Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visit from Texas and Indiana!

This past weekend we had a wonderful visit from Grandma Cindy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Rachel. We had so much fun, but it was definately too short! We took Jackson to the zoo, hung out in our old stopping grounds Atlantic Station, and walked around the Marietta Square.  It has been a while since Jackson had seen my family, but he warmed up to everyone very quickly as if they were here all the time. I guess pointing them all out in pictures really does help! The first picture is Granny and Jackson at the zoo looking at the elephants. Jackson was mezmerized!

Another favorite of Jackson's is feedng the birds. It is a big room with birds flying around everywhere.  Daddy and Uncle Mike decided to sit this one out :)

Come on birdie!

Aunt Rachel and Jackson looking at the girraffe. It was amazing how active all the animals were this visit. Giraffes are now one of Jackson's favorites. He loves to point to them in his Jungle Tumble book.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike showing Jackson the gorillas.  Jackson also loves monkeys!!

Jackson and me taking a ride on the choo choo in Atlantic Station.

Family pic in front of the fountain! Thanks for a wonderful visit!! We miss you and can't wait to see you again soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silly Boy

Jackson is such a silly boy! He is always smiling and always doing crazy things that make us laugh. He is becoming more of a little boy as opposed to a baby each day. Not only is Jackson obsessed with balls and climbing everything, but he is also obsessed with books. He will grab a book, plop down on your lap, and listen to the story.  The only bad part for mommy and daddy is that he wants you to read the same book 10 times! His favorites right now are The Hungry Catepillar, Jungle Tumble, No No Noah, Five Silly Monkeys, and  Curious George Goes To The Zoo.  He loves books that involve counting and now has started counting. He will sit in his carseat and count his toes, which is so funny.  Now when I say counting, it is Jackson counting. Ever number is "doe" but he will change the inflection in his voice like I do when I count to him.  The first picture is Jackson on the train in the square. He wanted to sit on top and ring the bell  like all the other kids. Jackson loves trains just like his daddy did. He recently got a train lamp from his Gigi so every morning when he sees it he says choo choo.

I have been trying to get pictures of Jackson in this courtyard in the square, but it is always closed. It was open the other day so I took a couple of shots.  My picture taking ability definately doesn't do it justice!

I wish the box office sign wasn't in the shot...

Like I said....silly boy.  I had to get a quick pic before I told him he wasn't supposed to drink from Emma's bowl.

After he drank the water, he looked up at me and said "Ahhhhhh". Emma is patiently waiting her turn. At least he wasn't eating her food.

I was making dinner and I kept hearing Jackson grunting and struggling to walk. I looked over and found out why....he had try to take his pants off.  This has also become a new thing. He likes to take his pants off everywhere! For all you American Idol fans think of the song "Pants on the Ground".

Last weekend we went to Jackson's friend Jordan's 2nd birthday party. Jackson had so much fun playing with the giant bubbles!

Let's go swimming!

Jackson is so excited because Grandma Cindy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike and Aunt Rachel are coming to visit tomorrow. He can't wait to see you guys!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ducks, Turtles, and Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all! I had a wonderful mother's day which started with daddy making me breakfast. We then spent the morning feeding the ducks and playing at the park. This first picture is of Jackson pointing at all the ducks. I had to keep my eye on that goose that kept creeping up on Jackson.

Jackson pointing at the turtle that was basking in the sun. Jackson was actually able to touch it's shell!

We had bread to feed the ducks, but Jackson thought the duck would want a stick like Emma does.

Happy 2nd mother's day! I had to get a picture holding Jackson in the rocking chair like I did last mother's day. It is amazing what a year does!

Jackson was being so funny! He kept going to different spots and posing for the camera. Sitting on our front steps.

Posing in front of the door.

Posing in front of mommy.

I had to get a picture of our bedtime routine. Daddy will read Jackson several stories before I brush his teeth and put him to bed. It is just so cute! Jackson loves story time!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little stranger anxiety

Well, we have entered the stranger anxiety stage. Everytime we go somewhere now Jackson is sure to clinging to my our daddy's legs. It doesn't take him long to warm up, but it can be a little akward depending on what mommy is wearing. We went to a friend of Jackson's birthday party this weekend and I wore a cotton dress. Well, as soon as I put him down, he was running for the cover of my dress. Luckily I was able to manuever him out from under it before we were asked to leave for indecent exposure! We had a wonderful week with visits from Aunt Glo, Great Granddaddy and Peebo. Here are some pics. The first pic is Jackson and Mary in the ball pit. I was tickling both of them and they would just laugh! Jackson now says his version of Mary. As soon as we go over the railroad tracks to get to Brad and Kiera's house he starts saying Mamee. It is too cute!

Jackson and Mary heading up the stairs.
Watch out Aunt Sarah. Your bluebird record for eating the rice the fastest with chopsticks may be broken soon!
It never ceases to amaze me the things Jackson likes to eat. He loves all fruits, hummus, homemade ceasar salad dressing, salsa, anything with garlic, and spicy tuna rolls! It just goes to show you that you just have to let them try it and you will be surprised what they will like.
We went to the square to play on the train and Jackson met this little boy.  He loved to help Jackson get off the slide, climb on the bricks, and chase him around. Jackson would follow him everywhere and try to do whatever he was doing. It is always funny to me how Jackson always seems to gravitate to the older boys and want to do whatever they are doing.
The farmer's market started this weekend so we went up there in the wagon. Jackson loves strawberries so I bought him a pint. He ate more strawberries than I have ever seen him eat! I was so excited because I am growing strawberries in my garden. We had been checking on one juicy berry all week. The day I thought it would be perfect to let Jackson pick, some other creature had the same idea. It was gone!

After about a pint of strawberries. Delicious!

Jackson sure does love his Great Granddaddy. He would go and play for something for a minute and then run back to sit on his lap. It was so sweet!

He also loves his Peebo! We had the best visit with you guys and miss you already! Come back soon!!