Sunday, October 30, 2011

A special event for a special lady!!

I have to apologize for how far behind I am on my posts, but we have been so busy!!! We just got back from an amazing week in Disney World!! It was so much fun and Jackson absolutely loved it!! We have so many pictures that it will definately take a couple of posts to get through them all. Also, with the help of Joe and Glo, we have been working hard to complete Beckett's room. It is pretty much done and looks amazing!! As far as this post, a couple of weeks ago, we participated in a 5K in honor of Gloria to help support the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory. Gloria has received several treatments there and is here today because of the amazing research done there. I had shirts made to commemorate the event and we all woke up bright and early Saturday morning to drive down to Emory for the race. Team Gloria included Gloria, Joey, Amy, Brad, Kiera, Mary, James, Jackson, Greg and myself. Through generous donations our team raised almost $2000!!! It was am amazing event and I couldn't think of a better person to honor by doing so!! Here is Team Gloria before the race!

Here we go!!! All smiles in the beginning of the race!

The stud of our group...finishing the 5K in 21:30!! Way to go Daddy!!

Next up, Brad and Kiera! Great job!!

Here comes Amy!!

Way to go Joey!! This was Joey's first 5K!! Although there isn't a picture to prove it, Jackson and I also finished the race. Unfortunately, as Glo was trying to take our picture, the camera was full!!

After the race, they had a little tot trot for Jackson and Mary. Here they are at the starting line!

Waiting patiently for them to say Go!!

They are off!!

My little stud running so hard!!! They all got little medals after completing their race. It was very cute!!

This truly was a very special race to honor a very special woman. Gloria, you are one of the most loving, kind, and talented women I know. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You continue to fight your battle with such grace and are truly an inspiration. We love you so much and will continue to do whatever we can to help you win your fight!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Since Jackson has started back to school, he is really into doing different projects. One of Jackson's new favorite shows is Max and Ruby. On one of the episodes, Ruby has to make a leaf book for school. After watching it, we decided to head to the mountain to collect some leaves of our own! Jackson had so much fun finding different shapes and colors!! Jackson also loves the episode where Ruby makes a gingerbread house. Since the leaf project was such a successs, I think we are going to attempt that this Christmas! This past weekend we also headed to Tanglewood Farms. It is a large petting zoo filled with baby animals set in a Wild Wild West theme. It was really cute and Jackson loved feeding all the animals! Unfortunately, as soon as we got there, the camera battery died, so I have zero pictures from that adventure :( This first pictureis Jackson as we are getting ready to go on our leaf adventure!

We certainly could not go on this adventure without some of our friends :)

We also found a few wildflowers along the way. Last weekend Daddy had found some dandelions and showed Jackson how to blow them to make the seeds fly. Since then, every flower we come across, Jackson tries to blow it into the air.

I found a yellow leaf!

See how big it is mommy!

Is this a good one?


Jackson loves to paint! Here he is painting some Thomas the Train pictures. When he finishes, he always says "See how beautiful this one is mommy?"

I had to get a picture of Jackson and Daddy during our bedtime routine. They love reading books together!

So sorry about the camera mishap! I will make sure it is fully charged before our next adventure!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Football and Apple Picking!

What says fall more than football and apples! We were lucky enough to enjoy both this week!! This first picture is Jackson ready for college day at preschool. Since we were unable to find any IU or USF gear, we decided to represent grandaddy's alma mater with Clemson. Jackson looks pretty good in orange!!

One of our friend's is a football coach for Alatoona, so we headed to the game Friday night. Jackson loved watching the game and afterwards said that he wanted to play football too. Hopefully, he will wait a little bit longer!! Mommy is not ready to see her little boy get tackled!!

Loving on Daddy at the Football game.

Go Alatoona!!

Saturday we made the trip up north to Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge to go apple picking! The night before, I read Jackson a story about apple picking and making apple pie. He was so excited for both!!

First apple of the day! There were over 100,000 apple trees with more varieties than you could imagine! We ended up with Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Topaz. They were delicious!!

Can I pick all those apples?


By far Jackson's favorite part of the day...the tractor. He was also so excited to get to wear his tractor shirt for the occasion.

Look at all those apples!!!

It was so nice how low the apples grew to the ground! I was a little worried they would be too tall for Jackson and he would be upset, but he was able to pick all of our apples!

Pulling hard to get that apple!

I love apple picking!!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor....literally! After apple picking, we headed to lunch at a barbeque place called the Pink Pig. It was delicious and there was pig memorabilia everywhere, which was very fun for Jackson!

I wonder what adventure we will go on this weekend?