Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Happy Mother's Day everyone! We had a wonderful day filled with coffee in bed, pictures of my boys, the farmer's market, and hanging out in the square. It was a beautiful day and couldn't have been more perfect. I feel so blessed to be the mommy of these 2 amazing little boys. Being a mother is definitely challenging at times, but it is really the most rewarding job. These 2 little boys keep me on my toes, a smile on my face, and joy in my heart. Their curiosity and energy is contagious and each time I look into those sweet faces, I can't believe how lucky I am. They are my heart!
Beckett loved to see the fountain in the square! Whenever the wind would blow, the water would spray him in the face and he would giggle. This boy loves the water and I can't wait to take him to the beach again this year! It is going to blow his mind!!
2 blonde curly Q's
I had to put this picture in because it is a pic of Jackson's sweet smile. Most of the time when I ask him to take his picture, I get a silly face, so it is nice to have a smiling photo every once in a while!
Beckett pointing at the fountain. This is definitely his favorite thing to do right now. He points at everything!
Popsicle time! Every time we go to the Farmer's Market, the boys get a King of Pops popsicle. So much fun!
Do I have any chocolate on my face?
Silly boys!
Jackson found a wagon in the square and wanted me to take a picture of him running in it. Again, the silly face!
This week, we also decided to go Strawberry picking for the first time! We had the best time! Even Beckett loved picking the strawberries. The hardest part was making sure they didn't eat any of them until we washed them. Here Beckett found his first strawberry.
Jackson found a juicy one!
Beckett loved walking up and down the rows of strawberries with his basket.

Finished! We picked 2 big baskets full!!
We are so excited for summer and all the adventures that lie ahead! We have plenty of beach trips lined up with our first trip to Noni's beach this week! Jackson cannot wait and asks me every morning if this is the day we get to go. He is also so excited that we are making the trip with cousin Mary, James, and Ben. I can't wait for them all to run around and have a great time at the beach! Kiera and I are leaving earlier with all the kids (5 under 5), so pray for a smooth ride!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away!!

 It's raining, it's pouring! We have had more rain these last 2 weeks than I think we did all of last year! We have had to find lots of activities indoors in order to occupy our time. Luckily, we have had plenty of birthday parties, jumpy houses, and our first family trip to Chuckie Cheeses to pass this rainy time. We decided to make a trip to the mall to get the boys some new Crocs for the summer. Jackson and Daddy also found some really cool that can also become roller skates. As soon as we got home, Jackson wanted to put on the wheels. I dont' think he really new what that meant, but we went for it. We got his helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads on and headed to the basement.
 Cautious first "steps"
 And he's down! Beckett loved watching him fall!
 Despite the rain, Jackson wanted to get in a little batting practice. This is Jackson's latest's a ball that swings around the pole so he can hit by himself. It's amazing how much he has improved by just using it a couple of times!
 Spring Sing! Jackson had a little spring performance at his preschool where they sang all the songs they have learned all year. Unfortunately, my camera needs a better lens, but if you look really hard, you can see him in the middle :) Before they started singing all the kids were looking for their parents. Jackson couldn't find me so for the first half I could see him looking around saying "Mommy"

He found me! Now he could concentrate on his songs :)

 Family trip to Chuckie Cheese! I must admit that I was a little nervous embarking on this adventure, but it was pouring down rain and we needed something to do. We headed to Chuckie Cheese on Friday night for pizza and games. The boys LOVED it! Jackson ran from one game to the next like a pro. I think he could spent all day there! Here are the boys riding in the car.
Whack a mole!
 Beckett's turn!
 And there he is! The mouse! Jackson was so excited to see him. Here is Jackson dancing with him and waiting for him to throw some tickets.
It really is the place where a kid can be a kid!
 Beckett loved Chuckie too!
 This was a little simulator game. At one point, it started shaking as they were flying around. Both boys eyes got so wide! It was so funny!!
 He shoots...He scores! Check out that follow through! Making his momma proud!!
 My silly boy! Jackson loves picking out his own clothes to wear. This is what he thought was appropriate for his spring sing at school. He definitely has his daddy's sense of fashion!
 Finally a ray of sunshine! In between one of the storms, we had a brief moment of sunshine so we headed to the park!
 Soaking up some rays!
 And the rain was back, so we decided to have a little entertainment with our dinner. We headed to our first Hibachi night! The boys did not know what to expect and Jackson got very scared when the grill was lit on fire. Daddy had to sit with him the rest of the time.
 After dinner, we headed to the movies to see the Croods! Jackson has not been to the big movie theater in a long time and was so excited to go! He did great and was able to sit still for most of the movie :)
 Beckett loves to feed himself! He is pretty good at using spoons and forks, but his morning he got a little carried away with his yogurt!
 Last soccer game! After several cancellations and rescheduling, Jackson finally got to play in his last soccer game. He loves soccer and is pretty good at it! Hopefully next year the rain will stay away and they will get to play more times!
 Beckett at his first bouncy house! He loved it!!
My popular boy! Jackson is definitely Mr. Popularity in his class! Every time I drop him off all the boys and girls scream Jackson and run over to him. Jackson definitely prefers playing with the boys, but the girls just can't seem to get enough of him! One little girl in particular, Tanner, has a huge crush on Jackson. We went to her birthday party and she followed him all over the place! We actually ran into her one day at Chick fil a, and Jackson's cheeks got very red when he saw her, so I think he may have a little crush on her as well.  I talked with Tanner's mother and she says that Tanner LOVES Jackson and talks about him all the time. Too funny!!