Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful Easter weekend! The Easter celebration started the week before with Palm Sunday. This is a very sweet service at our church where the children get to walk down the aisle waving palms. The next week the festivities began! Friday night we colored Easter eggs and made Easter cookies. Saturday morning it was a little rainy, so we were a little worried the Easter egg hunt at the country club was going to be cancelled, but the rain held off and it was a beautiful day. We hunted for eggs and ate a delicious brunch. This year we decided to go to the 8am service because the other 2 services are just so packed. I also thought it would be easier because we could wake the kids up and head to church before seeing what the Easter bunny brought. It worked out great! After church, we headed home to see what the Easter bunny brought. The kids ate way too much candy and then we headed to the Konops for Easter brunch, more Easter egg hunts, more Easter egg coloring, and Easter cookies. It was a beautiful weekend!
Beckett all ready for his Easter egg hunt at school! He loves his Yoda basket!

Jackson teaching Beckett the proper egg dyeing techinique

We decided to be a little fancy this year and add some sparkle to our eggs.

After the eggs dried, you had to put some glue on them and then roll them in the sparkle1

Showing Beckett how to do it.

Beckett's turn!

Easter egg hunt at the country club!

Beckett hunted like a champ! As soon as he found out there was candy in the eggs, there was no stopping him!

Easter bunny!

Beckett loved the Easter bunny!

The country club separates the kids into groups based on age, so I stayed with Beckett and Greg ran after Jackson. Jackson is certainly an egg hunting pro!

I tried to get a cute picture of all the kids after the hunt, but they were clearly not having it!

Jackson with the Easter bunny!

After the hunt, we headed inside for brunch. They had a magician walking around with the biggest bunny I have ever seen. Beckett loved the bunny! He wanted to pet the bunny the entire brunch.

Jackson with the bunny :)

After the brunch, the kids headed outside to play some games while the adults enjoyed another cup of coffee. They had egg races, noodle races, and ended with tug of war.

Tug of war! I think this is the first time Jackson has played tug of war. He tried very hard!

Love all these sweet kiddos!

After brunch, we headed home and started making the Easter cookies!

Jackson helping Beckett cut out the cookies. He really is such a sweet big brother :)
Easter Sunday! Since we went to the early service, we didn't have to wait in a massive long to get a picture with the cross. We were able to get several :)

My handsome boys! After a lot of video instruction watching, I learned how to tie a bow tie!

Could these two be any cuter in their suits?

My precious gifts from God

After church, we headed home to see what the Easter bunny brought. It did not take Beckett long to find his basket.

Jackson's was a little trickier to find....

Jackson's basked was filled with candy, gum, a new movie, books, and of course.....a new lego set!

Beckett's basket was filled with candy, some new planes, and power rangers! He LOVES his power rangers!!

More chocolate candy please?

After the kids ate their weight in candy, we headed to the Konops for another Easter egg hunt.

The meadows was filled with more eggs than you could imagine. There was a special golden egg filled with $5 and Jackson found it!

Time to dye some more eggs!

So much fun!

Jackson worked very hard on this egg and named him "Happy". Happy is still in our refrigerator. Just when I thought he had forgotten about him and I could throw him away, he checked to make sure he was still there. :) 

After the egg dyeing, the kids burned off some energy swimming. As if the kids had not had enough sugar, it was time to decorate the cookies :)

What a wonderful Easter weekend filled with great memories!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Preschool Tea Party

The Preschool Tea Party! This was probably the cutest preschool event I have ever been to! The kids had been practicing using their manners for weeks before the event. Each boy was paired up with a girl, and the boy had to escort the girl into the room, stop in front of a crowd of flashing cameras for a picture, walk the girl to their table, and then pull out her chair for her. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The kids then enjoyed tea, pink lemonade, scones, cheese sandwiches, and eclairs. All the kids dressed up in their best clothes for the event. Here is Jackson the morning of the party. He was so excited to wear his suit and bowtie!

Each child had to bring in their own teacup. Do you recognize that china GiGi?

They called out each child's name and then they walked to two Xs on the ground. They then stopped and it was as if the King and Queen of England had walked in. Flashing cameras from all the paparrazzi. Jackson didn't seem to even notice all the people. He escorted her in like a true gentleman!

After a million photos, he escorted her to their table :)

Waiting for the tea and goodies! The table even had real sugar cubes, which the kids loved!

Jackson did not try tea, but opted for pink lemonade

His sweet table

Since the tea party was early in the am, daddy was able to come as well!

Love my sweet southern gentleman!

The cute "couple"

This is Jackson will his buddy Colin

Grant, Colin, and Jackson. Flashforward 20 years, and this could be a picture of them at one of their weddings!

All the boys! We have almost finished our first year at Walker, and I really can't say enough great things about it. We have had nothing but positive experiences and Jackson is learning so much! He knows 50 site words and has even started sounding out new words. I am confident he is well prepared for Kindergaten next year! Mommy, on the other hand,  is not ready for him to be gone all day :(