Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Day!

 Last Friday was a Snow Day!! Beckett's school was cancelled and Jackson had only a half day. We waited all day for the snow to come down. It finally did, but not until about 9 pm that night. First thing when the boys woke up, they were ready to play in the little snow we got. Here they are making a sled for the dogs to pull them around in.
 Catching snow flakes!
 Snow angels!
 Not too bad for the little snow we had. :)
 This kid was so excited to see the snow! He said that since it snowed, we had to get all of our Christmas stuff back out.
 It was really cold! I think Beckett went into conservation mode....
 The dogs loved romping around in the snow! Unfortunately, the sled pulling was not so successful.
 So, we came out with a new way!
 A little game of snowball baseball.
 We decided to go bowling with our friends the Adairs. They have 3 boys. Ryan is Beckett's "Buddy".
 Whiile we waited for our lane to open up, we played a few games.
 Beckett's first time up! Super serious!
 He had to carry the ball all by himself.
 Jackson didn't want to use the ramp anymore. Growing up!
 This was cute. You put your picture up by your name. Then after each play, they put your head on different animals and people doing crazy stuff like jumping out of a plane.
 Here they are watching the video. I think this was the best part and cracked them up! They thought it was particularly funny if their heads were put on a girls body.
 This kid says the funnies things! He was helping me make dinner and while he was rinsing the green beans, he got a little wet. Beckett cannot have a drop of water on him. He immediately will take off whatever item is slightly damp. He took his shirt off, so I started to tickling him. He said,, "Mommy, stop touching me!" I asked him if I was bothering him and he said, "Yes, but we are still in love." :) He then said, "I love Mommy, Daddy, and Jackson, but I really love myself."
 Mommy and Daddy got to get all dressed up for the Crohn's and Colitis Gala. We had the best time with this crew!
This one.....he came running of the bathroom screaming, "I am the toilet monster!"

Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 2016!!!

 2016 has come and started with a blast! It has finally turned cold in Marietta, and we already can't wait for spring! Basketball has started. It is amazing the difference a year makes!! Beckett is getting geared up for his Walker interview to see if he will be attending there next year. The year has started out great and we are counting down the days until our Disney cruise in February!!
 I can't believe that the pizza place I grew up eating has made it's way to Georgia! Everyone loved it so much that Jackson actually ate leftover pizza the next day!!
 For New Years, we had some friends over for some snacks and a bonfire. We then walked down to the Marietta square for the first ball drop! We went to the kids ball drop, which was actually a bunch of cows dropping to the ground. Aftewards, we came home and the kids played while the adults enjoyed a fire! We didn't make it to midnight, but it was a great night! Here are the kids dancing until the ball drop.
 Moves like Jagger!
 Getting ready for the cow drop! We somehow missed the memo that you were actually supposed to purchase a cow at Chickfila before New Years. All those cows were then dropped to the ground, and if it landed on the bulls eye, you won chickfila for a year! Next year we will be ready!!
 Ringing in the New year with my favorite ladies. Beckett is obviously thrilled....
 Couldn't think of a better way to spend the start of the new year than with these amazing gals!!
 Noni and Granddaddy have finally upgraded their phones to smart phones, so the kids wanted to send them their first picture!
 We have really been working hard getting this guy ready for his Walker interview. He did his first lego with only a little help; from mommy. So proud of him!
 As you can see from the above pic, this boy needed to a haircut! He went to a big boy salon in the square!
 The finished product! Such a cutie!! :)
 This boy loves his light bright! It has changed quite a bit from the light bright that I did when I was younger, but still just as fun!!
 So proud of our little chess player! He got 2nd place in Bughouse for all first graders!
 Another favorite of Beckett's....Panera!!
 It's  been cold, so the kids have been entertaining themselves inside. Who doesn't love a little game of 'Lava"!
 And there is always a nerf gun battle!
 Basketball has started and this year daddy is head coach. They have won their first 2 games! It's amazing how much a year makes. Now the kids are dribbling, doing layups. So fun to watch!
 Getting some advice from coach :)
 Instead of the tongue hanging out like Michael Jordan, our trademark is the tongue pushing against the cheek.
 Setting up to shoot....
He scores!! Look at that follow through!!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015

