Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

What a great week! We had a lot of excitement here this past week. First of all, the fire department burned the house down across the street as a training exercise. It was pretty fascinating. Jackson had so much fun with all the firefighters and loved to look at the firetrucks. He didn't quite understand what they were and kept saying Choo Choo for train. We also had a visit from Peebo, Great Granddaddy and Aunt Glo. We had so much fun and can't wait until the next visit! Aunt Glo was kind enough to babysit Jackson for a night, so Greg and I could go to a birthday party. Jackson just loves spending time with his Aunt Glo and did great! As far as the world of Jackson, we have added two new words...choo choo and milk. Although milk comes out more like nilk. It is amazing how much Jackson is learning. He can now pick out different items in books like cars, balls, baby, duck, dog, flowers, and different body parts. He is pretty good with nose and belly button. He will also rub his hands together when you ask him if he wants to wash his hands. He also loves to help you do whatever you are doing. Now during dinner time, I will put a chair at the island and he will help me spin the salad and make the dressing.
Jackson in the firetruck with the firefigher. Who looks more scared?
Honorary Firefighter for the day!
Shouldn't we all take the time to smell the flowers?
Aunt Glo feeding Jackson his afternoon snack.
Thanks for visiting us Peebo, Great Granddaddy, and Aunt Glo! We love you and miss you already!!
The weather was so beautiful yesterday that we decided to head to the zoo. Jackson had so much fun looking at all the animals!
Jackson watching the panda eat some bamboo. I think he thought it was Emma!
Jackson in the petting zoo. He was so funny. He wanted to pet the animals but he wasn't so sure about them. He would run over to them with his hand stretched out and pet them as he ran by.
First ride on the carousel. Mommy definately picked the wrong ride. While we were riding the carousel he kept pointing to the train saying choo choo. Next time we will definately have to go on the train!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Toys!

Noni + Daddy = News Toys for Jackson! Noni and Daddy decided to go on a little shopping spree for Jackson. He got a new automatic motorcycle and a playhouse. He loves both of them. At first he couldn't figure out how to make the motorcycle move, but now he understands how to push the pedal. As far as new things in the world of Jackson, we have added a new I don't think he always understands what it means, but sometimes it is very obvious that he does! Jackson can now open all doors in the house, so whenever you come to visit, you better lock the bathroom door! Jackson is also really starting to use his fork with meals. He is not very consistent, but when he gets the food on the fork he gets very excited! Last weekend we went on a roadtrip to Jacksonville so daddy could run the 15K river run. We had so much fun with all the kids! Jackson was such a trooper. I only have a couple of pictures and will post them next week. The weather is starting to warm up in Atlanta so we are very excited to get to do more outdoor activities. We are playing around with 1 nap from about 12:30 to 3:00 pm. He has done pretty well the last 3 days, so we will see.  
 Jackson eating his first popsicle. He was not so sure about how cold it was!
Mary loved her popsicle!
We had the pleasure of watching Mary for a night. The kids had so much fun together! Here they are enjoying bathtime. Not only were they both looking up at the right time, but they both had toys to hide any parts that we don't want photographed!
Jackson playing with the splash tub in his new outdoor playhouse. This was definately the hit of the whole house!
Jackson and Mary playing in the playhouse.
Jackson has finally learned to climb up the stairs to the slide in his playroom. He loves it!
So excited to go down the slide like a big boy! He used to go down backwards, but now he will sit face forward.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow Again?

What a wonderful week! We were fortunate enough to get to spend a whole week with Great Aunt Glo and Great Uncle Joe who came all the way from Memphis. Jackson sure does love them and misses them. The morning after they left, Jackson ran right into the guest bedroom looking for them. He learned so many new tricks from Glo. My favorite is she taught him how to gas up his cozy coup. Too cute. It is amazing how much more Jackson comprehends now. Now as soon as I ask him if he went poo poo, he will run to the carpet and lay down so I can change him. Jackson brushes his teeth in the morning and at night, and all I have to say is "Time to brush your teeth",  and he runs right into the bathroom, opens up his drawer, and grabs his toothbrush. He also gets very excited in the morning when we make our bed because he gets to hand me the pillows. Also, daddy and Jackson have a "boys" morning routine. While daddy is getting ready for work, Jackson will watch him shave and then daddy pretend shaves Jackson. Then they both get a squirt of cologne and off they go to start their day! We have also added another no. Finally, this yankee girl never thought she would say this but it snowed in Georgia in March! We had so much fun playing again in it and true to Georgia snow, it was there one day and gone the next.
Great Aunt Glo making Jackson laugh. There was lots of that this week!
Daddy was very inspired by the winter olympics and when he heard that many of the athletes started at age 2, he thought it was time Jackson started as well. Here is Jackson trying on his helmet. We set out that day to find Jackson a helmet and a skateboard. Luckily we had Aunt Glo there to talk some sense into daddy and ended up with a SpongeBob Laptop.

Are you serious Daddy?

Jackson getting in his cozy coup to take Aunt Glo back to Memphis.

It is a long trip, so he had to gas it up first!

Now that is a snowman!

The first snow we tried sledding with a baking sheet, which actually worked pretty well. This time we tried a clothes basket. It was not very successful.

My angel made a snow angel. The whole family actually did, but Jackson's was the only one I could get a picture of.

The doctor is in! Noni bought Jackson this stethescope and I swear I didn't even pose him for this. He put it around his neck like a true MD. He will even place it on your heart and pretend listen. Well that is it for this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun at the Beach!

Last weekend we had a wonderful trip to Kiawah. The last time we were there was last May when Jackson was only 5 months old. Well, what a difference 9 months makes! If you remember from our last trip, we actually had to leave early because Jackson just would not sleep. Well, it couldn't have been more different this time! Jackson slept/napped great and had a blast at the beach. The weather couldn't have been more perfect with sunshine in the 60s. Jackson may have a little yankee in him because he wanted to go into the water despite it's frigid temps. We also had our first night away from Jackson. To celebrate our anniversary we stayed at the Sanctuary while Noni and Granddaddy were on Jackson duty. He did great. He had so much fun with his grandparents that I really don't think he even realized we were gone! There were a lot of wonderful pictures from the weekend so I tried my best to narrow them down as much as I could. Enjoy!
I love the beach!
Jackson kept trying to pop all the bubbles.
Jackson and daddy on the beach.
Hanging out with the frogs at Freshfields.
Family pic at the beach.
Noni and Granddaddy at the beach. Granddaddy taught Jackson how to take a shell and draw with it. He had so much fun!
Jackson flying his first kite. So much fun!
Jackson visiting mommy and daddy after their night away at the Sanctuary. Where are my sunglasses mom!
Catching a few rays.
Jackson loved playing with the rose petals that were placed on our bed in the shape of heart. The Sanctuary was very romantic. Not only did we have rose petals placed on our bed, but they also gave us a bottle of champagne! It was wonderful!!
Jackson had the best time rolling the tennis ball at the marina into the fountain.
Jackson and daddy at the marina. T
Thanks again Noni and Granddaddy for a wonderful weekend!!