Sunday, August 12, 2018

Turks and Caicos 2018

 Turks and Caicos was by far out best family vacation yet. We stayed at the all inclusive beaches resort and had the best time. The location is beautiful, food delicious, and there was so much for the kids to do. This was the first vacation that Greg has ever said he could stay longer! Greg and I honeymooned in Turks and Caicos so it also holds a special place in our heart and it was so fun to come back 10 years later with our kids.
 The water was the most beautiful blue I have ever seen!
 It was, however, freezing!
 Both kids enjoyed their xbox lounge time. Greg and I would enjoy a before dinner drink while the kids were entertained. Perfection!
 Oh Beckett....
 I can't get over how beautiful all the grounds were kept. Here is Beckett relaxing before breakfast.
 There were so many food options. Beckett couldn't wait to check out the Mac N Cheese truck. Cheese apparently gives him big muscles.
 There was a water park. The boys enjoyed the boogie boarding.
 Here he goes!
Jackson's turn! Jackson actually stood up and surfed but I missed the pic!
 There was a large pirate ship to climb. Beckett loved it!
 The resort is huge with 4 main areas to choose from...French Village, Italian Village, Caribbean, and Key West. We stayed in the Caribbean which was very convenient to the water park and xbox lounge.
 The kids favorite restaurant was the sushi restaurant. I think we ate there 3 times! Jackson's favorite was the spicy tuna.
 Beckett's favorite was the bagel roll.
 We all felt this way!
 Each pool had a swim up bar that the kids could order drinks. It didn't take long for Jackson to master it!
 Double fisting...
 We also went on a deep sea fishing excursion. Best fishing we have ever had! We caught so many fish!
 My little boat lover.
 Jackson's first catch!
 Beckett got one!
 The biggest catch went to Mommy! Check out those teeth n the barracuda!
 Included in your stay was a professional photo shoot. At first I wasn't going to do it, but then I read a lot of positive reviews, so we went for it! I am so glad I did!
My handsome boy. Growing up way too fast!
 Sweet family pic.
 Cutie pie.
Family pic back where it all started! Love!!