Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Summer!!!

 Summer is here and we couldn't be more excited!! I, as usual, am totally behind on blogging, so this is going to be a whirlwind! Beckett has worked really hard this year with his tutor Mrs. Sarah. He has made such progress and we couldn't be prouder of his efforts! He loves Mrs. Sarah and will work with her this summer. Here he is playing one of his letter games. Beckett will repeat Pre-K next year to give him a little extra help. We are hopeful that is all he will need but are committed to do whatever we need to do to help him reach is fullest potential!!
 Some of these pics are out of order, but I am just going with it! Beckett hit a homerun in one of his tball games and go the game ball!
 Not only was this a sweet picture from my sweet boy, but I just love how far he has come with his coloring skills!
We finally put up Beckett's Christmas present. Let me tell you, it was not easy! Mommy and Daddy were working into the night in the rain to get it up, but we did it!
 Beckett is pretty good at it!
 So much fun!
 Becket finished up his soccer season at fuse. He did so well this season!
 My little soccer champ!
 Beckett and his buddy Grayson. They could be twins!
What a surprise! Jackson won 2nd grade champ in chess this year! Super proud of him!!
 We all got together to celebrate Noni's birthday. Happy Birthday to the best Noni in the world!!
 We spent Mother's Day weekend at Serenbe. I actually was presenting at a retreat for Mom's. This was the first time we have ever been there and it was AMAZING! It was so relaxing and the kids had so much fun just running around and playing outside all day!
 Mother's Day pics with my loves.
 They have a petting zoo. Here is Jackson with the llamas.

 They had tons of goats!

Horses for horseback riding
These are the ladies that put on the retreat. While we were "retreating", the boys took care of 11 children!! They rented a golf cart and the kids had a blast!!

We then headed back home to have a beautiful Mother's Day brunch made buy Uncle Brad. The kids swam and did a little sunbathing.
Not a lot of relazing for these 2!!!
My mother's day present from Jackson. I love his sarcasm :)
Painting from my sweet boy.
Book from my big boy.

Beckett had his end of the year t-ball party and got his trophy. The trophy is by far his favorite part!!

This is Beckett with  his friend Kate. I just love this pic of the two of them!
We have had a lot of baseball tournaments and Jackson has made a lot of sweet friends. To kill some time in between games, we decided to head to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This is Jackson and his buddy Graham.
Jackson had his end of the year recital. He was a mouse and I was super impressed with all of his dance moves!
And his musical skills..
Moves like jagger!!

My little mouse. Love that face to pieces!!
It's end of the year time, so we got a book showing all the highlights of Beckett's year. I found this one particularly entertaining!!
Last day of 2nd grade. I just cannot believe I have a third grader!! This year went by so fast and there are so many wonderful memories. It was a great year and this kid is ready for the 3rd grade!! 3rd grade is when the school work starts to kick it up a notch. I know he will do great!
This one may not be going on to Kindergarten next year, but I know he will do just fine and there are big things in store for this one! Watch out world!!
Sweet brothers!
Beckett with Mrs. Smith. I feel so blessed that Beckett went to Walker this year. He has such an amazing team behind him. Between Sarah, Mrs. Smith, and Kristin, I just know Beckett will be able to reach the stars!!!
Beckett's end of the year gift for working so hard. He of course picked a battle ship!
Pool party!
We opted for a sundae bar instead of cupcakes this year. Bit hit!
This one was worn out after all the fun! He took a 3 hour nap!!
We had a baseball tournament Memorial Day weekend. After our win, we headed to Ice Cream Social for some ice cream!
Celebrating their victory!
In baseball tournaments, there is a lot of waiting. After the pool play, you have to wait until all the games are over to see where you are seeded and what time you play next. Depending on your seed, you could have to play that night or the next day. You'd think the boys would be exhausted, but his is how they wasted time! Playing football!!
Beckett is lucky that there are several younger siblings his age, so he actually loves going to the baseball games. Here he is with his buddy Kate.
It wasn't easy getting pics of Jackson during the games. This was him running back to 2nd after a foul ball. He did so great this tournament! He had several RBIS. He did get hit in the head with a pitch, which scared me to death! Thank God for helmets because he said he didn't even feel it!
We lost the tournament in the Semifinals and headed home to host a Memorial Day cookout. It started out rainy, but the sun came out and the kids swam until 9 pm. Love all these sweet friends.

Mommy and Daddy got to get all dressed up for a wedding. It has been a LONG time since we have gone to a wedding!

Well, I think I am kind of caught up. I still have a lot of random pics to post. Now that it is summer, maybe my blogging will pick up!