Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Easter weekend was super busy, but so much fun! It started off with Beckett's preschool tea party. This is my favorite event of the year! The kids get all dressed up. the boys escort the girls to their table, and they use their best manners enjoying some tea and snacks. It is so cute! Here is the table all decorated.
 Here cpmes Beckett escorting Myla. Myla absolutely LOVES Beckett!! She tells me all the time that she is going to marry him. Apparently, during rehearsal, she even kissed him on the cheek.
 Here is Beckett getting ready to try some tea. He was not a fan, but did like putting the sugar cubes in it.
 Cheese sandwiches.
 These two!
 Beckett and Clayton. Could they be any cuter!! I told his mom we should wear the exact same outfits for Senior night. They look like little frat boys. The tea party was so Beckett tried to get up at the end, the leg of the table slipped and the entire table came crashing down. I tried to catch it and was covered in whip cream and tea. The funniest part of the whole thing was that he thought I did it! After school, he asked me if I threw all the stuff on the ground on purpose or accident!!!
 Easter Saturday was packed! We had 2 Easter egg hunts, 2 Lacrosse games, a tball game, and a egg dying party. Not only that, but Jackson had a big school project which required us to make a cheese head out of paper mache and a movie trailer. And, I had to go grocery shopping to host Sunday Easter dinner. We literally did not have a second to spare! Since Jackson had 2 Lacrosse games, he couldn't make the church hunt. I didn't want him not to do any hunts, so we decided to head to the country club. Greg had to work so it was just me.

 Super excited to get some eggs!
Jackson and some pals from school and his oldest friend, Aidan.
 Easter bunny!
 Beckett searching for some eggs! Since it was only me at the hunt, I didn't get any pics of Jackson searching.
 Cleaned house! Right after the hunt, we had to change Jackson into his lacrosse gear and Anna took him to his game while Beckett and I went to set up for the church hunt.
 2 hunts in 1 day!!!
 Beckett had to get a fishing rod, of course!
 Easter bunny.....again. After the hunt, we were off to watch Jackson's 2nd lacrosse game and then to the Konop's for some egg dying!
 It was so funny how particular the kids were this year about their eggs. They used all the fancy glitters and stuff to really make their eggs look fantastic.
 The crew.
Jackson and Aiden. It think this is their 6th Easter dying party with each other. Sweet friends!
 Beckett had a tball game but made it back just in time to dye some eggs!
 My sweet boys.
 Time to decorate some sugar cookies! This one always says the funniest things. He always gets so excited about things. When I told him about all the Easter activities he was going to do that day, he was jumping up and down and said, "Today is going to be epic!"
 Believe it or not, it was warm enough that the kids were able to go swimming in Angie's beautiful new pool!
 Silly face!
 Easter morning started with church. Jackson and Beckett each brought 2 flowers to put on the cross.
 So pretty!
 After church, I wanted to get our family picture in front of the cross. This one was not a fan of waiting.....
 I wonder how long his hair will stay like this?
 Family shot!
 Happy Easter! It was time to head home to see if the Easter bunny came!
 He did! He left lots of eggs!!
 Beckett was running around like crazy trying to find them.
 Jackson found his basket!
 Beckett found his!
So excited for his lego!!
And his new book! We had a wonderful Easter dinner with Brad, Kiera and the cousins. They swam, we ate, and just enjoyed some family time. Happy Easter to everyone!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - Kiawah!!!

