Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Concert!

Jackson had his first concert at Walker! Since it was St. Patrick's day, the theme wasa Leprechaun's Rainbow. The concert was put on by the preK and Kindergartners. They sang 5 songs and each Kindergartner had a line. I was so impressed to see each little Kindergartner go up front and say their line. Not a single one messed up! Jackson was super excited to get to perform in the Lower School Auditorium and each day would remind us where to go and when it was.

My little leprechaun ready to perform! Jackson did pretty good. He would get distracted a couple of times and giggle with his friends but he knew all the words and moves to the songs and seemed to enjoy it. He didn't seem nervous at all to sing in front of an auditorium full of people!

I videotaped the entire 30 minute concert and have a lot of great pictures on the video camera. As soon as I can find the cord to get them off the video camera, I will post them!

Beckett in green watching his brother perform! He did great and listened to the entire show!

Jackson and his best buddy Colin. So cute!

My two sweet, adorable leprechauns!

We have had quite a bit of rain, so one rainy day we decided to take the kids to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman in 3D with some friends. I wasn't sure how Beckett was going to do, but he kept his glasses on and sat and watched almost the entire movie!

We went over to the Chavers house for dinner and they have 3 girls. Their oldest, Kylie, is so sweet and loves Beckett. At the end of the night, I felt like I needed to pay her because she did such a great job playing with him!

Oh Beckett. Beckett has started a stage where he will pull his diaper off during his naps and at night. 3 times it has been filled with diaper and you can only imagine what a mess that was! I am definatley not ready to potty train him and am hoping to be able to wait until the summer when it will be easier logistically, but I am not sure he is going to let me! He hates wearing the diaper and loves wearing big boy undies!

Jackson has been asking and asking for a treehouse. Daddy looked up some plans and decided to go get some wood and get started! Jackson is super excited and can't wait for it to be done!

Jackson, did you drink some red powerade?

Checking out the view!

Such a monkey!

It is getting close to Easter and that means it is time for Cadbury eggs! I loved these as kid but can't even stand to watch them be eaten as an adult. Well, guess who loves them? Both my boys!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring = Sports!

Spring is defintely a busy time with sports in our family. Jackson has both soccer and tball right now, so he has soccer practice every Tuesday night with a game every Saturday morning and tball practices/games usually 2 days a week. It is busy but Jackson loves it! In school, Jackson has started the first steps in reading by learning site words. He is only supposed to learn 1 word a week, but he is already up to 20 words. We go through his flashcards every night and then when we read his book before bed, I make him read any site word that he comes to. It started out as a little bit of struggle and he didn't want to do it, but now that he has learned so many and his confidence has boosted, he loves doing it. I am so proud of him!! We also have a Kindergarten workbook that he has to do 10 pages of homework each day. Jackson absolutely loves math and it seems to come very easy to him. I have to force him to do 8 pages of writing/reading and then let him pick out 2 math pages as a reward. He is learning so much and I have no doubt that he will be ready to start Kindergarten next year!!

I was a little nervous about moving Jackson up a league because I didn't want him to lose his confidence by playing with a bunch of older boys, but he did great and scored 3 goals his first game!
Beckett gets dragged to all of his big brother's games. I actually think he will be even more of an athlete than Jackson because he has always gravitated to balls/bats etc. He really wants to get out there and play with the big kids and doesn't quite understand why he can't!

The boys on Jackson's team are very sweet with him and help me keep him entertained. Beckett really wanted to wear a jersey like the other boys, so we let him wear Jackson's away jersey. We put it over a coat so he looked like a little linebacker!!

Go get it Jackson!!
Next up is tball! This is actually Jackson's last season of tball and next Spring will be moving up to the big leagues! He has been playing with some of these kids for 3 seasons now. Next year he will get assessed and based on how he does, he will be assigned a number. It is then like a draft and the coaches will pick their team. It is sad to think he won't be with his buddies next season!!
Jackson did great his first game! He played pitcher and actually made a quadruple play when the kids on the other time got confused and all tried to run to the same base. Jackson just tagged them all out!

Jackson also went 2/2 off the pitch!!
Beckett loves hanging out with the boys after the games. I think he feels like a big boy and will get right in there next to them.
My sweet boy. He is so funny! He wants to do everything the big kids do. He loves to play sword fighting and is really into Power Rangers right now. I am certain that Jackson had no clue what a Power Ranger was at this age, but I guess that's what happens when you are the little brother!!

