Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parties, Parades, and Pumpkins!

 What a busy 2 weeks we have had! It has been filled with birthday parties, parades, and a trip to the pumpkin patch! The first birthday party was a cowboy/cowgirl themed party. It was such a cute theme! The kids put on fake glasses and mustaches, face painted, and were even able to ride a horse. It was a perfect day and Jackson had the best time! Here is my silly boy with his heart shaped glasses!
They really got a kick out of putting on their "disguises"
My 2 cowboys :)
He sure does make a cute cowboy!
Meeting the horse that he was going to ride. The only horse Jackson has ever ridden in the past was a little miniature pony, so I wasn't sure if he was going to be brave enough to get on a full grown horse.
Getting on the horse! I had to walk around with him, but he rode it all by himself!
 We of course had football on Sunday and Jackson is really enjoying it. Here he is on his touchdown run. I love the intensity on his face!
 Who loves spaghetti....this guy!
 Beckett is growing up way to fast! He is crawling all over the place and trying to pull himself up on everything! We have had a few tumbles but nothing major so far!
 Look who wants to feed himself!
 On the move!
 We also went to the Marietta City School's parade. Jackson and his best buddy Aidan were so excited. They got a fooball, and of course, lots of candy!
 Beckett and Angie watching the festivities!
 This year we decided to drive a little further to Dawsonville, Ga to visit Burt's pumpkin patch.  It was well worth the hour drive and will definately be an annual event! They had the biggest pumpkins I have ever seen and the best hayride! My little pumpkin in a sea of pumpkins :)
2 Pumpkins! I could never get a picture of Beckett looking up!
We met our friends the Konop's and Harvey's and made a day of it! The kids had so much fun!!

I am so blessed to be the mommy of these incredible boys!! 
Hayride! This was the best hayride! It was about 20 minutes and was filled with pumpkins, sunflower fields, a covered bridge, and talking pumpkins!
Here are the kids listening to the pumpkins welcoming them Burt's pumpkin patch.
 Enjoying the beautiful scenery!
My handsome boy!
 Looking at all the ghosts in the covered bridge!
My second handsome boy!
Good practice for daddy! We had quite a load of pumpkins to get into our car!
Climbing on the pumpkins.
Beckett with 3 out of the 4 pumpkins we purchased....
 After the pumpkin patch, we decided to head down the road and climb Amicalola Falls, which is the largest waterfall in Georgia. It was beautiful!
 There were plenty of large rocks along the way for the kids to climb.
If you look to the left of the photo, you can see us posing in front of the falls.
175 steps later, I made it!

And this is what happens when you let a 3 year old pick out his pumpkin! I don't think we could have gotten a bigger one if we wanted to! Wish me luck on carving that thing!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall = Football!!

 Fall is in there and that means it is Football time! Jackson is officially on his first organized sport team. His team is the Red Falcons and he couldn't be prouder! This is a flag football team through our church. His little buddies Aidan and Nathaniel are on the same team and couldn't be cuter! The first game, Jackson was a little unsure. He scored a touchdown but once he got to the goal, the boy that was chasing him ran right into his head. He was a little unsure after that, but quickly shook it off and got back in the game. The second game was much better and Jackson scored 2 touchdowns and made 4 tackles! He is so funny when he runs! The entire time he runs with the ball, he will look backwards to make sure nobody is going to get his flag. We are working on that!
 Here they are huddled for the pregame prayer!
 Strategizing before the game.
 Practicing running from one end of the field to the next.
 And they are off! This is the start of Jackson's touchdown run!!
 The kids trying to get the flag off. Because of 3 and 4 year old coordination skills, it often times ends up a tackle :)
 We also made it to the Georgia State Fair this year! I wasn't too sure about it, but the kids had a blast! Peyton and Jackson riding the helicopters.
 Aidan initially wasn't too sure, but it didn't take him long to become a ride junky!
 Beckett just smiled the entire time!
 All 3 got to ride the elephants together!
On Beckett news.....he is officially a crawler and loves to try to pull himself up on everything. The next 3 pictures is what I watched when he was supposed to be taking a nap. Reaching for the bars.
 Getting ready to try to pull up.
 And....luckily he kept stepping on his sleep sac so he wasn't able to get all the way up. Needless to say, the crib has been lowered.
We are also so excited to welcome the newest member of our family! Sweet Gracyn Anne was born at a whopping 8 pounds 8 ounces! I was so lucky that I happened to be in Panama City on a girls weekend, so I got to meet her! She is absolutely perfect! Congratulations Cortney and Scooter! So many wonderful things await you!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Georgia Mountains!

Well, I am officially in my mid 30s! I have to give my husband props because he went above and beyond for my 35th birthday. It all started with a beautfiul necklace with my boys initials from Tiffany's and a delicious dinner out just the two of us. The next day, Greg had surprised me with a lunch brunch at the country club with my dearest friends. He also remembered that last year I told him I have not had a birthday cake for my birthday in a long time, so he remedied that with a delicious strawberry cake from Gabriel's! You would think that would be enough, but he also surprised me with a weekend in the mountains in the most beautiful cabin I have ever see with 3 of my dearest friends and my sisters. I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing, thoughtful husband. Thank you Greg for making this birthdy one I will never forget. I love you!! Now I need to brag a little bit about my oldest, Jackson. Jackson came home the other day with a certificate from school because he behaved in a good manner. He is doing so great in school this year and loves it so much! We are so proud of him and the big boy he is becoming! As far as Beckett, well, my world has officially turned upside down! He is mobile!!! Not only that, but he has also started saying "Da, Da" He is also trying to pull himself up on everything so I am sure we are going to have a few boo boos in the next couple of weeks. Despite his prematurity, he is doing great and we feel so blessed!
The ladies at my surprise birthday brunch! Love all these girls!
Georgia Mountains! I cannot tell you how wonderful our mountain weekend was! The kids had an absolute blast! They played beautifully together. I think the best part of the weekend was the acorn races. They gathered up a bunch of acors, and 2 people would stand on the top of the hill and let them fly. The kids at the bottom of the hill would then try to catch them before they tumbled by. They made up the game all by themselves and had a blast!
Aidan and Peyton getting cozy for their first night in the mountain.
 Sweet cousins! I was so happy to spend this weekend with my sisters. Coraline and Beckett got to spend some quality time together in the fresh air!
 The crew enjoying their morning coffee with a view! Best weekend ever!!
Toy swap!
Greg and Andrew. They should hit the road with their comedy routine!
Best husband ever!
Love you Angie!
 Sweet Sweet Coraline! I just could't get enough of that sweet smile!
 The cascading waterfall in front of the house. The kids loved jumping around all the rocks.
 Jackson was the boat and all the other kids were chasing after him. I am not sure what they called this game, but they were enjoying themselves!
Sweet friends! Check out Sam....he is making his move!
Relaxing in the gazebo.
 The boys finding acorns!
 Sitting around the firepit.
 Beckett loving on his daddy!
Dinner with a view :)
Sunset pic!
 <3 We love you Aunt Rachel! So happy we were able to enjoy this special weekend together!!
 Who is ready for some smores?
 Jackson roasting his first marshmallow.
Maggie is a smore pro!
Back in Atlanta the cousins got to take their first bath together! 
 You can hardly recognize Coraline without her signature hair do!
Trip to Atlanta wore Coraline out! We were so sad to see her go and can't wait for the next trip! We love you Coraline!!