Monday, January 21, 2013


Life with boys! Jackson is just too funny! We decided to take the "jeep" around the neighborhood for a little Sunday afternoon drive and he insisted on wearing his driving glasses. He looked hysterical! Jackson loves to drive Beckett around in the jeep, but I was a little too nervous to let him drive him around the neighborhood, so Beckett and daddy followed in the stroller. Jackson is a pretty good driver but I often have to remind him to stay to the side and not the middle of the road.
Cruisin around the neighborhood!
It's basketball time! Jackson has started basketball at the church on Sunday afternoons and guess who his coach is? Daddy! He had his first practice this week and did pretty well! They have little Xs marked on the court so the boys know where to stand for offense and defense. It is really cute! I have to admit though, I think Jackson was most excited about getting new basketball shoes! He loves them!!
Getting ready to pass the ball!
We had a weekend of birthday parties! 3 to be exact. Here is Jackson at Maggie's birthday party at Champion Kids. He loved going on the swing this time with the other kids.
Beckett actually really seems to love Champion Kids. There are lots of things for him to climb on and climbing is his favorite thing right now!
Standing up like a big boy! Beckett is still not walking but will take 1 or 2 steps to get in between furniture. We also had his 1 year checkup and we have moved up on the growth curve! My little man is in the 50% in length and 15% in weight! Keep it up Beckett!! He is also really starting to talk more. He jabbers and jabbers like he is really having a conversation! He also loves to stack things and to put things in an out of containers. We now have 6 teeth and he uses them to the fullest! He loves to eat and will eat almost anything I put on his tray. He has even started trying to use a fork! He picks it up and tries to get the food onto it. It is a very long process, but eventually, he will get the food into his mouth!
Jackson and Jack heading down the big slide. They were so funny. Each time they went down the slide, they would try to grab eacchother.
Beckett bouncing on the trampoline.
Jackson loves the zip line!
They were really sweet at Champion Kids. Beckett was by far the youngest one there, so they decided to get out the bumblebee so Beckett could swing over the ball pit. He made zero expression! He just looked around like this was an every day occurrence.
My very own curious George! Beckett loves to explore and gets into everything! I was getting dressed one morning and thought he was being very quit.. I went into the playroom and found him with a huge smile on his face eating a black marker! Luckily it was notoxic and washable!!
It has warmed up again so we have taken advantage of the wamer afternoons outside. Beckett loves to be outside! As soon as he hears the beep of the alarm when a door opens, he books it towards the door to try to get out. If you close the door before he makes it, he lays his head on the ground in a defeated pose.
Ready to ride the motorcycle!
Best big brother Jackson! My sweet big boy is always trying to help his brother out!!
Look mom no hands!
Jackson loves to take pictures on my phone! Most of them are of his toys in different poses or of Beckett, but this is one he took of Beckett and I. Not bad!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2012 was such a wonderful year blessed with such sweet memories with friends and family. I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful man, have 2 healthy, happy little boys, a job that I love, and wonderful family and friends! I can't wait to see what surpirses 2013 has in store for us! We started out the new year with ice skating at the St. Regis! The St. Regis puts a little skating rink on the top level every year and we were so excited to try it out! Jackson wasn't too sure about it initially, but finally got a hang of it and skated around with mommy and daddy. Here are the boys getting ready for their first time around the rink!

Beckett checking out all of the excitement.
Going around with mommy! Hold on!!
Afte the ice skating, it was hot chocolate time! Loaded with whip cream and sprinkles, it was delicious!
Beckett loved with whipped cream!
Walking around with my big boy!
These two have really become best buds and are so funny together. I am constantly impressed with how much Jackson loves Beckett. He is always trying to make him laugh and get him to play with him. Here they are in the bath making tons of splashes! Beckett thought it was so much fun and just kept laughing!
My sweet boys. I know they probably won't always be so sweet with eachother, so I need to capture these moments!!
My little helper. Jackson loves to feed Beckett his yogurt in the morning.
Fort time! I am so glad we spent so much money on our couch ;)
The newest addition to the house. Daddy decided to buy the boys a motorized car. They love it! Jackson drives around and Beckett is his little sidekick. I am quite impressed with how good Jackson is at driving. Hopefully it is a good sign for when he really gets behind the wheel!
And they are off!
We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year and wish everyone many blessings in 2013! It is going to be a great year!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part 2

Christmas Part 2! After my little angels finished up with our church activities, we headed to Brad and Kiera's house for a delicious meal. While the meal was getting prepared, Kiera put on some Christmas music and the kids had a dance party! James is so funny when he dances! He really gets into it! We decided to feed the kids first and then the adults sat down to a delicious meal while the kids watched a movie and patiently waited to open up 1 present! Sweet cousins! We are so blessed to have family so close to us! Jackson loves his cousins so much and is always so excited when he gets to play with them! Dance party! After we finished dinner, the kids went outiside to leave some reindeer food for the reindeers to munch on while Santa delivers the presents!
After much anticipation, the kids finally got to open up 1 present! James got a guitar.
Mary got some neo tracks.
Jackson got his first star wars toy! After our last visit to Noni and Grandaddy's over Thanksgiving, Jackson really got into playing with his daddy's old star wars toys. Now he has started his own collection!
Becket hanging out!
After the excitement of the first present, we tried to get the kids to calm down and hear Uncle Brad tell the story of baby Jesus. I think we waited a little too late!
We headed home after a wonderful Christmas Eve and Jackson left some reindeer food at our house so Santa knew to stop here!
We also left him some cookies and of course....chocolate milk, which Jackson thought Santa would enjoy more than regular milk. :)
Santa came! Jackson was so excited to see that Santa brought him everything on his list! He even brought him some bonus toys for being such a great big brother!
Beckett looking at all of the new toys!
Then the unwrapping began! It took us most of the day, but the kids opened every last present! It was such a wonderful Christmas!!
Jackson holding up another Star Wars ship! When I asked Jackson what his favorite present was this year, he said "All of them!" 
All the grandkids! Mary, 4 1/2, Ben 2 1/2 months, Becket 1, Jackson 4, and James 2.We are so blessed to have all these sweet, healthy, happy children in our family!