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod! For whatever reason, both my children love to get muddy and then take their clothes off. It has been getting warmer but was still a little chilly, so they decided to keep their shirts on :)

Just like his big brother, Beckett is obsessed with shoes. Has to pick out his own pair every morning. Unfortunatley, he now wants to wear his big brother's shoes.

Funny goobs. He sees me wearing glasses in the morning, so he had to put his glasses on as well.

I took Jackson downtown with a couple of his buddies to see the play "Shrek". Jackson loves going to the city and is always mezmerized by the big buildings!

I was so proud of how well Jackson behaved. He sat politely and watched the entire play. His friends, however, were unable to do so. He really is a sweet, well behaved boy :)

The Shrek crew!

My all American boy has decided to pick up archery. Hilarious!

Beckett is still much more cautious than Jackson ever was, but he starting to get a little bolder. He loves to climb everything and will use pretty much anything as a stepstool. He will move kitchen chairs clear across the house to try to get to something. He has also started climbing out of his crib at night. We had 1 night that he must have climbed out 15 times. I kept picking him up and putting him back in without saying a word. He finally gave up around 11. Another difference between Jackson and Beckett is he is much easier to punish and seems to "get it" a lot more than Jackson did at this age. It only took 1 night and he hasn't climbed out since. It took us 2 weeks to get Jackson to stop! Time out also seems to be very effective with Beckett. Jackson couldn't care less about time out!!

We are loving the warmer weather and hope that spring is finally here to stay!
Oh Beckett! He was of course playing in the mud and then got wet. He does not like to be wet, so he took his pants off. He cracks me up!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Again?

This post is a hodge podge of all the posts I am behind on, so bear with me! We had another ice/snow storm right before Valentine's day, but this time the city was prepared! School/work was cancelled, so we were all able to enjoy the fun! The first day was nothing but ice. It was crazy! Our driveway and trees were covered in it to the point that we had our very own ice rink! It was so slippery, we were able to do a little laundry basket sledding!:)

The kids loved it! Beckett didn't quite understand why he kept falling on the driveway, so I pretty much had to carry him everywhere.

This was the ice on the trees. It was really so beautiful to look at and hear as it would clink in the wind.

Every rail of our fence was covered with icicles.

Beckett thought they were delicious!

That night, the snow came! We woke up to the perfect wet snowball and snowman making snow! Jackson was up at 7 and we were out the door by 7:30 am!

Snowball fight!

Next on our Olaf from the movie Frozen.

Jackson and Beckett did a great job rolling the snowball while I sculpted.

And here he is :)

It was a good thing we came out as early as we did because by the afternoon, the snow was gone.

At the end of the week came Valentine's day! Jackson did such a great job filling out all of his Valentine'cards forhi

Jackson did such a great job filling out all of his friend's names and signing them. He picked out Hello Kitty with a bracelet for the girls and Star Wars with a light saber for the boys.

Beckett and candy...oh how they love eachother :)

Just what he wanted! Tenkai Knights!

And of course, Pete the Cat :)

Beckett also got some legos and books, but as soon as he saw the candy, that was all he cared about!

I put this picture in because it is amazing what a little water will do to this kids hair! Every night after his bath, it is super curly and then after he lays on it all night, it straightens. I decided to start wetting it in the am, and this is the end result!

After Valentine's day, we headed into winter break. Since we changed our minds about going on a ski trip with friends, we decided to make the most of our time at home and head to the circus! I think this is the 3rd time Jackson has been to the circus, and he loves it every time!

Beckett was also mezmerized. I don't think he moved! The snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy also helped with that :)

Jackson and his snow cone

We couldn't leave without a souvenir! Jackson picked out a laser gun.

Beckett picked out a motorcycle.

Jackson and I also went on a date to see the Lego Movie in 3D. This is the first 3D movie we have see and it was great! Jackson loved every minute!

The weather here has been crazy with 60-70 degree days in between 40 degree days, so we have made the most of every warm day with lots of parks and playing outside! It is so nice to have a big driveway for the kids to play on!

Beckett decided to give Jackson a little push. Jackson was yelling the entire time and looked like a gladiator.

My funny goobs. He came running out after us with this helmet and his sword. You can tell he has an older brother!

And this is what happens when you leave boys at their own devices for 5 minutes. They find the mud! On another note, we are so proud of Jackson! He has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We tried one day and the next day he was zipping around like a pro! The following day he was building ramps! We have started our spring sports and Jackson is very busy with tball and soccer. We usually play soccer at the church, but this year we decided to try something new. We joined SSA and daddy is his coach! We ended up playing him up an age, so he could play with some of his friends. I was a little nervous, but his first game, he scored 3 goals! I was so proud of him!!