Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall is Here!

Glorious fall is here! This is by far my favorite season! The cooler weather, beautiful fall colors, and all the family fun! I pulled out some of the boys fall outfits for church and this one of my favorites! They are both wearing matching bow ties! Super cute!! It was a battle getting Beckett to wear it, but you can bribe this kid to do anything with a little chocolate :)

I am always the one behind the camera, so I never have any pictures with my children. Greg is  not very good taking pictures and my kids were not in the mood to cooperate. This was the best we got...

Our fall fun started with a barnyard smore's party for Jackson's preschool class at the Foster's. There was farm animals, hot dogs for the kids, chilli for the adults, and of course, smore's! The kids had a blast!! Here is Beckett touching the chicken. Jackson mostly just played with the kids and had very little interest in the animals, but Beckett loved them!

 Beckett brushing a donkey
Time for some smore's. My kids love making them but neither really like eating them. I am not sure why,  but oh well!

Beckett's turn!

Sweet brothers!

We had big plans to rent a cabin with a bunch of friends and go apple picking one day and the pumpkin patch the next. I guess everyone else had the same plans because we could not find 1 cabin available!! Greg still took that Friday off and we decided to head to Mercier to go apple picking. We almost had a huge fail! After driving for 2 hours, we get to the orchards only to find out that they only do u-pick on Saturdays and Sundays. Disaster! Thank goodness for the internet because I wa able to find another orchard that did. Whew!!
This is pretty typical for Beckett and photos. He has all of a sudden decided he does not want his picture taken!
Thank you BJ Reece Orchards for saving our trip!
The kids loved apple picking! Beckett had to reach really tall to get the apples, but he did it!

Jackson, on the other hand, preferred to climb up in the trees to get the apples. The week of school before we went was Johnny Applseed day and Jackson was able to try all sorts of apples. We found out that Golden Delicious are his favorite. What luck that this was one of the varieties at this orchard that was ready to pick!

We had a lot of tasting!
I tried to get Beckett to take a picture with me, but he was not having it! Jackson accomadated me :)

Got one!
I think Jacson could have picked 2 bags full!

In other news, Jackson is doing awesome in baseball! He earned his second game ball this season! He caught a pop fly at second and then tagged the runner for a double play! It was AWESOME! His team is now in the third round in the tournament and looking strong! Jackson had made 2 outs by stopping the ball at second and then throwing the ball to first to get the runner out. So proud of him! The part that makes me the happiest is he loves it. As soon as daddy gets home. he wants to practice hitting, throwing, and catching. We have had to change sides with his hitting because he is consistenly hitting them over the fence!! He has improved so much this season! He has his third tournament game tonight. Go Royals!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sarah and Coraline come for a visit!!!

Aunt Sarah and Coraline came for a weekend visit and it couldn't have been more fun! They flew in on Thursday morning and left Sunday night. The kids played, Coraline had her first hot tub experience, we went to the fair, and ended the weekend with the Barbeque fest in Marietta. The kids had so much fun playing together!! The weekend went by way too fast and we can't wait until we get to see them again!! These 2 were like 2 peas in a pod! Here they are enjoying their first cousin lunch together :)

This was so funny! These kids saw their first grasshopper. They would touch it and watch it hop away. They were laughing so hard!!

Everyone loved to give Miss Coraline a ride!

Two blond cuties :)

Saturday morning we headed to the North Georgia State Fair. I was a little nervous that it was going to be super crowded since it was the last weekend, but it was perfect! The weather was nice and the kids rode every ride they could, played games, and ate lots of horrible fair food :)

Who doesn't love a carousel?

Jackson decided he wanted to try a "big ride". We went on the swings. Theses swings were super high and I think much faster than Jackson anticipated. This is the only smile I got with this ride.

Hey? Who's driving this boat anyway?

We couldn't leave the fair without spending lots of money to try to win horrible prizes :) Here are Beckett and Coraline playing the basketball game.

Just like her Aunt

First candy apple!

Being a good cousin and sharing

We were hoping for warmer weather so Coraline could swim in a pool for the first time, but the sun failed us. She did, however, get her first hot tub experience!!
The next day we decided to walk down to the Marietta Barbeque festival. Jackson was super excited to check out all the rides. First thing on the list was the rock wall!

The surfing version of the mechanical bull. Pretty good balance!

Beckett of course thought he wanted to try.....until it started moving. He quickly wanted off.

I certainly was not going to let his ticket go to waste!

Jumpy! Much more Beckett's style.

Last but not least...the trampouline.

I saved my favorite picture for last. We loved every minute we had with these 2! We love you guys to pieces and started missing you as soon as you walked out the door. Can't wait until our next visit!!! XOXO

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Class of 2027

Class of 2027! That sounds so crazy!!! I decided that I wanted to start a tradition of throwing a pool party for Jackson's class each year when school starts. Don't worry Beckett, as soon as you start Kindergarten we will do the same thing for your class :) Since Jackson goes to such a small school, the entire class is quite feasible as it consists of about 30 students. I thought it would be so fun to have pictures of the kids from Kindergarten to Seniors :).

We rented a huge jumpy, had cupcakes, and the kids swam. Just prior to the party, it was pooring down rain!! I was a little worried, but God smiled down on us and cleared the skies for the 2 hour party window. As soon as the party ended, it started pooring again!

Because of the number of kids, I decided to hire 2 lifeguards. Best decision ever! The kids could play and the parents could chat and get to know eachother.

I had two tables set up with drinks, snacks, and cupcakes. We were all decked out in Walker maroon and gold!

Go Walker Wolverines!

Greg and I also went on our first kid free vacation since we have had children. We went to the Florida Keys for 4 glorious nights! We went with Andrew and Betsy and had the best time! We went fishing, jet skiing, rented bikes etc. It was a perfect getaway :)

Betsy and I caught the 2 largest fish that we could keep, but the biggest fish went to Greg. He caught a 4 foot lemon shark!! Unfortunatley, it broke off the line before a could snap a picture of it.

What made the trip the most relaxing was knowing our kiddos were in the best hands possible. Noni and Granddaddy were kind enough to come stay with boys while we went away. They did great! Jackson had football, baseball, birthday party, and an icr cream social at his school and didn't miss a thing! Somehow during that hectic schedule they even had time to make this robot out of boxes :). Best Grandparents ever!

My sweet Beckett. This boy loves to run, climb, get dirty, and use everything as a weapon. We are pretty much 100% potty trained. Yay!! He is still in a toddler bed, but soon we are going to get bunk beds for Jackson and put the big boy twin beds in Beckett's room.

Beckett has figured out how to turn the wheel and drive the jeep. He loves it. He is still much more cautious than Jackson ever was but he is getting bolder and bolder. Here he is driving standing up.

Big new in Jackson's world...he lost his first tooth!! He has been anxiously waiting for this tooth to fall out. He was constantly pushing it back and forth with his tongue. Well, I went to wash his face, his tongue was pushing on his tooth and it forced it to the point that it was barely hanging on. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out and he said yes. I yanked it out and he screamed! I think it scared him more than anything. As soon as it was out, he couldn't wait to put it under his pillow!

Here he is putting his tooth in the alligator tooth holder that Aunt Sarah bought for him almost 6 years ago!

The next morning the tooth fairy came! He couldn't wait to take his money to the toy store and buy a new lego :)