Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jackson's Preschool Art Show

Jackson had been telling us for weeks that soon we would be able to come to his school and see all of his artwork. He was so excited! Lucky for us, the show was at 7:30 am, so we had Paola come eary to watch Beckett, and Greg and I headed to the show. I really didn't know what to expect, becasue Jackson is not one to sit down and color or draw, but I was thorougly impressed! Walker never ceases to amaze me in what they are teaching these preschoolers. They have been studying French Impressionists, so that was the theme of the show. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by Jackson wearing a beret saying "Bonjour" :) We were then given an ipad and headed to the first display. At each display, there was a barcode that you scanned with the ipad and video was uploaded. The video showed you what they learned about the artist and some clips of them making the art. It was very impressive and super cute!

The first portrait was "Mother and Child". Earlier in the year, I had to send in a picture of me holding Jackson as a baby. He then recreated that scene.

They then asked him what he loved about his mom and this is what he said. Melts my heart!!!!

And his rendition :)

The next project was "Cassatt's Blue Armchair" Each child was first given this picture to look at...

And then recreated it. Pretty good!!

The next project was using porcelain and they sculped tea cups. So proud!!

This was Jackson's interpretation of the "Fountains of Paris"

This was his rendetion of the "Figure Scene" I couldn't believe my little boy painted that! It's amazing to see how much his art skills have progressed!

They then used sponge paint to make a tree. Jackson was so proud of the fact that he cut out that big tree all by himself!

Next was Monet's Water Lilies made out of tissue paper.

The next project was using paper mache and they made and painted a hot air balloon

And finally, an opera mask. I am so proud of all Jackson has been learning this year and I am certain he is ready to tackle Kindergarten next year!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Birthday Parties, Dinsoaurs, and Great Grandparents!

It has been very cold this winter here in Atlanta, so we like to end our day relaxing with a little snuggle on the couch :) We actually switched out couches and bought a great big comfy sectional for the family room that is perfect for the family! It seems like every weekend has been filled with birthday parties, but the mom's have been getting quite creative for these winter birthdays. He has had some of the usual jumpy houses, but he also went to a really cute birthday party at the Atlanta Puppetry theater and a magic show at the country club. A couple weeks ago we also were so happy to have Noni, Peebo, and Big Grandaddy make the trip from Memphis to spend a couple of days with us.We had the best time with them and can't wait for their next visit!!

Here is Jackson with his buddy Jack at a pirate birthday party!

One of Jackson's classmates had a birthday party at the Atlanta Puppetry Center.  The kids saw "Stan the Lovesick Snowman"and then each got to make a snomman puppet. All the kids did great and watched the entire show laughing hysterically!

In between the show and making the puppet, we went to a party room where they kids played games. This is the sock game. The music started and the kids tried to put on as many socks as they could before the music stopped. Jackson won with 12 pairs of socks!

Limbo time!

The next game was good old fashioned hot potato. It was Jackson's day that day because he won that game as well :)

Jackson's sweet class. They are all such sweet friends!

Jackson's snowman puppet

Afterwards the kids were able to put on their own little puppet show. This is Jackson with his buddy Colin.

Big Granddaddy. Oh how much the boys love him!! He is one of the kindest men I have ever met and my boys are so lucky to have him as a Great Granddaddy!

Peebo and Granddaddy with the Great Grandkids. It is not easy to get 5 little ones to sit still and smile!!

Jackson's next birthday party was a magic show at the Country Club. It was so cute and Jackson was enchanted by all the tricks. After the show he said, " Mommy, can I have a magician for my next birthday?" I said, "Sure!" He then said, "Do you have to pay for him?" I said, "Of course." He said, " Nevermind. I don't want to waste my money." :)

The Cobb Galleria had a special weekend show called "Walking with Dinosaurs" Jackson loves dinosaurs, so I knew this would be right up his alley.We planned on going Saturday afternoon, but when we got there, the line to just get in was 2 hours and to do any of the activities was another 2 hours! We decided to head home and head back first thing Sunday morning. We arrived 30 mintues before it opened and thank goodness we did! We were able to do everything without waiting. By the time we left, the lines were back to 2 hours again!

They had all sorts of activities including huge roaring dinosaurs! Here is Jackson with his favorite dinosaur the Triceratops!

