already almost 2 months old! The time has definately flown by. He is changing so much everyday. He smiles all the time and has started to coo. He is also started to notice his hands and is now able to put them into his mouth. Here are some pics from the week. Here is Jackson sitting in the chair in his playroom with his overalls on that his Aunt Rachel bought them. They are size 3 months and still fit!!!

Here is Jackson doing what he loves to do while I am changing him....stretching out as long as he can.

Here are some pictures of him smiling. I caught his dimples!

Big Yawn!

Here is Jackson and his best friend Nathaniel on their playdate to the New York Deli. Jackson wore his shoes for the first time and kept them on the whole time!

This is a picture to compare how much longer he is. He is now filling up the small swaddlers and we have moved on to size large! This also shows his amazing acrobats he must do at night because he is now horizonal and that is not how mommy put him down! He often ends up horizonal on the complete opposite end of the bed.

Since Jackson is so good at holding up his head we have switched him to front facing on the baby bjorn. He loves it! We also had to lengthen the bottom because he was too long.

We also have a new toy...the Bumbo! He didn't like it at first, but now he loves it.

Sticking his tongue out at his daddy in his bumbo.

Jackson is just like his daddy and loves hot water. He gets so relaxed that he often falls asleep. You would never believe that this baby used to have baths and would scream the entire time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 and 7 weeks old!!!

Jackson is getting so big and changing so much each day. He smiles all the time and is awake for longer stretches during the day. We even got the nighttime routine down with a bath, which he now loves, feed, swaddle and play the seahorse. He now only wakes up one time in the middle of the night to feed and goes right back to bed.

I keep trying to get a picture of his adorable smile and his big dimples. I will keep trying, but so far this is the best I could do.

Here is Jackson sitting on the couch like a big boy waiting for his daddy to come home from work and play with him. He loves his daddy and actually smiled at his daddy before he smiled at me!!

This is Jackson sitting on the bed with his Calvin Klein suite that my girlfriend, Jennifer Weiland, from high school sent him. I just love the beanie!!

Jackson loves to nap in his swing, which is going to make travel difficult, so I am trying to get him to enjoy sitting in other things. I was so happy that he loves to sit in his Phil and Ted's bouncy! He even fell asleep in it! This will be much easier to pack.

I had to go to the doctor for my six week checkup and Aunt Kiera and Cousin Mary came with. This is big cousin Mary rocking Jackson so he didn't wake up!

This is Jackson in hanging out with some friends.

Cousin Mary got to come over for a sleepover and Jackson was so nice he shared his favorite toy with her!

Here is Jackson in the baby bjorn with his daddy for the first time!

Jackson had his first superbowl and watched with his daddy. He already has quite an arm.