 Spring break at Kiawah! I always look forward to going to Kiawah, but I had a particularly stressful week at work, so I was really looking forward to some relaxing family time. We arrived on Wednesday and left Sunday. Still too short for me, but we had the best time. It started off with making an Easter bunny cake!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but was still too cold to swim, so we decided to take the kids to Charleston for the first time. First stop was the Yorktown. This place was Disneyland for Beckett!!
 Cannon with the Ravenel bridge in the background.
 The USS Yorktown. It is an old aircraft carrier. Unfortunately, the day we went was so windy, that you couldn't go out on the deck for fear you would blow into the ocean! We still had a great time exploring though!
 Before we toured the Yorktown, we went through the Vietnam memorial. It was set up as if you were walking into a US base in the middle of Vietnam. It had barracks, a mess hall, and even what an operating room looked like. They had the sounds of gunfire and helicopters flying overhead. Beckett was in heaven!
 Lieutenant Beckett protecting the medic truck.
 I never realized how massive some of the helicopters were!
 Just a little target practice.
 Inside a transport helicopter.
 Lieutenant Beckett to the rescue!
 This is the Yorktown. You can see where the planes would take off and land.
 After visiting Vietnam, we went on a submarine tour. I'm not going to lie, that thing looked like it was deteriorating into the ocean. I thought this could have been our last family pic as then descended into their watery grave!
 Inside the water coffin...I mean submarine.
 Nice and cozy for an 8 and 5 year old....not so much for a grown adult. I can't believe they would stay down in that tiny tube for days at a time! After touring the submarine, we all decided that we would stick with battleships or air craft carriers if we were to join the Navy!
 Finally! The Yorktown!
 A little windy.....
 A helicopter you pedal with your feet.....
 Captain Beckett!!
 This is the deck of the Yorktown. You can see how windy it was.  Typically you can go on it and see all the planes, but it was closed.
 The Ravenel Bridge again.
 Remember Pearl Harbor boat. There were 5 different tours of the Yorktown. We went through 3 and then had to drag the kids out so that we could go eat lunch at 2 PM!!!! They would have stayed all day!!
 After lunch, we headed to Kaminsky's.  This is the dessert place that Greg and I would always go to to celebrate our Anniversay. They have the best berry crisp! Jackson LOVES red velvet cake. The slice they gave him was enough to feed 4 people!
 Beckett got a Reese's peanut butter shake like his daddy.
 Noni with her boys!
 We then headed to the beach. Here is my annual pier shot!
 Getting so big!!!
 It was so windy and perfect for kite flying!
 It may have been to cold to swim, but we made up for it! We were the only people on the beach! Jackson just goes from 1 sport to the next. We started with a football game.
Then baseball.....and finally lacrosse. They ran around for hours!
 Beckett found some jelly fish on the beach and wanted to take a picture. I love his shadow!!
 Our next adventure was to visit the Angel Oak tree. This tree is over 400 years old! It has survived several hurricanes and is reportedly the oldest tree East of Mississippi.
 The pictures really don't do it justice. It is the craziest tree I have ever seen. The trunk is huge and then has all these massive limbs that traverse along the ground. It is really something to be seen!
 Giving the tree a hug. I love that knotch in it. It reminds me of Boo Radley's treasure hole in To Kill a Mockingbird.
 We also spent some time at Night Heron Park. They now have a Gaga ball pit. I had never heard of this until recently because Walker actually installed one at the playground. It's like dodgeball except you have to hit the ball with your hands and a player is out if it hits their legs.
 Beckett has a new love for swinging now that he can do it himself.
 We also headed to Freshfields for a food truck rodeo! They had face painting, music, and several different food trucks. I had brussells sprouts and a hippie bowl, which was delicious! Jackson learned that fried shrimp are "okay". :) I love that my children are willing to try new foods now!
 Minion Jackson!
 Beckett's turn!
 And back to the beach for more baseball...
 Batter up!
 Still loves to dig in the sand and play with his toys.
 Noni has had this toy since Jackson was a baby and it is still a favorite!

 We ended the trip with eating the masterpiece!

Now for some catch up! Come on! Could he be any cuter! Beckett had his preschool musical called "It's a Hit!"
 This was right up the Nesmith alley!

The 2nd grade boys with preschool siblings. So cute!
 I was so proud of Beckett. He was front and center and did all the moves!
 Swing away!
Brotherly love!
 We bought a new cough for upstairs and took the comfy sectional to the basement. I think Kitty Mamma approves.
 We had our first family movie night downstairs on the "new" couch and new projector. I got to pick the movie and introduced the boys to a classic....The Princess Bride. They both LOVED it. Beckett in particular I am not sure if you can see him but he is in front pretending he is fencing. I have heard a lot of "As you wish" and " Hello! My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"
 For some reason, daddy thought it would be a good idea to let Beckett try the motorcycle since he can ride his bike without training wheels. He was so excited in all his gear and was anxiously awaiting. Jesus answered mommy's prayers and the motorcycle wouldn't start!
 Running through the sprinkler is much more fun....and safer!
 Jackson of course has to be throwing some sort of ball...
 I just love his pic. All ready for his Lacrosse game. He looks SO BIG!!
 Beckett is enjoying tball. He has a pretty good swing and usually can hit it off the pitch without needed the tee. This is what Beckett does best though...sliding.
 Little Nesmith. Number 5 just like his big brother was.
 Beckett entertaining himself at Jackson's baseball practice.
 I am not sure where this kid gets all his energy. He is doing really great at Lacrosse and last weekend asked to play on both teams. He played 4 Lacrosse games and scored 7 goals! Here he is during his first face off. After playing Lacrosse for 4 hours, we then had a 2 hour baseball practice.
 After 4 hours of Lacrosse in the sweltering heat, 2 hours of baseball, he then had a birthday party at Ninja Fitness Quest! I thought for sure he was going to collapse, but he acted like he had done nothing all day!
 Here he is on the shaky ladder. This was too funny. When Jackson was up to the obstacle course, his buddy Thomas said, "Look! Watch Jackson. He is a real athlete."
Uh Oh! Our new Wednesday afternoon tradition. Starbucks. Jackson gets a decaffeinated mocha frap and a brownie. Beckett gets a cinnamon role. He tried the coffee and was not a fan!

And last but not about growing up! This is the last pic I will have of Jackson and his adorable crooked smile.

Jackson got braces!! WHAT???? He chose red :)