Thursday, April 29, 2010


Two of Jackson's favorite things in the whole world....any kind of bouncy ball and climbing. No matter where we go Jackson will find a ball and will not stop saying ball until he has it safely in his hands. This makes the produce aisle at the grocery store quite difficult as every round fruit or vegetable is a perfect ball in Jackson's eyes. Not only does he love balls, but he loves to climb. He will climb anything and everything, which has resulted in a few tumbles. He has now figured out how to climb up ladders, so nothing is off limits from his curious hands.  There are quite a few pictures this week because I had to fit 2 weeks into 1 blog. The first picture is Jackson eating his yogurt with a spoon. He ate the entire bowl with very little mess!

He first mastered this little ladder at the park.
So proud!
This is how Jackson starts off every meal. He hold his fork tightly in his left hand and picks the food up with his right hand. Only when he is no longer starving will he take the time to use the fork.
Jackson and his buddy Nathaniel eating snack after an afternoon of swimming. Jackson loved it! He would place his face in the water and blow bubbles. I think it is time to repeat the swim lessons!

Setting up the tee ball for his swing.

Base hit! Base hit!

This past Saturday was rainy so we decided to head to Kangazoom. Jackson loves to go down the big slide!

Jackson climbing the ladder to the top of the big slide.

There they are way up there!

So much fun!

Slam dunk! Every hoop Jackson sees, no matter how tall, he wants to shoot the ball into the basket.

This was too cute. Jackson just sat down and started playing with this little girl. They just kept rolling the ball back and forth to eachother.

Sunday was the Taste of Marietta. It was a beautiful day and Jackson was able to enjoy his first ice cream cone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Well, we had a family filled productive week! We had a wonderful week long visit with Noni, Granddaddy, Aunt Glo and Uncle Joe. When family is in town, what better way to spend time together than multiple projects! We put shelves in the garage, stained our new deck, and built my garden. Greg and Joe built me a wonderful 10x5 foot garden. We planted strawberries, watermelon, red/green/yellow bell pepper, sweet banana peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, and rosemary. I am so excited! Jackson has been such a big helper watering the plants with mommy with the watering can that his Noni bought him. As far as Jackson, we have added another word...all done. Although it sounds more like all doe.  Enjoy!

Slam Dunk!

Who doesn't love a little game of Simon Says?

Let's get this stuff home and start planting!

We finally blew up the soccer pit that Aunt Sarah bought Jackson for his birthday. He has so much fun jumping into it!

Is this how I rake?

Aunt Glo teaching Jackson how to take care of the garden.

Ejoying a yogurt pop with daddy on our newly stained deck.

It has been so warm this week that I decided to see if Jackson would like to be squirted with the hose.  This picture is before the squirting. He hated it! I think the water was just a little too cold for his southern blood!

Jackson watering the vegetables!

Helping mommy pick some weeds. He would pick them and try to thrown them over the fence.

First ear of corn! He loved to chew on the cob. That must be the Indiana side of him :)\

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Jackson had a great Easter weekend. It started out with an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Kiera's. Jackson caught on very quickly, and by his third Easter egg hunt at the church, he was a pro! Jackson quickly learned that if he cracked the eggs open there was a delicious treat inside. We had another first this weekend....Jackson ate his first Reese's peanut butter egg. It was love at first bite! Jackson has also added another word to his vocabularly...Uh Oh. Evertime he drops anything he says it.  This first picture is Aunt Kiera's house after he smelled the pretty flowers.
Enjoying a delicious rice crispie treat before the big hunt. Also, a first for Jackson.

I am ready for the Easter egg hunt at Church!

Let me crack this egg open....

Look at all my eggs mommy and daddy!

Jackson and mommy on the church lawn.

We had to get a picture of Jackson on the church lawn like we did last year. Unfortunately, having him sit on the grass still is no longer a possibility. Second best option....daddy chasing him.

My two boys....
Family shot!
Jackson's favorite new game...jumping. He bends down and then tries to jump. His feet barely leave the ground, but he gets so proud of himself!
I love the Easter Bunny! Thanks Aunt Glo and Uncle Joe for my fancy white shoes. They completed my Easter outfit!
              Easter lunch at West Cobb Diner. Delicious!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt, Tea Party and More!

Well, we had a very busy week. It started with the completion of our new deck! The first picture is Jackson's first trip on it. I think he was most excited to see another set of stairs to climb up and down! It is so nice and convenient to get to our yard now! Daddy can rest easy knowing that neither Jackson nor Emma will ever have to be outside the confines of the fenced yard. Jackson also went on his first Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, we got there a little late and all the eggs were gone! There were, however, some broken eggs that Jackson had just as much fun picking up. We have 2 more Easter egg hunts so we will be sure to get there on time! Jackson also attended his first tea party. His friend Sarah turned 6 and had an all girl tea party.  The only boys allowed were Jackson and her brother Nathaniel. On a more masculine note, we also went to the car show this weekend. Jackson loved to climb all over the cars. Unfortunately, that night we met some friends for dinner and Jackson didn't understand why he couldn't crawl inside all the cars in the parking lot! We are gearing up for Easter! Jackson colored some Easter eggs and made some delicous Easter treats. As far as the word department, we have added another word...Hi! Here are the pics!

Half Easter eggs are just as good as whole ones!

I had to meet Jackson and daddy at the Easter egg hunt and daddy couldn't find Jackson's Easter basket. Luckily he found his Elmo bucket which did the trick!

Jackson at the tea party. At least it was a blue boa...

This is where I draw the line Mom! I will not put that hat on!!

The 2 dudes hanging out.

Jackson and daddy at the car show. I think Jackson liked the cars even more than daddy!

Jackson loved his balloon. This is a picture right before he let it go....he kept looking up at the sky and pointing :(

Coloring Easter eggs is so much fun!

Jackson putting some stickers on the eggs.

Hmmm...can I eat this?

Jackson quickly learned that if he cracked them open he could eat the center.

He also quickly learned that he did not like them!

Our delcious Easter treats! I am not going to comment on how many marshmallows Jackson ate :)