Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Time!!

 The Nesmith boys are ready for Halloween! This year we have Bobo Fett and and Ninja! Beckett cannot wait to go trick or treating. Last year he was still a little too young to understand, but is ready this year! This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, so fingers crossed Halloween will be equally as nice. Bonus this year is that it is on a Saturday, so the kids can stay up late!!
 My little "Inja" as Beckett says. :)
 Happy 3rd birthday Ben! We celebrated Ben's special day with a fun little birthday party at Chick fila. My boys love Chick fila so it was perfect! They even had a special visit from the cow!
 Beckett's favorite cream!
This was a sweet picture that Kristin sent me of Jackson and his buddy Jett reading together. :)

This was a funny picture of Beckett playing at Jackson's last fall baseball game. His team tried really hard but lost in the first 2 games of the tournament. They had a great time and Jackson has learned so much! Can't wait for Spring ball!
 Jackson has now lost 4 teeth! Unfortunately, none have come in so he has zero teeth in the front of his mouth right now!
 We made our annual trip to Burt's Pumpkin patch! It is quite a drive to get there but we love the variety of pumpkins. They have huge pumpkins, blue pumpkins, pink pumpkin, white pumpkins, etc.
 The boys picked out all the pumpkins. Jackson chose a yellow one first.
 Beckett loved running around all the pumpkins, His criteria for a good pumpkin was if he could pick it up over his head.
 We always get one really big pumpkin and here he is!
 LOVE these boys!!
 Beckett found one!
 Family shot!

Sweet brothers
 We met the Wonders there this year and the kids had a great time together!
 Jackson found our blue pumpkin!
 Sweet friends....
 It was a big weekend for this little guy as he had his first flag football game! Despite the fact that he kept calling it baseball, he did great!
 Jackson was super proud to help assistant coach with daddy.
 I'm ready! Put me in coach!!
 Running like a pro!
 Football is awesome!

Whew! I'm thirsty!
Going in for the late tackle..
This is Beckett on his touchdown run....squeezing through the defensive line....
Running super fast with brother Jackson cheering him on....


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

North Carolina!

 We had an amazing time in the North Carolina mountains for fall break! We planned on leaving Friday right after Jackson got out of school to beat the traffic. I loaded up the boys and the plan was to pick daddy up at his Woodstock office and hit the road. Well, his procedures were a little behind, so we had some time to spare. We decided to head to Target to entertain ourselves. We hit the Halloween section and the boys loved trying on all the masks.
 Scary football Beckett.
 This was Beckett's favorite. Sweet teddy bear. Daddy was finally done, so we hit the road a little later than planned. We were meeting the Moffett's and Wonders there. They also had a later start, so we made reservations at a recommended restaurant for 8:30 near our house to meet up.
 After a much longer drive than anticipated, we made it! I must say I was quite impressed with all the children. We were at a nicer Italian restaurant, the kids had been in the car for 4 hours, and it was 8:30. They were so well behaved and sat at their own table while the adults ate ate at a separate table.
 We stayed in a beautiful house right on Lake Towaway. Once we arrived at the house, the excitement hit the children. There were up until 2 am playing with eachother. Crazy!!! This is Jackson's "girlfriend" Mary. Mary really wanted Jackson to sleep with her....we quickly nixed that!!
 The next day was a rainy day unfortunately, but the kids still had a great time playing with eachother. We went out to lunch and then headed to the local farmer's market. This was our view from our house. It was beautiful!
 This was too funny. I went to check on Beckett and he was in the basement den by himself cutting a mean rug!
 I tried to catch a picture of Beckett. It was raining a little, so he kept putting his shirt over his head to keep the raindrops away.Stinker quickly pulled his shirt back down when I got out my phone.
 Not only was the house beautiful, but it also came with a concierge who was also a babysitter. Bonus! Saturday night we made the kids dinner and then headed out for a adult tapas dinner. :)
 The next morning was gorgeous, so we hit the trails! Apparently we stayed in an area that has the most waterfalls, so we headed out to see one.
 Beautiful mountains.
 Beckett, of course, did not want to pose for the picture, but I snapped a photo of him to prove he was there!
 Sweet Mary and Jackson.
 Beckett and Jackson really wanted to hike further down the mountain, but we were running out of time. Where we stayed there was a country club, fishing, tubbing, boat rentals etc.We will certainly come back one weekend in the summer. It looks like so much fun!
The kids climbed up this little mountain and then we had some good old fashion vine swinging! Reminds me of my childhood...
 Beckett found a mushroom and was happy to pose with his find :)
Beautiful waterfall. Such a fun little weekend. We could have stayed longer but it was the perfect little trip. Can't wait to go back in the summer to enjoy the lake!

This is the picture that Jackson drew of his story. His story was about him and Mary, of course, making a volcano. The picture is of him and Mary sitting next to a volcano roasting marshmallows. Two sweet stories. Jackson and I were driving to school and he said, "Mary is the nicest person I have ever met." On the way to the mountains, we stopped to pick up some food. We were looking at the brownies Jackson ran over with a gluten free brownie mix. He said we had to get this version, so Mary could eat them. So sweet!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fun at the Fair!

 I am losing my mind! I thought I posted these fair pics 2 weeks ago!! I went to post a blog about our fall break and realized that I never posted these!! Well, we had a great time at the fair 2 weeks ago. Lucky for us, our kids don't really enjoy the rides, so we spent our fair experience playing games and seeing the animals. I am actually glad my kids didn't want to ride the rides because there is something creepy about getting on a roller coaster that wasn't there the day before!!
 Every kid wins! It is certainly not like Legoland games and the prize you win was nothing to write home about, but it was fun!

This was hilarious! This was a huge slide!! They climbed all the way to the top and decided to ride down together. This is how they landed.
 Jackson loved bouncy around on this trampoline. His favorite part was flipping back and forth.

So high!!

 Next stop was seeing all the animals! Beckett loved feeding the goats!
 Who knew petting rabbits could be so fun?
 Next stop.....riding a camel!!
 I was a little worried Beckett was going to get scared and try to jump off of it, but he loved it! It was so funny to watch him bounce up and down...
Jackson holding on tight!

He looks a little nervous....
 Ahhhh...much better. A pony!
 Again I was super impressed that Beckett listened and didn't try to leap off the horse.
 Uh oh! We are in trouble!!

You can't go to the fair without eating something horrible for you. My kids chose slushies :)
Just a random picture of Beckett. He found Jackson's old knight costume and was running around fighting "bad guys". Kid cracks me up! Last weekend we spent a wonderful weekend with friends at Lake Toxaway. Pics to come! Kids are getting super excited for Halloween. Their costumes are on their way and they can't wait!

Jackson finished up the Lacrosse season strong! He had a great time and I think next year we will join the Marietta League. We had Jackson's first parent teacher conference. He is doing great! They are on a 2nd grade curriculum for everything. He is doing so well in Math, that his teachers are going to send home some more advanced problems. Writing is wear he struggles a little bit. He still writes some letter backwards and often drops the vowels when he is trying to spell a word. All in all we couldn't be prouder of our sweet first grader!!