Friday, May 6, 2016

Spring Sing, Cancun, and Muffins with Mom!

 We are winding down the school year, which I just can't believe! Beckett only has 1 more week of school and Jackson has 3. With the end of the year approaching, it also means end of the year festivities. Beckett has his spring sing. Of course, it was on a day that I worked, but I blocked my schedule for an hour, so I could see this little one perform.
 He did great! He sang all the words and did all the moves! There is nothing sweeter than a bunch of 4 year olds singing!!
 My little ham!
 This one always has some sort of boo boo. This was a face plant on the soccer field....he wasn't even playing. He was "watching" his brother...
 This one also loves to climb trees! If ever you can't find him, just look in a tree!
 We had our first swim this season. Jackson was the only one brave to take the plunge. He said it was cold, but not too bad.
 This one can also fall asleep just about anywhere...
 Regular season baseball has come to an end and we are getting geared up for all stars. Jackson had a great season! He has improved so much and really puts his whole heart into it. Daddy and I went to Cancun with some friends, so we missed the tournament. We received updates the entire time and Greg even face timed in for the huddle at the end of the game. We beat the 2nd seeded team 14-13 but lost in the third round 15-10. Jackson had a triple, double, and single and a slide head first into 2nd base to be safe. He threw several people out and even tagged a runner going into home. This is how he usually looks after a game...full of dirt! I know Daddy was sad to miss it because multiple people told him he played his best game. Luckily, Noni and Granddaddy were there to cheer him on!
 My friend Brandy sent me pics and video of all Jackson's hits which was so sweet! She even sent me a pic of this munchkin :)
 Cancun! We celebrated Angie's 40th at an all inclusive hotel in Cancun. We left Saturday and came back Tuesday. Noni and Granddaddy held down the fort while we had an amazing couple days away. The resort was beautiful and the weather was perfect! It could not have been a better trip!
 All dressed up and ready for dinner. What was great about this all inclusive was there were restaurants to choose from.. It was so nice to not have to go to a buffett!
 We took a job to their outdoor mall. It was actually really nice. They had high end stores like Prada, Tiffany's, Gucci, etc. The prices were not any better in Mexico, so we didn't make any purchases, but it was fun to look! It was a little strange to see armed guards with automatic weapons standing outside the stores!
 Great friends! We had such an amazing time! Thanks Noni and Granddaddy for taking such good care of our boys, so we could enjoy this time together!
 Beckett went on his first bike ride and did great! We are getting him ready for riding his bike to Noni's beach. He can't wait!
 Jackson wanted to stop at Anna's to see if Nate was home. He wasn't, but Sam was. He decided to escort us back home. He is just so sweet with Beckett!!
 Muffins with mom! Both boys had it on the same day and of course, it was on a workday. It took some logistics and I was late to work, but I made it to both of them! This is the pic that Jackson drew of me. I have quite a nose!
 My sweet boy. I can't believe he is almost done with first grade!
 This were hanging up and we had to guess which one was ours. I picked out Jackson's right away!
 Jackson also made me this beautiful corsage and put it on me. So sweet!!
 Jackson wrote this for me. Each child brought their mommy up to the front and sat us in a chair. They then read their book. I of course cried like a baby which made the other mom's cried. When I sat down, one of the boys said, "None of the Dad's cried." :)

 Love this kid to pieces! He makes me so proud everyday! He has such a kind, tender heart. He is determined, competitive and I know he will be able to do anything he sets his mind to.  I am so blessed to be his mommy.
 Next, it was a race to Beckett's! Jackson's was from 8-8:45 and Beckett's started at 9. I was supposed to start seeing patients at 9, but decided they were just going to have to wait. I was only able to stay for 15 minutes, but Beckett was sure happy to see me! I was about 1 hour behind that day and didn't get home until 8 pm, but it was worth it! They took pics of the kids each season. I can't believe how blonde Beckett's hair was in the summer!
 This is Beckett on his first day of school. All of these pics are going into a book for the end of the year. I can't wait to see it!
 Mommy, take my picture!
 Beckett's gift to me was bath salts with his sweet face on it.
 God sure did bless me when he brought this ham into my life! He is my little entertainer and is always making us laugh. His teacher told me that she thought he would make a great actor! Who knows! He is my cuddler and I love our early morning snuggles. God has great things in store for this one! I love you my sweet Beckett!
 These are always my favorite. I love that he thinks I am 6 years old!!
His masterpiece of me. :)