They also had mining caves. The kids got little hard hats on and went into caves looking for treasures.

Our friends Aidan and Payton met us there and the kids had a blast!

Looking for treasures!

Jackson's favorite find....a shark tooth!

They then were able to pan for fossils. Here is Granddaddy showing him how it is done!

They also had a dinosaur rides!

Who doesn't love some face painting? Jackson picked a triceratops, of course.

Triceratops vs T rex.

Time to dig for some dinosaur bones!

We had such a great time with Noni, Peebo, and Granddaddy. We don't get to see them very often so when we do, it is such a special treat! We are bunkered down here in Atlanta waiting for the next ice storm to hit. We are stocked up on water, batteries, flashlights, firewood, puzzles, workbooks, sticker books, and food preparing for the worst. Hopefully, it won't be as bad as they predict, but we are ready!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowmaggedon 2014

Tuesday morning started out like any other morning. I was up early and out the door by 7:15 for work and Greg was getting the kids ready for school. We had heard that snow was in the forecast, but was supposed to be hit further south. I went to work and was busy seeing patients when I looked out the window around 11 am and saw that it was snowing. I thought, "Look how pretty!" I went back to seeing my patients. About that same time, Greg got the call that school was getting out early so he texted Paola and she headed out to pick up Becket from the church and Jackson from Walker. Miraculously, she made it in 45 minutes. About noon, I looked out again and thought, "Wow, it is really coming down!" By 12:30, we were getting reports that the roads were very icy, so we were closing. I saw my last 2 patients and headed out to home at 1:00. At first it was smooth sailing, until I hit Barrett Parkway exit on 575. All of a sudden, traffic stopped. The roads were very icy and there had already been several accidents. I decided to get off on Barrett thinking the back roads may be better and was gridlocked. I was itermittently talking to Greg, as he was also trying to get home, but due to high volume, cell phones were not working. After 2 hours, I decided to get back on 75 and try the highway again. As i was getting on, they closed the exit ramp. I made it to the 267B exit ramp around 3. 1 1/2 hours later, I had moved 100 feet. At that point, I decided to pull over and walk the last 2 miles. Unfortunately, I had no socks, gloves, or hats but still managed to make it home. The next morning, I walked back to drive Greg's BMW back home, since I have more experience driving in the snow than my Floridian husband. It was eary to walk past 60 + abandoned cars on the road. I got the car home safe and sound and then we were able to really enjoy the snow!

Look Aunt Sarah! Real snow!!

I think we ended up getting about 2 1/2 inches.

Emma actually ran!

As soon as I got home, we headed out to try to enjoy the snow. Jackson really wanted to go sledding, but it was too powdery that first day.

The next morning, Jackson found the warmie stuff! (Sarah and Rachel)

Beckett loved to explore and eat the snow :)

We didn't have a sled, so we used a boogie board. Worked pretty well!

Lots and lots of snow angels.
Pretty good!

Beckett was quite content to explore all around the yard. It was amazing to see all the foot prints in the snow from the animals that walk around our yard at night. There were plenty of deer hooves! There also was either a small dog or cat that walked all over our yard and even up to the doggie door. We followed it's prints all around our garage and eventually to the train tracks. We lost its track at that time. Jackson was very scared that the poor puppy was cold. We tried very hard to find it but had to give up and just pray that the puppy found a warm place.

I put this picture in because it reminds me of how blessed we are that everyone made it through the snow disaster. Just 24 hours after this picture was taken, a car slid on a patch of ice and completely destroyed our gate. Luckily nobody was hurt, but I couldn't sleep that night thinking about what could have happened. I thanked God 1000 times that nobody was hurt!!

Jackson tried very hard to give Beckett a ride over the snow "bumps"

We then went inside to enjoy some snow ice cream!

I think he liked it :)

That afternoon, Jackson and Greg headed over to some friend's house who had a big hill and real sleds. Greg didn't take any pictures, but Jackson had a blast! Afterwards, they came home to warm up in the hot tub!

Ahhhhhh :)

Beckett even joined in on the fun!

And here is our gate. My sweet boy was standing in that exact spot just 24 hours earlier. The what ifs are enough to drive this momma crazy!!

All in all, we survided Snowmaggedon. We were lucky in that we all were together and slept under the same roof, which was not the same result for many people. It is a winter storm we will certainly never forget!!