Thursday, April 29, 2010


Two of Jackson's favorite things in the whole world....any kind of bouncy ball and climbing. No matter where we go Jackson will find a ball and will not stop saying ball until he has it safely in his hands. This makes the produce aisle at the grocery store quite difficult as every round fruit or vegetable is a perfect ball in Jackson's eyes. Not only does he love balls, but he loves to climb. He will climb anything and everything, which has resulted in a few tumbles. He has now figured out how to climb up ladders, so nothing is off limits from his curious hands.  There are quite a few pictures this week because I had to fit 2 weeks into 1 blog. The first picture is Jackson eating his yogurt with a spoon. He ate the entire bowl with very little mess!

He first mastered this little ladder at the park.
So proud!
This is how Jackson starts off every meal. He hold his fork tightly in his left hand and picks the food up with his right hand. Only when he is no longer starving will he take the time to use the fork.
Jackson and his buddy Nathaniel eating snack after an afternoon of swimming. Jackson loved it! He would place his face in the water and blow bubbles. I think it is time to repeat the swim lessons!

Setting up the tee ball for his swing.

Base hit! Base hit!

This past Saturday was rainy so we decided to head to Kangazoom. Jackson loves to go down the big slide!

Jackson climbing the ladder to the top of the big slide.

There they are way up there!

So much fun!

Slam dunk! Every hoop Jackson sees, no matter how tall, he wants to shoot the ball into the basket.

This was too cute. Jackson just sat down and started playing with this little girl. They just kept rolling the ball back and forth to eachother.

Sunday was the Taste of Marietta. It was a beautiful day and Jackson was able to enjoy his first ice cream cone!


Aunt Glo said...

A baseball player and already attracting the out!!!

Kiera said...

Love the picture of Jackson and Greg on the slide - looks like they were having so much fun!