 Merry Merry Christmas Everyone! Christmas has come and gone and what a wonderful Christmas it was! We added something different this year, and took the kids to Six Flags! The weather was prefect, lines were short, and it was decorated beautifully with Christmas lights. Here is Jackson and Sam going on the first roller coaster. This is a small roller coaster and Jackson was not a fan. When it came time to do the big roller coaster with the loops, I thought for sure he was going to opt to stay with daddy. He didn't. He put on a brave face and rode with me. He HATED it! Screamed, "Get me off of this!" the entire time. Needless to say, I think we are going to wait a few years before we attempt it again. :)
 Carousel with my sweet boy!
 Posing in front of some lights.
 They had one section filled with light sabers. So cool!!
 Even though we made a gingerbread house at school, Jackson insisted we make one as home as well, so he could eat this one. So we did! It was a messy good time!
 Jackson one this hat at Six Flags and this is now how he wears his hats. I'm not sure where he got this.....
 This year was a little different. Normally, Noni and Granddaddy come up for the boys birthdays and then stay until Christmas.  Because Gigi is sick, they didn't come until Christmas day. We missed them! Here is Beckett guarding Granddaddy's favorite cookies until he could get here!
 Time to make the sugar cookies!

Both boys were big helpers this year, but it was still the biggest mess you have ever seen!

 Good job boys!
 Christmas Eve we headed to the 3:00 nativity service. I had 2 shepherds this year.
 After the service, all the kids stay up front so you can get a pick. Not easy to do! I am not sure what Beckett is doing in this picture...
 Are we done yet?
 After church, we had to get the cookies decorated before we headed to the Lights of Life Christmas lights. I was really excited to go see the lights. Somehow, they were much better in my mind than the real thing. Halfway through, Jackson said, "This is not entertaining me." :) Needless to say, this will not be on the list for next year.
 After seeing the lights, we headed to the Chicken and the Egg for Christmas dinner with the Wonders. All was great until the end of the meal when I started to feel sick. Both Andrew and I got food poisoning! Not good!! I was able to rally to finish the Christmas Eve activities.
 After dinner, we got on our jammies and it was time to see if the boys were on the nice list this year. Jackson was!
 Beckett's turn. He made it too!
 Time to put out the milk and cookies for Santa. This was really cute.Beckett crawled into our bed around 1:30. He said, "Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!" and drifted back to sleep. He didn't even look at the presents. All he cared about was that the big man in red got his cookies.
 Before we headed off to bed, we had to sprinkle the reindeer food!
 So excited!
 The moment had arrived! Surprisingly, the kids slept until 8 and then were so excited to see if Santa came!
 Pulling up the rear!
 He came! Beckett's loot. Beckett got a kindle, hot wheels garage, duck shooting game, fake mechanical spider, and remote control batman.
 Jackson got a WiiU, Supermario Bros 3D for the Wii, Kindle, Guitar Hero, and a new soccer goal.
 Jackson loves his Kindle!
 Another favorite gift....Duke the Beanie Boo. He thinks he is 'So Adorable!"
 Checking out his stocking!
 Skylanders for the Wii!
 Beckett just kept saying, "Is that another one for me?"
 Normally Noni and Granddaddy are with us Christmas morning. The boys were really sweet and decided to wait until they got there to open all their presents. We had Jackson open one from us so he could wear them. He got a new shirt and pants for his dirt bike. Looking good! That night we went to Brad and Kiera;s for a delicious meal of lasagna. The kids got a trampoline for Christmas. They all had so much fun jumping on it!
 After dinner, we headed home to finish Christmas. The best part for me is seeing Jackson so excited to give everyone the presents that he picked out and bought. He got Granddaddy a Clemson cup.
 Some airplanes for Beckett.
 A necklace and earrings for Noni.
 A scarf for Mommy. Somehow I missed daddy's pick, but he got him a golf cheese plate. :)
 My handsome boy in his new shirt from Noni and Granddaddy.
Last but not least, we got Jackson some boots for his dirt bike. He is now as protected as I can possible make him! So far so good with no injuries!! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. To all our family we were unable to see, we love and miss you!!