Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Catch Up Time!!!

 I have been so bad recently with blogging, so I have a hodge podge of catch up. The weekend we go back from Disney, there was a threat of snow! We were so excited. We invited some friends over to get snowed in together. Here is Jackson cleaning the floors to get ready for our friends!
The snow was supposed to come in the evening, so we heated up the hot tub to be able to watch it come down.  We waited....and waited...and waited.
 The 4-6 inches predicted turned into a 1/2 inch of ice. The kids still made the most of it though!
 Jackson and Carter.
 There was quite a bit of ice so they used their green machines to slide all over the driveway.
When they got too cold, they came inside and we were entertained by Ava and Beckett singing Jingle Bells.
 Jackson had his "Numbers About Me" week. That is the week when Jackson comes up with all sorts of numbers found in his life.
 I got this sweet pic from Kristin of Beckett and his buddy Clayton holding hands during the assembly.
 This one has become quite the lego builder! He is doing them pretty much by himself now!
 Mr. Popularity. Whenever Beckett goes to leave, all the kids run up to hug him. The little girl Myla told me she was going to marry Beckett. She then grabbed her bad and said she was coming with us!

 Someone sure loves their dog...
 Nerf gun war! I love Beckett's aiming face!
 Fun with friends!
 I am the social chair for the Children's Ministry Team at our church. For the Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, I had to make 200 iced heart shaped sugar cookies.
 Each month a class performs for the lower school during the assembly. This month was Jackson's and they performed a play about service dogs. Before the assembly, we go to go to the art room to see some of their drawings. This was Jackson's.
 A little bit out of order, but here is Jackson at his first buddy Aidan's house for a sleepover. They don't get to see each other that often anymore, but when they get together it's like they see each other everyday!
 Beckett got to have some fun cousin time! Here he is with Mary playing Heads Up.
 Now back to the assembly. Here is Jackson getting ready to say his lines. He did great!
 At the end of their skit, they had a real service dog come. This was right after the dog licked Jackson's face!
Sleeping beauty.
 To celebrate the close of basketball season, we went with some friends to the Hawks game.
 I think he enjoyed himself...
Time to decorate Valentine's boxes. Jackson wanted to make his into a penguin. I think he did a super job and actually won most creative box in his class. :)

 We had Beckett's preschool art show and look who was able to see all his creations! Noni!!!!
 This was so sweet! Beckett dedicated all of his art to his brother.
Here he is with his Stuart Little.

Family shot!

Box of chocolates made from clay, which is apparently Beckett's favorite art medium.
 Beckett and the Pandamonium! I never knew there was a book with is name in the title!
 Beckett's panda.
 This is Beckett's drawing of me. He told me I didn't have any hair because I was in the shower.....
 Beckett's train
 We are so lucky to have such an amazing art teacher at the preschool. It always amazes me what she can get these kids to do!
 And last but not least.

 Beckett also had to make decorate his Valentine's box. He wanted it to be a boat of course!

I finished my first season as Jackson's basketball coach. It was fun, but a lot of work. Jackson is quite the little basketball player and made the All Star Team! Way to go Jackson!!