Sunday, August 23, 2015

School is Back in Session!

 Both kiddos are back in school! I was a little worried about being able to get back into a routine, but the kids adjusted with no problem. Before school, Jackson and I went to Walker WOW day. That is when he gets to meet his teachers, get his walker gear, etc. Jackson picked out what he was going to wear and decided he should wear "church clothes" to meet his teachers. :)
 Jackson was SUPER excited to start first grade. Having his own locker is definitely one of the highlights!
 Not only does he get his own locker, but he also has his own super cool desk!
 Each classroom has a smart board. Here is Jackson moving his frog onto the lilly pad.
 Jackson with Mrs. Woods and Mrs. P. Sorry the pic is so fuzzy. Not sure what happened. Jackson's teachers are amazing! I can tell it is going to be a great year!!
 The first day arrived. Jackson was so excited he woke up at 5:45am!! I had him go back to sleep in our bed and told him I would wake him up at 6:45. His head popped up at 6:47 and he yelled, "Mommy, I was supposed to be up at 6:45!" So excited to be a big first grader!!
 Somebody else was ready to go to school! Beckett picked out his own back pack this year and I don't think he has taken it off since he got it!

Wears it all day!
 This was a sweet picture that Mrs. Kristin sent us. Jackson and Jack were sad not to be in the same class this year, so it was sweet to see them playing on the playground together.
 Finally time for Beckett's meet and greet and popsicles on the playground. As we pulled in, he kept asking me if I would stay. This time I was able to say yes! The little boy in the corner is Henry. Jackson and Henry's older brother, Charlie, were in this same class together 3 years ago. Same room, same teachers. It was like deja vu!
 Having fun meeting some new friends!
 All smiles! If only that smile would have lasted....

Here is Beckett on his first day when he found out I would not be staying with him.
We had Jackson's parents night this week and we had to try to find which picture was our childs. It was not too difficult..

 Beckett has become quite the little driver! He loves to drive the 4 wheeler all over the place. He still makes me a little nervous, so he has to wear a helmet to drive this one.
 We had our annual walker back to school pool party. This year we had 75 people come. Here are the kids checking out the bouncy.
 Despite the fact that our house is a construction zone and the lifeguards cancelled at the last minute, it was a great event!
 Luckily everyone seemed to be pretty good swimmers, so the lifeguards not showing up was not that big of a deal.

 Jackson entertaining his friends...
 Here they are! Walker Class of 2027!!
 We couldn't have a Walker party without some Wolverine cupcakes.
How many kids can this jumpy hold?

Once we found out the lifeguards cancelled, we decided to have Beckett go with Greg to baseball practice. He had a great time helping coach and made it home just in time for cupcakes. :) We are so excited about this school year for both Jackson and Beckett. I think they are going to have great years!!

Friday, August 14, 2015


 Well summer is over and we saved the best for last! My sister and her family came in on Friday and stayed through Tuesday. We had the best time! When I told Jackson that his cousins Nathan and Katie were coming during this visit, he said, "Finally!" Before they arrived we decided to head to the Tellus museum to see the dinosaurs! I think climbing the rock outside was the highlight of the trip. :)
 Panning for jewels. Always a favorite!
 Time to find some dinosaur bones!
 Future astronaut?
 Oh Beckett......
 We also celebrated the Adair boys birthdays. Ryan is Beckett's "baseball buddy." He loved picking out his present and couldn't wait to give it to him! We just got our teams for this year, and we are sad that Jackson and RJ are not on the same time. Good thing is they go to our church, so Beckett will still get to see his buddy!!
 Beckett giving Ryan his present. I thought it was so sweet until Beckett had a meltdown because he couldn't open it and play with it :(
 Warming up our painting skills for the school year!
 This is a favorite post dinner game. The boys ride their bikes or 4 wheelers around the pool and try to beat eachother around the turn.
 Finally the time had come for cousins to arrive! Unfortunately, we had a little snafoo with the airport pick up. First of all, they forgot about them resulting in an hour late pick up time. Then, they did not have the booster seat that they were supposed to have. Finally, they took them to our old address!! Needless to say, we will not be using their service again. They did try to make it up to us by giving us 50% off.

 They made it! Time to head to our favorite lunch spot...Taqueria Tsunami! Cousins sharing cheese dip :)
 Picture in front of the fountain! Guess who didn't want to cooperate?
 Funny Beckett. This is how he likes to eat his granola bars. He likes to pick out all the chocolate chips first. While he gets the chocolate out, he lines them up on his leg and then eats the rest.

 We spent a lot of time swimming in our pool, but the Georgia heat started to be a little much for these Indiana folks. We decided to do a little bowling!
 I got this mom!
 Since Katie is almost 14, we were able to convince her to watch the kids one night while the adults when downtown for dinner. We went to optimist and had a great time. To reward her, we made her favorite dessert....smores.
 My sister made mint infused simple syrup for mojitos for us, so we decided to use the rest to make lemonade for the kids. They LOVED it! They really thought they were getting something special. Somehow, they started calling it moonshine ?!?! We really don't know where that came from, but hopefully, it will not be repeated!!
 Poor Coraline dropped her smore. She makes the best sad face!!
 Such a fun trip! The kids played so well together and really had a great time!
 My girlfriend Christine is renting a condo in Buckhead, so she invited some of us for a girls night. Sarah came along and we hit the town! I can't remember the last time we were able to go out together!!
Swimming, swimming, and more swimming. I think this night was the highlight for Nathan. Nighttime swimming. He thought that was the greatest thing ever! I am so glad they were able to make another trip to Atlanta, and we can't wait until the next one! We love all of you!!!